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This show is making my brain hurt. That's always been a hazard with Supernatural but this season my head wants to explode only two episodes in. When Kripke stated his goal for season four was to hit the ground running he wasn't kidding. I'm thrilled.
I mean, look at episode two from the previous seasons. Wendigo, Everybody Loves A Clown, and The Kids Are Alright are hardly mentioned among the series greats, the first two making many worst lists. The latter was an improvement because the season three opener was a stinker, but it wasn't a ground breaker. Here the ground is not only broken, a giant chasm has opened and is sucking in us all. How awesome. 
A Musical Intro in Episode Two?
Bonus, another classic rock intro! On comes "Lonely Is The Night" by Billy Squier, and the sequence put together is better than last weeks. That song is off of one of the most overplayed albums in the history of classic rock, "Don't Say No." Now I have a new great memory to go with that song instead of having to turn it off in boredom. This show has already done that for me with Styx's "Renegade" and Asia's "Heat Of The Moment", so why not Billy Squier? 
A woman is asleep on the couch, holding "The Secret Teachings of All Ages." That's some pretty heavy reading to fall asleep to. I'm saving all philosophical discussions for the next part, so make note for now. Lights flicker, she goes to the arsenal, and we know from "Born Under A Bad Sign" that anyone with that collection of arms in their closet is a hunter. She booms away the first spirit, draws the salt line, and spirit comes back to scare the crap out of her. Apparently she knows him. She turns to find another spirit has stuck its hand into her chest. At least she went down swinging. 
This episode is written by the always entertaining Sera Gamble, and the director is the always fantastic Phil Scrigga. That's likely why this episode feels comfortable and familiar to fans, even with all the new mythology we now have to overanalyze.   
The conversation gets heavy right off the bat. I'm pleased though because if the whole angel thing had been glossed over or if Dean had kept that from Bobby and Sam, I would have been upset. I'm especially impressed he didn't try to hide the truth from Sam. Dean can't accept this is an angel while Sam is more than open to the idea and were taken back to "Houses of The Holy". I guess Sam still believes in angels and God. They argue while Bobby's face is buried in books and wisely staying out of the discussion. Considering the words "fairy dust" came up, I don't blame him.  
Chuckleheads! For those counting, that's the third time they've been called that. Time for another trivia question. Who called them that the previous two times, and for extra credit, which episodes? 
Bobby has the answer. Confirmed by several sources, biblical and otherwise, an angel can "snatch a soul from the pit." Dean wants to know what else, Bobby says nothing. Dean's really bothered now, while an elated Sam says, "This is becoming less and less about faith and more about proof." What would this show do without Jensen? In just a few simple lines, he hits us hard with Dean's overwhelming fears over what's real and what isn't. If angels exist than God must. "Why me? If there is a God out there, why would he give a crap about me?" Because you matter Dean, matter to us all. 

Sam has a good answer too.  "Apparently you're a regular guy that's important to the man upstairs." "Well that creeps me out. I mean I don't like getting singled out at birthday parties much less by God." Poor Dean. Crisis of faith can be such a bitch at times. "Too bad, because I think he wants you to strap on your party hat." Hee! Listen Dean, for Sam knows something about party hats. 

Bobby has stacks of books on angels, so while Dean gets reading, Sam's on a food run. Don't we know from history that Sam going on runs for pie usually end badly? Next shot has Sam on the phone telling Dean, "Dude, when have I ever forgotten the pie?" The predictable but funny setup. It's great to see Sam driving the Impala as much as Dean. Hopefully that means they're back to the car sharing duties from season one. 

Ruby's hiding around the corner, and Sam's surprised to see her. This is one of those scenes that comes across as simple time filler, but might prove to be very important later. Ruby is upset, for an angel "smites first and asks questions later". With a very concerned look, she tells Sam to watch himself. "I'm not scared of angels." She leaves with a "you'll find out" look on her face. Something tells me when Sam eventually does come across an angel, it won't be pretty.   
Sam comes back to Dean and Bobby loading up the Chevelle, for they need to check on the hunter from the opening scene.   Sure enough, he forgot the pie. Give Sam a break Dean, at least he came back from the pie run this time. They cut away from that scene too soon and ruined any chance to show Sam's reaction and Dean's displeasure. An opportunity lost.