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100 Favourite Moments of Supernatural 
Season Five
The decisive season , the one that will give our beloved characters more heartbreaking choices to make and keep us on edge. With the Lord of Hell unleashed, Sam and Dean Winchester have to find a way to get back together on the same page and conquer their fears, their anger, their sadness to be brothers again in the truest sense and rise from the ashes of their pains. only to bring the greatest sacrifice a soul can give.
Plus: our show celebrated its 100th episode in this season, a triumph only the occasional show reaches. It's a testimony of the fantastic acting we have noticed from the very beginning, the amazingly creative teams in front of and behind the camera, the high quality scripts, and. as helplessly vain as that may sound , of its faithful fans who have kept watching Supernatural, thereby making sure that 'the suits' would deem it worthy of investing money and keep this exceptional show on air. Furthermore , we are looking forward to a sixth season.
Sympathy For The Devil (5.1)
Sam and Dean barely escape Lucifer's rising, being saved by an unknown force, only to learn that the Michael sword is on Earth , it is Dean himself. Hello? Becky emerges. Bobby almost kills himself to save Dean. Zachariah tortures the brothers to make Dean say Yes, as the Archangel needs his consent to use him as an 'angel condom'. And, sadly, Dean admits that his trust in Sam has vanished for the time being.
I'm starting off with two favourite moments here (another proof of being a weak woman when it comes to choosing from this show)
Becky almost suffers a heart attack as she finds Sam opening the door, and Sam's face at the appearance of his 'superfan' is priceless.
The other fave moment is also probably one of the saddest: DemonBobby washes Sam's handsome head with the worst possible words. We have rarely seen the younger Winchester so crushed. Again I have to search for tissues. Come on, you Wuss. (talking to myself. ah, where has this show got me?)

And , to save him, Bobby tries to comfort Sam, earning us one of those rare Winchester smiles.

Good God, Y'All (5.2)
While Castiel goes searching for God, the brothers find Ellen and Jo and fight a whole city of hallucinating people seeing demons everywhere , the perfect handiwork of the first horseman we encounter: War.
In the end, the brothers part ways. Sam recognises the danger in his desire for demon blood and thinks it best to go on on his own. Sniff.

Sam:      I'm in no shape to be hunting. I need to step back, 'cause I'm dangerous. Maybe it's best we just. go our separate ways.
Dean:     Well, I think you're right.
Sam:      I was expecting a fight.
Dean:     The truth is, I spend more time worrying about you than about doing the job right. I just can't afford that, you know. Not now.
Sam:      I'm sorry, Dean.
Dean:     I know you are, Sam. Hey, you. want to take the Impala?
Sam:      It's okay. Take care of yourself, Dean.
Dean:     Yeah, you too, Sammy.

SPN 1119
And Dean can't even look Sam in the eyes anymore at this point.
Free To Be You And Me (5.3)
Dean teams up with Castiel, providing us with the occasional hilarious moment, while Sam is informed by Lucifer himself that he is supposed to be his vessel. And: hunters on a vendetta find Sam. Great. The guy just is not allowed to find any kind of peace.
The moment that touches me most is: IllusionJessica reaching out to Sam, awaking a tenderness him we haven't seen in a long time. My heart breaks for him again. It will do so a few more times in the course of this season.

