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Oh goody, my favorite scene of the episode! Bobby is packing ammunition into a duffle bag outside his van. Castiel stands next to the van too and he's obviously struggling with something internally. "What's your problem," Bobby says unsympathetically. I guess he doesn't care if an able bodied angel loses his mojo but can still function as a viable human. "This is what they mean by the eleventh hour, right?" Bobby says pretty much. "Well it's the eleventh hour and I am useless." He holds a shotgun in his hand. "All I have is this, what am I supposed to do with it?" "Point it and shoot," Bobby says with quite a bit of attitude. 

Castiel struggles more. "What I used to be-"   "Are you really gonna bitch to me," Bobby says, definitely not being a friend here, yet he's telling Castiel exactly what he needs to hear. Whiney angels need to buck up. Bobby wheels over closer. "Quit pining for the Varsity years and load the damn truck." He throws his bag at Castiel, who's able to catch it. It's so good to see Castiel getting some tough love. Bobby is the best teacher for learning adversity. Being human is an absolute bitch, isn't it? 
Back to the other side of Team Freewill, Dean slams the trunk of the Impala and looks at Sam. "Alright, well, good luck stopping the whole Zombie apocalypse," Dean tells him. "Yeah," Sam answers, "Good luck killing Death." Dean nods with a sardonic smile. "Yeah." Castiel watches these two and doesn't know what to say. Back to Sam, who has something great. "Remember when we just used to hunt Wendigos? How simple things were?" "Not really," Dean answers. Oh, I forgot until I started watching season one on TNT. Man, that does seem like light years away. Bobby smiles at that answer too.

Sam pulls out the demon knife from his back pocket. "You might need this." He tries to hand it to Dean, but Crowley suddenly appears. "Keep it. Dean's covered." He has a sickle in his hand, old and rusted. A reaper's sickle, much like the one Alastair used in "Death Takes A Holiday." He did claim he got it from Death. "Death's own. Kills, golly, demons and angels and reapers and rumor has it the very thing itself." Castiel naturally wants to know how he got it, and I guess being King of the Crossroads gets you that sort of thing. In other words, he made a deal. 
Now for the happy dance moment! Crowley is ready to go and then turns to Bobby. "Bobby, you just going to sit there?" "No, I'm gonna riverdance," Bobby replies sarcastically. You know, I would love to see that! "I suppose if you want to impress the ladies," Crowley says. Now Sam and Dean see something is up so Crowley shares his good news. "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Really wasted that Crossroads deal. In fact, you get more if you phrase it properly. So I took the liberty of adding a teeny little sub A clause on your behalf." Sam and Dean still throw perplexed looks. 

"What can I say. I'm an altruist." A demon showing unselfish concern for others? Yeah, right. Then he turns to Bobby. "Just gonna sit there?" I love this next shot of Dean, Crowley, and Sam staring from Bobby's lower point of view. Then Bobby moves his legs! Aw Crowley, right now you're the coolest demon ever. Bobby slowly rises himself out of the wheelchair, standing on his own two feet. How awesome! Yeah Bobby! Bobby is stunned, Sam smiles, Dean is in shock, Castiel is curious and Bobby is emotional. He darned right should be! "Son of a bitch," is all he can muster. "Yes, I know, completely worth your soul. I'm a hell of a guy," Crowley says. Bobby manages to muster a thanks, looking like he's ready to bust into tears. Crowley busts up the awkward moment before it gets too weird, but not before Bobby shares a smile with Dean.   It's really interesting how much of a liking Crowley has taken to Bobby. I honestly believe it's genuine.  Sure he's still up to something, but he likes Bobby.

Bobby's van rolls down the road, Bobby driving, Sam in shotgun, and Castiel taking that weird middle seat this time.  We get an interesting view of behind, just for fun I suppose. I like it! Focus on Castiel, who is obviously hearing of the crazy plan for the first time. "Yes to Lucifer, then jump in the hole," he says pondering. "It's an interesting plan." "That's a word for it," Bobby says, meaning he still doesn't like it. "Go ahead tell me it's the worst idea you ever heard," Sam tells Cas. Castiel is happy to say that if that's what Sam wants to hear, but it wouldn't be what he thinks. Sam is surprised. 

"You and Dean have a habit of exceeding my expectations. He resisted Michael maybe you could resist Lucifer." Sam is still stunned that someone is actually on board with this.  I think its appropriate coming first from Cas, since he sees things with logic instead of emotions. He's Supernatural's own version of a Vulcan. That's why Bobby and Dean can't come around.  Oh, but there's a gotcha. For an angel that has been unconscious for weeks, he sure does know a lot. First, Michael has found another vessel. It's Adam. "You must have considered it," Castiel says. "Yeah, we were trying not to," Sam answers. Well that wasn't wise. "Sam, if you say yes to Lucifer and then fail, this fight will happen and the collateral, it will be immense." Yeah, that's something you might want to know before going forward. 
Oh, but that's not all, and finally something that's been bugging me since last season makes perfect sense! Sam is already disturbed by the first revelation, this next one doesn't help. "There's also the demon blood," Castiel says. That gets Sam's attention. "To take in Lucifer would be more than you've ever drunk." Both Sam and Bobby are quiet bothered. Sam asks why. It strengthens the vessel, keeps it from exploding. So that's why Ruby had him consuming so much before he killed Lilith. She was priming him to be Lucifer's vessel. That bitch. Sam asks about the guy that he's in now. "Was drinking gallons," Castiel says. Oh Sammy! What will that do to you? Will it make you weaker or stronger? "And how is that not the worst plan you ever heard?" Bobby says. Sam only does his patented somber gaze of despair outside the window. Yeah Sammy, you think good and hard about that!

