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Criss Angel Is A Douchebag

vlcsnap 00207
Aging magicians

Meet true and deadly magic:

End bloody, or sad.

After School Special

SPN 1036

Ghost high school bully

Drives nerds to revenge on jocks;

Sam sees with new eyes.

Sex And Violence


Siren's lies force truths.

Accusations and anger
Spur violence, kill love.

Death Takes A Holiday

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No real second chance;

Demons seek to break a Seal

By kidnapping death.

On The Head Of A Pin

vlcsnap 00344

Facing Alastair,

Dean learns what he cannot bear:

He broke the first Seal.

It's A Terrible Life

SPN 0946

Corporate haunting

Makes hunters of Sam and Dean

Even in strange lives.

The Monster At The End Of This Book

vlcsnap 00059

God's true prophet Chuck

Writes the Winchester gospel;

Lilith comes for Sam.

Jump The Shark


John had one more son,

Hidden, normal, loved, and safe;

Murdered for revenge.

The Rapture

vlcsnap 00255

Family man of God,

Jimmy gave to Castiel

More than just a host.

When The Levee Breaks


Dean swears to serve God;

Sam confronts his inner selves,

Then walks out the door.

Lucifer Rising

SPN 1311
Angels let seals break,

Wanting the apocalypse;

Sam opens the door.

Season Three haiku
Still await your eager eyes;
That season is here.