SPN 1000
The End (5.4)
One of the best ever episodes of the season, if not of the entire show. Jensen and Jared deliver some of the best acting we have ever seen on Supernatural. Jensen masters the art of playing against himself like a thesp of the highest order, portraying two different characters, indeed, changing voice, demeanor, gestures. And Jared gives us one of the most intriguing Lucifers to be found on any screen.
Fave scene, naturally, is the heart wrecking confrontation of the two at the end of The End.
Lucifer:   Why would I want to destroy this stunning thing? Beautiful in a trillion different ways. The last perfect handiwork of God. Have you ever heard the story of how I fell from grace?
Dean:      Oh, good God, you're not gonna tell me a bedtime story, are you? My stomach's almost out of bile.
Lucifer:   You know why God cast me down? Because I loved Him. More than anything. And then God created. you. The little hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you. To love you more than Him. And I said: Father, I can't. I said: these human beings are flawed. Murderous. And for that. God had Michael cast me into hell. Now tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially when I was right. Look what six billion of you have done to this thing. And how many of you blame me for it?
Dean:      You're not fooling me, you know that? With this Sympathy-For-The-Devil crap? I know what you are!
Lucifer:   And what am I?
Dean:      You're the same thing only bigger. The same brand of cockroach I've been squashing my whole life. An ugly, evil belly to the ground piece of crap. The only difference between them and you , is the size of your ego.
Lucifer:    I like you, Dean. I get what the other angels see in you. Goodbye. We'll meet again soon.
Dean:       You better kill me now!
Lucifer:    Pardon?
Dean:       You better kill me now! Or I swear I will find a way to kill you. And I won't stop.
Lucifer:    I know you won't. I know you won't say Yes to Michael either. And I know you won't kill Sam. Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up . here. I win. So, I win.
Dean:       You're wrong.
Lucifer:    See you in five years, Dean.
Fallen Idols (5.5)
Not the best episode of this season or this show, well. It has it's moments, though. I loved the references to House of Wax, Paris Hilton not so much. This show has mostly been great at finding some excellent supporting cast. The girl playing Cassie in Route666 was one bad casting example. Hilton was another.
My fave moments are Dean's mocking surprise as he learns that Sam admires a 'fruitarian in diapers', Gandhi.

And: finding out that Sam speaks Spanish. Wow.

I Believe The Children Are Our Future (5.6)
The introduction of Jesse is a great coup of the writers, but unfortunately he hasn't shown up again. I'm still hoping he might be a part of season six. Or , just as Dean's bleeding eyes in Bloody Mary , we will just have to get used to not hearing of him again.
The background story is another tragic one, his mother a tortured woman. There are some happy moments, here though, and I prove to be your friendly neighbourhood  fangal again, as I need to put two of those here:
The lovely eye candy of two 'feds' at the door of Jesse

And: Castiel and the . cushion. (We'll just forget about the gag reels here that reveal another cast member being someone who has to be kept away from beans.)

The Curious Case of Dean Winchester (5.7)
Grumpy old men. Hilarious. And tragic. This show so often combines these elements in one story that I can hardly ever watch an episode without having tissues at hand. Just in case.
Favourite moment: Dean's happy dance! We've seen Dean rarely smile in this season. But this elated expression in face and body is just touching.

SPN 1140  
SPN 1145
Changing Channels (5.8)
This whole episode is one favourite moment!!! Gosh, how should I choose here? I just won't. Only put some pic's here. funny, moving, sexy, painful, lovely, intriguing, mocking.

No, I guess my favourite line is Sam's: 'Should I honk?'
The Real Ghostbusters (5.9)
Ha! The First Supernatural Convention, ever! What? What? What? Chuck falls in love with Becky who has only eyes for Sam, at first that is. Can't blame her, eh? Two fans become the real heroes of this episode. Dean feels good for the first time in a long time. And , we learn of the colt that was given to a demon named Crowley. He will become a crucial element in Lucifer's demise.
Most horrific moment: Becky sending Sam a lick , when I watch this I still hear myself exclaim, like the first time: No, she didn't just do that! Yikes..It's so terrible that it's just good. Vicarious embarrassment. again.

Abandon All Hope (5.10)
I am still in tears when I watch this episode, and doing it again for this article was putting my heart through a meat grinder again.
We lose two wonderful women. If you like, take a look at my 'Epitaph For Ellen And Jo' which I wrote in the wake of this beautifully tragic elements, trying to sort out my emotions.
Favourite moment of many: Dean saying goodbye to Jo.

SPN 0889
I can't believe I'm doing this. This is as heartbreaking as it gets. Did I mention I hate this show with all my broken heart, sometimes?
Sam, Interrupted (5.11)
What a great, multilayered episode. The guys in a nuthouse. Dean's despair is addressed  as well as Sam's anger issues.
I have one personal favourite moment, but for all DeanGirls out there (and for everyone else, too), I will put the other, one of your faves here, too , and I'm not going to say the P-word even though it helps Dean to distract the nurse enough to hide their secret operations.
Dean:  Crazy works!

