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Pastor Gideon is walking outside and there's a gust of wind. An angel induced gust of wind. He turns around and sees nothing, moves on and then looks back again to see Castiel. He asks if he's Pastor David Gideon. Yep. He wants to know who Cas is. Cas says in the most disgusted voice "I'm an angel of the Lord." Wow, that's so different than when he proudly gave Dean that line in "Lazarus Rising." Things have so changed since then. Naturally the Pastor doesn't believe him so one touch later and they both breeze into the motel room in front of Sam and Dean. 

Dean takes over, confirming Cas wasn't lying about the angel thing. Yeah, I think he got that. They share the details about the whore. Obviously, Pastor Gideon can't do it. It's is daughter. It isn't though, she's the thing that killed his daughter. He thinks that"˜s impossible, so Sam points out that it's true and deep down he knows it. While the Pastor falls apart Sam throws the huge burden at him, if he doesn't do that she'll kill a lot of people and damn the rest to Hell. The Pastor still doesn't get why it has to be him. "You're a servant of Heaven," Castiel says. "And you're an angel," the Pastor counters. "A poor example of one," Castiel replies rather solemnly. Wow, he's really disappointed in himself. Good line and great delivery. The Pastor looks at the stick and contemplates. 

Castiel sits on a bench outside the motel room, the impact of his bender hitting full force. I'm assuming the vessel can only take so much. A sympathetic Dean reaches into the Impala, pulls out a bottle of aspirin and tosses it to the hurting angel. Cas wants to know how many to take. Dean takes an educated guess for an angel that consumed an entire liquor store, the whole bottle. Castiel thanks him. Dean understands, he's been there. He's a big expert on deadbeat dads. "How do you manage it though?" Dean gives a surprisingly encouraging line given his state of mind. "On a good day you get to kill a Whore." Oh yeah, bring it! BTW, this is another scene that I wish was longer and had more dialogue. It really didn't expose for me enough what causes Dean to make the decision he did. Come to think of it, I didn't do much for Cas either.  


Back at the church and another innocent neighbor is being dragged into the storage room of the "not chosen." She pleads to Michael Shanks and Jane, but these two just don't have their thinking caps on. That's some pretty bad blind faith, turning on neighbors like that. They shove her into the crowded room and lock the door. Leah asks if that's it and then tells Jane to get the kerosene. Wow, she really wants Jane to be her hell bitch. It couldn't happen to a nicer lady. Jane stares at her, now getting a conscience, saying there are kids in there. She's saying that now, after she dragged them down there and locked them up? What a dumb"¦you get it.

Leah says angels named them for a reason and pulls out the dead son card. Man, demons know how to push buttons. So Jane does as told while Michael Shanks looks at her funny but does nothing. Leah goes into the office, malevolently smiles since that's what all sinister beings do, looks in the mirror and her demon face flashes. Yep, a whore. She closes the wardrobe door and Castiel is there behind it to grab her. He holds her back, Pastor Gideon shows up with the stick but naturally can't kill her. She spouts something in Enochian and Castiel collapses in agony on the floor.  Sam and Dean really need to learn that trick.  She then throws the Pastor backward with the demon hand toss, then Sam and Dean. You know, the TK toss Sam used to do so well. I liked it better when he was immune to that sort of thing. Big step backward.
The Pastor chases with the stick, Sam and Dean follow and Castiel stays disabled on the floor. Wimpy angels. Leah runs into the community room and warns that they're trying to attack her. Two yahoos attack the Pastor (what idiots!) and the stick goes flying. Sam and Dean rush into help the pastor and she tells Michael Shanks to light the kerosene. As he's trying to work the lighter, which doesn't spark on the first try (awesome!), Sam tackles him, punches him a few times and tosses the lighter aside. Jane then attacks Sam while Leah goes after Dean. She tosses him onto the floor with the motion of her hand and then starts choking him.
Dean reaches for the nearby stick and Leah taunts him, not believing he's a servant of Heaven. In the meantime Sam has Jane in a bear hug and there's no way she's getting out of that! He's practically swallowed her in those large arms. Leah keeps taunting.   "That's why my team's gonna win. You're the great vessel? You're pathetic, self-hating, faithless. It's the end of the world and you're just gonna sit back and watch it happen." Dean grabs the stick, smacks her one and then plunges the stick into her chest. "Don't be so sure, whore." Hmm, I wonder what that means? 

