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“I bet this is a real big moment for you big boy. It’ll make you feel all better.” Sam thinks it’s a start. Nope, nothing is fixing that giant chasm inside you Sam. â€œGonna make up for all the times that we yanked your chain. Yellow eyes, Ruby, me. It wasn’t all our fault was it, no, no, no, no, no. You’re the one who trusted us. You’re the one that let us into your life, let us whisper in your ear over and over and over again. Ever wonder why that is Sammy? Ever wonder why we were so in your blind spot? Maybe it’s because we’ve got the same stuff in our veins and deep down you know you’re just like us.”  So Brady, realizing Sam isn’t flinching or getting fighting mad, charges after Sam with a big yell. Sam slices him a couple of times and has him against the wall but Sam doesn’t kill him. Dean watches this with curiosity because he’s interested how Sam has done restraint so far. 

Now it’s Brady who’s raging. â€œMaybe you hate us so much because you hate what you see every time you look in the mirror, you ever think of that? Maybe the only difference between you and a demon is your Hell is right here.” Yep, that does it. Sam swings out the arm and plunges the knife in Brady’s chest. He sizzles out while Sam coldly watches him go. Then he pulls out the knife and Brady slumps to the ground. Yikes!

Then this scene gets even creepier! Sam looks at Brady like nothing has happened and says like he’s just had a discussion about the economy, “Interesting theory.” Over to Dean who’s pretty disturbed. I wonder if there’s more to that comment than meets the eye, like maybe Sam has figured out a way to control Lucifer too. Who knows? Sam calmly walks past Dean and down the alley like nothing has happened. Of course with this kill, Sam’s acting EXACTLY like Lucifer has so far, especially last episode. Cold, calculated, unmerciful, and it all ends without remorse. So not our Sammy. Or maybe this is the new Sammy. Hold me. I think Dean needs to be held too.

Oh, there’s some time left. You think we’re in for some warm fuzzies now? Everyone group hugs and it’s all better? Right. You know this show, and we definitely know Edlund. Bobby is on the phone with Rufus. There are nasty omens, but none of its “death with a capital D.” Instead of Bobby now telling Rufus to suck dirt and die, he’s telling him to watch his ass. I guess they buried the hatchet due to the whole end of the world thing. Suddenly behind across the room is Crowley. Hmm, what does he want? â€œChin up, cavalry’s arrived.” Bobby pulls out his old gun, like that’s going to hurt Crowley.

“Charming, that won’t work on me.” Oh, so Bobby doesn’t know he’s a demon. He introduces himself as Crowley. Bobby’s heard of him. â€œIn the flesh, of a moderately successful literary agent out of New York.” Bobby doesn’t want to hear it and shoots anyway!   Crowley realizes Bobby has heard of him and then complains that he likes that suit. Bobby asks what he wants. Why looking out for Crowley of course. Bobby still wants to know what that means. Crowley tells him “the boys” are after ring #3 but they still need #4. He’s there to help. Bobby puts down the gun and rolls forward.
“You know where Death is,” Bobby asks stunned. Crowley looks at him honestly. â€œNo, haven’t the foggiest.” So Bobby grabs his shotgun. â€œThen get the hell off my property or I blast you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas.” Well there’s the line of the night! Crowley calls Bobby unfriendly since he can have Death’s location before he goes for another load. â€œYou going to chat some demons up and hope they don’t recognize you?” â€œGod no,” Crowley answers. â€œThat could get me killed.” There is a little spell that he knows though, one that’s 100 percent guaranteed.

Bobby wants to know why Crowley is then “snake oiling” him.  Crowley calls it embarrassing for there’s this technicality. He needs a little something to get the magic going. Bobby wants to know what that is for he knows a catch is coming. â€œYou make a wish. I can give you anything you want mate, up to and including Death’s coordinates. All I need is...” â€œMy soul,” Bobby says. He knew it! â€œI’ve done more with less. Let’s just say when they’re getting their Grammys they shouldn’t all be thanking God.” Given the acts that win Grammys, I so believe that (I’m talking to you Jethro Tull). Crowley assures Bobby it’s worth it and tells him to think. Bobby does and says okay. â€œHere’s my counter.” He then shoots Crowley with the rock salt! Yeah, Bobby doesn’t like being forced into deals. Crowley falls backward and yells “Ow! Bloody Hell.” What a diva.
Bobby tries to go for the desk but Crowley is suddenly  there calling him feisty. He should have known that when he visited! Bobby grabs the gun and tells him to get out. Crowley promises to give it back and Bobby asks if he thinks he’s a “natural born idgit.” He acknowledges Bobby has the right to be suspicious, but he’s his ally. â€œEnemy of my enemy and all that. I need The Devil back in his stock. In fact, my delicate ass depends on it.” Now Bobby is starting to believe him. You see, it wasn’t just Dean! â€œI promise you, temporary loan. I’ll give it right back.” Bobby considers and cue credits.