SPN 0478
The other: the happily drugged Sam booping Dean's nose. awwwwwwwh.
Swap Meat (5.12)
This episode, I'm afraid, is also one of my least favourites. Misses opportunities galore, to my taste. but there are moments I did love.
'Sam' being flirted at by a lady in the bar. And Jared plays wonderfully with his own attractiveness. He knows how handsome he is. He does. Making fun of himself in this manner shows that he's not yet a victim to unhealthy vanity, I'd say.
'Crystal, I would love to have the sex with you.'

The Song Remains The Same (5.13)
Anna is a traitor. At first I didn't want to believe it, as I liked that angel. But she almost gets the Winchester parents killed and she stabs Sam to his death. And Michael appears for the first time , taking over Young John's body. His words echo the relationship of our dear brothers.
Michael:  Lucifer defied our father and he betrayed me, but still, I don't want this any more than you would want to kill Sam. You know my brother. I practically raised him. I took care of him in a way that most people could never understand. And I still love him. But I am going to kill him, because it is right. And I have to.
Dean:      Why, because God says so?
Michael:  From the beginning he knew this was how it was going to end.
Dean:      And you're just gonna do whatever God says?
Michael:  Yes, because I am a good son.
Dean:      Yeah, well, trust me, pal, take it from someone who knows, that is a dead-end street.
Michael:  And you think you know better than my father? One unimportant little man? What makes you think you get to choose?
Dean:      Because I gotta believe that I can choose what I do with. my unimportant little life.
Michael:  You're wrong. You know how I know? Think of a million random choices that let John and Mary be born. To meet. To fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random. It's not chance. It's plan that is playing itself out perfectly. Free will is an illusion, Dean. That's why you're going to say yes.
SPN 0974  
SPN 0958 
I'm so happy right now that we know today, that Team Free Will did win in the end. However, this moment was one of the deaths Dean died on his way to saying Yes which he actually planned to do for a terrible while.
My Bloody Valentine (5.14)
A reference to Jensen's horror movie. It's only fair after House of Wax. Furthermore: Famine. Where War was kind glamorous, this horseman is creepy and disgusting. Unattached drifter Christmas is not what it used to be for Dean. Sam falls back to blood and power. That, actually, is my favourite scene here , the cold moment of vampy Sam draining the demons of blood 'Wait your turn.'
SPN 1042  
SPN 1050 
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (5.15)
A special episode for me, as it is the one I watched in Los Angeles while attending the Convention there. The only one I could watch live and in synch with you yanks, which was great! Who knows when I will be able to do that again.
Apart from that it's heartbreaking, a glimpse at Bobby's life. He loved his wife, he is not only a surrogate father to the guys, he is also a man. Personally, I loved this view at his love story. We don't find that often when it comes to middle aged people.
Fave moment:

Well, ahem, the local sheriff knows Bobby Singer.. So much for your cover, guys.
Dark Side of The Moon (5.16)
*Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and my heart beats to that I can hardly speak.* Oh, wrong movie. Would my personal heaven involve Fred Astaire? I doubt it.
This episode, however, is another one that loves to put my heart through an ordeal I hate to admit. There are again so many moments that are out there to move us to the core. So many layers. So many emotions.
Favourite scene: Dean sharing one happily sad moment with Mom
SPN 0443  
99 Problems (5.17)
Religious fanatics come in all colours and shades, really. It's always creepy to watch how desperate people are ready to believe just about anything.
The brothers get to make the experience of having backup. Doesn't help much, though. Dean is pushed more and more to saying yes. Sam can't help him, yet.
I have two favourite moments here:
Drunken Cas who found a liquor store and drank it!

Dean visiting Lisa to say goodbye. And he freaks her out big time.
'I wanted you to know, that when I picture myself happy, it's with you. And the kid.' Sniff.

Point of No Return (5.18)
One Hundred Episodes. How proud am I of this show. Great, great job, folks! And this episode is by all means a worthy one..
Sam is the one fighting for hope and trying to convince everyone (and himself) that they stand a chance. For a while it seems as if he doesn't reach his brother, but , he does. In the end, when everything seems forlorn, Dean remembers how he doesn't want to let his brother down and goes for a courageous move: he says yes, but it is a lie , he kills Zachariah and betrays descending Michael who, unfortunately, then takes Adam.

