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Summer hellatus is so bittersweet. We stare down the prospects of spending the next four months of our lives clinging to repeats and over-speculating like mad over a faint clue about season six that someone leaked on Twitter. Yet, this is also one of my favorite times of year, because I get to do the season end awards! This is my third year in a row and I've gone all out this year.  It's just me living my philosophy, go big or go home. Of course my other philosophy is never turn down that second piece of pie, so maybe my philosophical prowess needs some work.
As I stated last year at this time, awards are meaningless. They're trite attempts at giving relevance to a body of work just for the sake of boosting egos or justifying paychecks. So why reduce this epic season to such rubbish like I shamelessly did for previous seasons? The reason hasn't changed.  I had to do something to pass the time at work.   
(Season Four Awards)
(Season Three Awards)
(Season Two Awards)
(Season One Awards)
Using many of the same categories as previous years as well as introducing some new ones, here are in no particular order the totally subjective and often just plain nuts best, worst, and whatever of Supernatural season five. 

Best MOTW (Monster of The Week)

SPN 0629
Crowley. He was around for three episodes but managed to be boat loads more fun than any other demon we've ever seen. Sure he's evil, has an agenda, and said agenda is probably underworld domination at expense of the Winchesters, but as long as he carries out his scheming with those flamboyant homosexual tendencies, his love of a fine scotch, his deal confirming iphone and those expensive Italian suits, I'm cool with the dastardly plans to rule the world. At least he'll look great doing it. 



# Stephanie 2010-06-01 23:31
Great list so far, Alice! I totally agree. Just wondering... for the Castiel action figure... shouldn't it be INANIMATE object, not INTIMATE object? Cuz, you know.. that's a whole other connotation! :o

Can't wait for parts 2 and 3!
# Yvonne 2010-06-02 00:37
Whoo Hoo! Glad to hear a name for it. The "Hell Yeah" wink wins the day!
Started my heart beating again.
# Megan 2010-06-02 01:00
I agree with EVERYTHING, especially the brotherly moment (It still makes me jump up and down) and the puppy dog moment (I almost hugged my computer screen). Can't wait for the next parts!
# Jasminka 2010-06-02 04:48
Gosh I love you Alice!!! The season's greatest hits. I hope I am not the only one to hope for Crowley to return (even though I still don't trust the bastard). Give me some more of that Sammy-deaths... I might just be a sick person ;-)

Since I'm nursing an injury right now this has been perfect to make me laugh and not use painkillers this morning. I owe you one! Jas
# Karen 2010-06-02 08:29
Hi Alice
Absolutely loved this and your picks are dead on.
The most batshit crazy moment had me burst out laughing.
Sam’ puppy dog look and Dean’s beat up face, man these two can just break your heart at times.
The angstiest brotherly moment a definite YES!
Just loved Chad Everett’s portrayal of Dean and the Grumpy old men routine with Bobby.
Thanks Alice, can’t wait to see your next instalment.
# Sablegreen 2010-06-02 09:31
Wow Alice these are great. You hit the nail on the head with the '99 Problems' episode. That promo for the show really gave the impact of a wild action episode. I was really psyched! But, that was all there really was. Michael Shanks is such a well known Sci-fi actor to have used him for so little time. They did the same with Matt Frewer whom I hope also makes your awards list in part two.

Yes, Crowley is one of my favorite. Would be nice to see him again. Would be interesting to see how he reacts to the boys. He really did seem to like them, and Bobby.

Look forward to part 2. Thanks for the fun!
# elle 2010-06-02 11:32
I love the awards, Alice! Dean's face in Swan Song caused me endless anxiety after seeing it in the promo and having to wait a week with that terrible visual. And yes, poor Cas and his endless string of humiliations - god, I love him!
Can't wait to see what you have in part 2!
# Bevie 2010-06-02 12:43
The only thing wrong with this Alice, is that it was too short! Happy there will be more later.LOL

I loved old Dean, and with Bobby they were hilarious. Chad Everett was awesome!

Poor Cas waiting by the road the whole night was humiliating indeed and that was the worst costume ever on Sammy. :sad:

Crowley was great and the Impala rules!

Did I say that I enjoyed this article? ;-)
# AlisonH 2010-06-02 14:25
The 100th episode is on TV in the UK tonight so I can watch The Wink on my wide-screen TV.I'm SO going to squee like a fangirl and I don't care :D ;-) :lol:

Great list, Alice.
# joelsteinlover 2010-06-02 15:35
These were perfect, can't wait for the next installations.

I really need to rewatch Changing Channels, I keep meaning to and forgetting but that last one inspired me!
# elle2 2010-06-02 19:13

These are awesome! I love going through this with the screen caps and reminding myself of the great moments (and some not so great...yes, Fallen Idols and Swap Meat...that's me staring at you both!)

As for the inspired rant...'tis even more inspired since Jensen admitted he ad libbed that whole bit about no talent douche bags and airplanes. Wasn't in the script but he added it and they kept it, and it was/is hysterical (and so true)

I'm looking forward to parts 2 and 3!
# BagginsDVM 2010-06-02 20:02
Great fun!
Gotta admit that I'm still bummed that Michael Shanks didn't get to do more in his guest appearance in 99 Problems.
And I want action figures for all of Team Free Will!!!
# Julie 2010-06-03 06:28
I admit it. I am a total geek for lists of any kind , but your Season Awards have to be my favourites, it`s like re living them all over again .
They are all spot on and I cannot wait for parts two and three my only complaint is that there is no part four .
# Ardeospina 2010-06-03 12:23
Ooh, I love the season awards! Part 1 was excellent, Alice, and I can't wait to read parts 2 and 3!
# Randal 2010-06-04 10:42
Fantastic choices!

Oh hell, My Bloody Valentine is right up there with Hunted as arguably the finest opener. Sure, more gore, less psychedelia, but nonetheless swanky.

The writers really screwed up with Paris. You can't set a story in Canton and *not* use at least a reasonable facsimile of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ready made "villain" in the Galloping Ghost!
# Evelyn 2010-06-11 01:52
Love the list and I agree so on everything. It was interesting to read that Jensen ad libbed the bit about no talent douche bags. I had not read that, so thanks for sharing. Does anyone know where he said this and where I can find it online?

Loved especially the nods for most gruesome injury and puppy dog eyes. After Bobby's rant to Sam in the first episode you really just wanted to go and hug him, that face. OMG! and then when he was walking away from the motel, his body language, the dejection he felt just dripping off of him - man what a heartbreaking scene.

Then Dean's bloody and bruised face. Yes, the makeup dept did an awesome job. In the preview clip there is a shot of his face that was not in the aired episode where his face is even worse. Ah man, he looks so broken and yet he still looks so beautiful. That face, wow! What else is there to say.