It's daylight so it's obviously later and Team #1 are looking at the Niveus trucks at the loading dock. They're definitely loading something. Brady's death didn't seem to slow down the plan at all. I keep thinking of Dean's comment last year about how bitches keep climbing out of the Volkswagen. It never ends. Bobby knows that the first truck doesn't leave for an hour so they get in, plant the C4 every 25 feet and pull the fire alarm. Not so fast Bobby, Castiel is paying attention. "That truck is leaving." "Balls," Bobby says. Oh, I still wish they could bleep out stuff. New plan!
The driver gets to the gate but as he leans out to swipe his card, an arm wearing a trenchcoat grabs his hand and knocks him out with the shotgun. You see Cas, you can be badass without angel powers! Cas then shorts out the gate so it won't open. The demon inside though quickly figures out something is up. "The Winchesters." That's Winchester to you buddy, but he has he kick ass team with him. Demon closes the dock door and the Janitor from last week opens some boxes. Time to make some Croats! 
Sam and Bobby go through the side door and Sam blows it open with his pistol. They addressed if you could shoot out a lock on "Mythbusters" with a pistol like that. Let's just say a shotgun was more effective.   Employees that are not infected go filing out. Sam and Bobby check out the place with guns ready and see nothing at first. That doesn't last for a bunch of Croats are tearing the guy apart. Sam and Bobby take aim. I absolutely love the look on Sam's face as he holds out his pistol! This is that controlled anger thing. It so works when he's bad ass. Time for the commercial break.



# Randal 2010-05-13 11:27
Re: green goop. I think Kripke watched a lot of You Can't Do That On Television. I know I did. Blue skies! Barfy burgers! Girls!

Eunice made me chuckle. 8-) And I believe it's an iron-clad law of screen and television writing that all villains must monologue. A wordless, ninja supervillain would get kind of boring. Silence is all well and good for the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari -- hmmm, now there would be cool decor for an evil thing's lair.

After the abacus, I was hoping for a slide rule shout out.

In giving it serious contemplation, the scene with Dean and Death has to be one of the five or six finest moments in the series' history. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a better choice to play Big Boss Reaper. A fine line between playing it top-flight aristocrat and human=annoying gnat, no more, but he pulled it off. And Jensen showed just how ridiculous an actor he is with that "yeah" into Legitimately Frightened "yes." Fucking awesome all the way around.
# Karen 2010-05-13 12:02
Once again a great recap Alice.
I really look forwards to these, no matter how serious an episode you still can make me laugh.
I really liked this episode, even though so much was being pushed into this one.
All the actors were in top form.
Can’t believe were down to the finale. I’m both excited and terrified.
I don’t think there will be enough Kleenex or booze to get me thru this episode.
# Jasminka 2010-05-13 12:53
Did I ever mention I love your recaps? 8-)
If I wasn't able to watch an episode (talk about real horror)this would help.
Loved the episode. Loved the acting. The lighting of Ladouceur. The sound editing. Marvellous job.
Can't wait for the finale. I hope I'll be able so rest my mind at least a bit and not always fret for our dear brothers.

Love Jas
# Sablegreen 2010-05-13 13:36
Great review, Alice. Yes, I think Crowley likes Bobby and humans in general. Don't know why being the king of Crossroads demons.

The blood thing doesn't make sense too me. Are they implying that Luci's 'now' vessel was drinking demon blood BEFORE Luci went into him? or now that Luci is IN him? Sam doesn't need demon blood for his powers and any 'effects' from it have long wore off.

Can't think straight close to the finale :D
# Anyone 2010-05-13 14:21
The o death scene is beyond brilliant! the man fell in a way I have never seen any one fell dead in my life. Death walked away etc. It's most beautifully shot, script, wrote - everything. I do hope they win award(s)!! They must.
# Jasminka 2010-05-13 14:29
Oh, God, Alice, only six hours for you yanks to go.... Even if I caught a plane right now I wouldn't be there in time.... sniff, Jas
# Tigershire 2010-05-13 14:54
Alice, just reading your segment about the O Death bit gave me goosebumps. That is definately one of the top 5 uses of music ever.
# Bevie 2010-05-13 16:55
Thanks Alice for cheering us up with your funny recap. Especially at this crucial time where we are all tensed up at what is to come.

The guy who plays Death was awesome! As was Jensen in that scene.

Hoping to survive tonight and please..... no power outages please please! :shock:
vana naine
# vana naine 2010-06-21 18:09
Hello guys, my greetings!
Finally I had my new computer, voice-card working and everything - and then it took a MOTH to find a good place for downloads, cause my regular download-page was shut down in between.

I stayed unspoiled or almost unspoiled and then watched everything since 5.14 until 5.22 in 2 evenings.
It was very good time.
But nothing, not even the season final (which was beautiful, very beautiful), overpasses "Oh, Death" scene. I can't even tell what it did to me. How it felt. How it still feels. To say "goosebumps" is lame.
It was more like... when I was walking in town today, I felt at every step, how I am carrying my own death with me all the time, it is inside of me and never ever leaves before one day (or night) we both go - and yet it was not a bad feeling, I felt kind of - honored.