Hammer of The Gods (5.19)
Pagan Gods try to survive the Judeo-Christian apocalypse by trapping Sam and Dean, probably to strike a bargain with Lucifer et al. Gabriel, formerly known as Trickster, shows up and saves the day , but, alas, he dies here at the hands of his own brother and leaves the Winchesters with an important message: that the rings of the horsemen will bring about the fall of Lucifer.
So, in honour of the gutsy, heroic archangel and one of my favourite characters, the fave moment here has to be Gabriel taking on Lucifer.

SPN 1062
The Devil You Know (5.20)
The first of a three part finale. one more step for Sam towards saying Yes to Lucifer. In fact, he come up with a brilliant, yet bloody reckless plan to knock Lucifer back into his cage.
This is another magnificent proof of Jared's development to being a wonderful, grown actor with mastering the subtle layers magnificently. It's what he doesn't show but makes us feel that there is so much underneath.
My fave moment here is the Supernatural Fight Club at the end of the episode.

SPN 1033
Dean:   All those angels, all those demons, all those sons of bitches. they just don't get it, do they Sammy?
Sam:    No, they don't Dean.
Dean:   You see, Brady, we're the ones you should be afraid of.
Two Minutes To Midnight (5.21)
Castiel is alive and very human and back just in time to save Sam and Dean from Pestilence who set up his lair in a sad home for the sick. Death shows up, one of the best introductions to a character ever. Sam learns he needs to drink huge amounts of blood. Crowley returns to Bobby the use of his legs (I still don't trust the demon, yet. Perhaps he will be back in Season Six, well, doesn't he still have Bobby's soul in his bag?). And , Dean receives the final ring from Death himself, after lying to his face..
So hard to choose favourite moments here. I could throw in all kinds of screencaps. but I'm just gonna take two, being shallow here:
Sam shooting the Croatoan-infected people in the warehouse , he just looks awesome and grown-up here.

And: Dean's expression at the very end , so much there. another brilliant actor conveying volumes with one glance only.

SPN 1162
Swan Song (5.22)
The end of Season Five. The probably best episode of the show. There is no favourite moment here, as every scene is a favourite one. So, I'm going to just put an arrangement of pictures and sequences that crept into my bones like a welcome disease of fear, danger, tears, love, courage. This whole episode made a wreck of me. I'm still recovering.
'You mind not watching this?'


'Such anger, young Skywalker'


'I want you to understand: the only thing you're going to see out there,
is Michael killing your brother.'


'Sammy, it's okay, I'm here, I'm here, I'm not gonna leave you'





After all, Team Free Will did win. The brothers sacrificed more than anyone could bear. The actors portraying our dear Winchesters gave us the best performances possible. What a finale. I am at a loss for words, so unlike me, but I am.
A finale like this is also a promise , we are eagerly awaiting an equally fascinating sixth season.
I was cheating. I couldn't pick exactly one hundred moments, not with a show like this There were so many more to be mentioned, in particular here in the fifth season. So forgive me for indulging in what I love , celebrating this exceptional show.
'They chose family. And, well, isn't that kinda the whole point?'
Thank you, kind readers, for bearing with me. See you again after Season Six.
(Copyrights for pictures belong to their rightful owners.)


# Sablegreen 2010-06-07 19:25
Nice picks Jas. Crowley would have been in mine. See your really liked Changing Channels. It was good. Kitt was my fav and CSI second! Liked Dean's 'pudding dance' and his 'happy dance' too. Sam should do more silly things....maybe in s6?

Thanks for all the screencaps. Made my day!
# AndreaW 2010-06-07 19:45
Excelente choices, Jas. However, if I had to pick only one scene from Dark Side of the Moon, it would have been the fireworks. That scene ranks among the top brotherly scenes in the whole show for me, even without Jared, which is to say a lot because I'm a Jared girl.

Thanks again for all the sweet memories! :-)
# Chase 2010-06-07 23:34
I really enjoyed your list. And I think if I were to make a list anytime Castiel does what my friends and I call the "Castiel Sleep Attack" that would be on there.
# Yirabah 2010-06-08 07:16
I forgive you for cheating since I am right there with you. I couldn't pick 100 moments neither.