So, hands up for those that think he says yes? Sorry, I should go the other way. That’s making too many people put in some effort. If anyone doesn’t think so, speak up! Hey, I hear those crickets chirping. That’s a wrap on another wise good episode that primarily exists to setup the final showdown to come. Now I want to see some Castiel! I won’t ask twice.      


# Tigershire 2010-05-07 15:37
You know, in past seasons I would have been screaming at Bobby to say "NO" at the end of this episode. I'd worry until the next epi to find out what happens and if he said yes or not.

Now, I think I'm in th same mindset at the characters. I REALLY didn't want Bobby to say yes to Crowley but considering the situation and the immenent end of the season.......I sucked it up and accepted that he was probably going to say yes and even though I didn't like the option any more than he did, I can see that while Bobby still had a choice, the unpleasent one was likely to bear fruit.

What does it mean that the most shocking moment was Sam accidently stabbing the Impala's seat? Am I becoming jaded? Actually, not likley. I can just see the progression of the story line. And, for me it doesn't dimish my enjoyment in the show (thankfully), especially since I revel in the quality of the acting as much as in the story.

Nice recap, as always, Alice. :-)
# Sablegreen 2010-05-07 16:05
Nice recap, Alice. I was shocked when Sam sunk that knife into the impala. Dean said nothing! I would have thought Dean would have had a fit! Sam and that knife are becoming quite a twosome.

Loved the screencaps of Dean and Sam when Dean agrees to go with Crowley. Crowley is a funny character, but tagging around with a demon has never been good for the boys.

Yes, I was suprised Sam was still awake after all that whiskey, maybe it takes two bottles to affect a moose! :lol:

There were definitely slow spots in it for me. I really would like to see more action. Miss that for sure!
# BagginsDVM 2010-05-07 23:41
I think I let out a little yelp when Sam stuck the knife by accident into the Impala. Dean must have been really distracted not to notice that!
That shot of the ghostly Impala in the alley was beautiful. Can't wait to see that image on the DVD without the CW logo marring the view.

Sam standing there in the alley, so silently imposing & ominous, gave me chills.
# Randal 2010-05-08 15:31
Don't get me started on Jethro fucking Tull. Did you really have to mention that travesty?

Hey, Grammy voters, arguably the finest metal album ever? Did I mention EVER? I know those awards are more worthless than a birdcage's used newsprint, but c'mon. Wankers.

The one danger in a show such as this (or the X-Files, to name an obvious example) when there's a heavy, consecutive dose of mytharc stuff, is that there will be slow spots for setting up the big payday, but since they were, as you pointed out, entertaining, I can certainly live with it.

Always easier to sell vast depths of offscreen stuff when it's a MOTW instead of The End Of The Freaking World®.
# Jasminka 2010-05-08 19:41
Alice, loved this. This episode might have its weaknesses, but I loved it anyway. I seem to have a knack for the tragic, dark stories. Tell me about it.

The brothers' modus operandi is slowly changing, and watching their faces, it creeps me out - what might be going on in there? How can they stand it any longer? There were moments I just wanted to step into the tv and give them a hug.

I needed one myself.

The alley fight in the end kept me on edge long after it was over. Sam's slow advance on Brady, his trembling, yet decisive 'Start' was like a knife in my gut. 'INteresting theory' was another. Dean looking on was heartwrenching, with Sam walking to the car quietly, but there was that tension in his shoulders...

I made my bed when I began to love this show, but right now I feel like it's killing me. Ah, I wonder what being undead might feel like.#

Thanks for this amazing recap, dear. Love Jas