One of my favariout moments is in Sam interupted. When they tell the psychiatrist nothing but the truth and he thinks they both gone over board. - What would think if someone tells you a story like that?

I am rewatching the complete season right know (you know getting ready for the con) but had I known your article would be out early enough I could have saved that time. (Naw, lying would want to watch anyways. Nothing better than seeing the boys in action)
# Julie 2010-06-08 08:44
Well Jas, it was worth the wait ! And suprise you were right we do agree on nearly every one!
It`s wonderful to revisit these episodes again like this and scary that such strong emotions can be inspired by just looking at the images from them.
Was there ever a sadder face from Sam than when , after confessing to Bobby , he was told to `lose my number` my heart broke with his and again the week after when Dean offered the Impala to him as he left.
The End will always be one of my favourite episodes ever and those 2 images from it are perfect , what incredible performances from both Jensen and Jared who looks so unlike Sam there.
You know I love the `Happy dance` like you but the scence with Dean and Bobby at the end of CCODW is really special for me , how can you be reduced to tears by a scene lasting just over a minute every time?
I think it is perfectly acceptable that you did not choose an image from Changing Channels, who on earth could! One image from each scene is the only option there.
You know we are all with you where Abandon All Hope is concerned, this episode effected me in a way no other tv show or film has ever done before and like most people I can only re watch this rarely and on a `good` day.
The shot of Sam in MBV is amazing , this scene freaked me out as much as the `My Daddy shot your Daddy in the head` moment. The Dean Mary scene in DSOM was beautiful and any image from that would have been perfect, another scene that never loses its impact no matter how many times I re watch.
The shot I did miss though was the leaning on the Impala scene from DMDWP but we have to disagree on somethings sometimes right? ;-)
Then the big 2 episodes that had such a powerful effect , PONR, what a fitting tribute for the 100th episode and you really had no choice here with the images `The Look`. So much said without a single word . And finally Swan Song,what can we say about this one, nothing can be added , all anyone needs to do is look at the series of images you have chosen.
I know this was hard for you to do but Thank You as I said it was well worth the wait! And a side note of thanks for making our friend so happy with your choice from Sam Interrupted! Ju
# Yvonne 2010-06-08 11:12
Great list! Fun to relive the episodes.

Rare Winchester smile indeed. Tried to find some Sammy smiles the other day and came up lacking. I get it, he broods and has reason to. But I want more dimples?!

It seems I’m in a minority when it comes to Swap Meat. I really loved this ep! Sure, it’s far far from what I expected, but the ride was fun. Even if there were some out of character moments. In the end, I’m a bit relieved they didn’t have the brothers swap because the entire idea is a bit nauseating. What an odd/awful kink to throw in any relationship! There comes a point of knowing someone over well. That's some pretty intimate knowledge. Just my opinion of course.

Thanks for putting in the moment with Lisa! Loved that scene though it broke my heart and nearly drove me to panic.

Wouldn’t Bobby’s death negate his deal with Crowley? And just how powerful is the new and improved Cas that he could pull a sold soul back so easily!? Aren’t mountains supposed to quake? Skies split?

Swan Song takes the cake and breaks my heart. Even looking at the pics got me all choked up.
# Karen 2010-06-08 14:07
Hi Jasminka
Love the picks you made.
I do have to agree with AndreaW on the fireworks scene, that is my favourite from Dark Side of the Moon as well.
Otherwise I agree with all your picks.
Thanks for putting this together.
# Jasminka 2010-06-08 14:21
Hi, dear Sablegreen, AndreaW, Chase, Yirabah, Julie, Yvonne and Karen - you raised your voices to tell me what you liked about this... Thank you!

Sablegreen, dear, I was thinking a long time of putting Crowley into it, but, alas, as I don't trust the demon as of yet, he had to stay wherever he might dwell at the moment (though I loved him as a brilliant baddy).
And, you know - I'm the first to agree that Sam could do more silly things. I love goofball Sam, but I'm sure you already knew that.

AndreaW, in that episode were so many fantastic moments and the fireworks scene always moves me to tears. Perhaps it was a purely selfish thing not to put it there - to not be forced to break out the tissues again... ;-)

Chase, happy that you enjoyed what I offered.... Castiel Sleep Attack? That sounds fascinating - would you explain, please?

Yirabah, you know, I'd be in trouble if someone came to me with a story like the guys tell in Sam,Interrupted ... because I actually believe in the supernatural. I've had a couple of experiences I would file under paranormal, so I am biased. Can't tell that to a shrink, normally.

But I would probably treat it like a psychosis and take it seriously in the first place, as it is serious and true to the patient. And during treatment try to establish a certainty within the patient that it's not real... I once had discussions with a colleague about a lady we treated once who saw people in her shower playing cards. What if she was able to see a spectrum of reality that we others could not and she saw ghosts or people playing cards? One could get nuts just thinking about it.... :o

Julie, we know each other well enough by now that you can emphasize with my heartbreaking moments and why I put certain scenes in this compilation... it's one of the perks of this great site and I love it. And - I hope that our friend jumped with joy at that scene....

Yvonne, I am happy to have been able to move you with this. I love your idea that Bobby's deal was off by his death and his soul might have been pulled back to his body by MagicCastiel... I am very much a fan of quaking mountains (when it comes to changing fates, as to earthquakes not so much....)

I felt the same way with Swan Song. Still can't watch it without welling up...

Karen, I think I should have put that scene into this... I somehow was really scared of, well, the emotional impact... that was a real wussy moment. I tend to have those sometimes... :shock:

Thank you all so much! Blessings, Jas
# Ardeospina 2010-06-08 18:44
Great picks for all your moments, Jas. It's so fun to see what people take away from particular episodes as the moments that really move them in one way or another because it's such a personal experience. I'm sure my list would look different in some ways and very similar in others. So thanks for writing this up and putting in all the screencaps. I very much enjoyed going through it.
# Chase 2010-06-09 01:32
Well me and my friends joke how Castiel will always use his index finger and middle finger to touch the forehead of someone and that person will typically pass out... or teleport
# elle2 2010-06-10 13:44
Hi, Jas,

I didn't even attempt to count so if you went over...good for you!!!

So many great moments, so many great lines. The tenderness of Sam to Jessica in FTBYAM stood out to me as well, I really liked seeing that for him as well.

Dean's crushing expression in Swan Song as Sam/Lucifer disappears in Detroit...sob! (I have yet to see Swan Song yet as I'm watching other seasons and still working through Season 5 in order but I'm starting to get drawn to it.)

All the great guests of this season past.

And yes, I loved Dean's happy dance upon regaining his years in TCCODW...

How is it that Season 5 has already come and gone? I don't know where the time goes so quickly but I do love these lists of yours where I can go back and enjoy seeing the moments through your eyes and realize that we see so much of the same.

Thanks for all the effort of these articles!
# Jasminka 2010-06-10 16:25
Ardeospina, Chase, Dany and Elle2, hi folks!

Flamey, happy you liked what I offered, even when it didn't match all your favourites... That's the thing with subjective stuff...

Thanks, Chase, for that! Great idea.... I will never forget those attacks now, in fact when I see someone do a gesture even similar to that, Cas will most certainly spring to mind

Dany, thanks so much for your comment. You know, to be perfectly honest, I kinda had you in mind with the p-scene. Just thought you could use that.... ;-)

Elle2, I am honoured by your acknowledgement . I stopped counting the tissues I spent over season five. I am happy to lend you my pair of eyes occasionally to go back to that season. That was lovely of you to say.

All my best, Jas
# Holmes 2010-06-29 19:42
I totally agree with you, every moment you picked is made of gold.

But, of course, the episode that take the cake was, without any doubt, SWAN SONG, I mean, as you said, the whole damn episode was one favorite moment, every second delivered what it had to. It was the perfect mix of emotions.For me, Chuck's narration added so much to this episode. It was EPIC. It broke my heart, I just can't forget or get over Swan song and I don`t think I ever will. Here I am, forty six day after watching it the first time (I have watch it more than 15 times now) and I'm crying watching these pics, since the moment I saw that episode I just can't stop thinkig about it, I found myself saying in my mind the whole Chuck's narration. It was awesome.
To me, Swan song is THE BEST episode in history of tv and the leader of my top ten SPN eps list (with Point of no return as my second favorite one and Mystery spot follwing it)