Sam and Jane stop struggling, both pretty stunned over what they're seeing. On the floor the whore starts phasing in and out, black smoke oozes from her chest, and she starts going all electric while convulsing on the floor. Everyone is watching the show now, even Michael Shanks. Eventually there's a big burst of golden light and the stick is gone. Nothing but a dead whore with a smoking giant hole in her stomach now. We see a stunned Sam and his windblown hair from the explosion looks oh so fine. Then the focus is on Jane, who realizes she's made a terrible mistake. "But, I don't understand. How are we supposed to get to paradise now?" Dean, who's a little less shell shocked then everyone else, delivers the moral lesson that this bitch so has coming. "I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure you're headed in a different direction." 



# Jasminka 2010-04-21 13:11
Yeah, the Sacrament Lutheran Militia… that alone should make everyone cringe… religious fanatics at work. They just don’t know yet what they will become, soon. How I hate it when fundamentalism does that to people. This show deals with that in a unique manner.

I loved Dean’s line whether to go screaming or buy a condo! Even after all they’ve been through he can still throw a line like that. Loved it. Also Castiel’s voicemail message ‘why do you want me to say my name?’ Priceless! I should put that on my answering machine…

Loved your fight-scene sequence! The best delivery of a knife, ever – throw it into the demon’s back, it falls forward and Dean can pull it right out and kill the other sucker. Great job, Sammy!
And drunken and kinda-already-d epressed Castiel… ah, we all know where this is going… Unfortunately it’s not Monty Python… Dean’s last scene proves this again. That was heartbreaking, and it’s clear that we’re not going to have much of a breather before the end, right? Only a few more episodes to go…. Gabriel will appear again, in Trickster mode?, maybe there’ll be a few laughs, but otherwise… I’ll be dead at the end, too, Alice – wanna set up a crypt together? I'll bring the booze.

Loved this, loved your screencaps – thanks for this, again. It may sound like a broken record, but that’s just how it is.

Cheers, Jas
# Rose 2010-04-21 15:15
Great recap as always, Alice. Loved the holy water shot out of a fire hose bit. Way back in season 1 Jensen said in an interview that he'd love to see just that on the show. Nice to see they took him up on his suggestion!
# Alice 2010-04-21 15:40
The recap for "Point of No Return" will likely be out by tomorrow. I've been working on that too but its WAY harder than this one. So, if you haven't seen me around lately, it's because I'm turning my brain to mush in recapping catch up mode!
# Jasminka 2010-04-21 15:57
Evil shrink from hell might provide you with some new brain, coming straight from DocBenton Incorp. Just say the word. :lol:
# Jasminka 2010-04-21 16:22
Okay, we got booze, food, new brain tissue... what else could we possibly wish for?! Ah, I know... anyone know how to clone the Winchesters?
Forgive me, I'm just naughty today. ;-) Jas
# Bevie 2010-04-21 16:52
I'd love to join you all in that crypt. I think it was the clone suggestion that cinched it. Yowza!

Alice, for some reason your recap amused me mightily. Could be because of the religious sarcasm, but you had me giggling through a lot of it. Wasn't Jane delightful? :shock:

Love that Dean could gank the Whore. Maybe Dean has lost his faith but I believe the Big Guy who matters has all the faith in the world in Dean.

Always liked Lisa and I believe that Dean has a shred of doubt that Ben is not his son. Lisa could possibly have lied about that. I read that Kripke denies that Ben is Dean's son, but he also said there would never be angels and God on his show. If Dean has even a bit of a belief that Ben could possibly be his, is it any wonder that he would want to protect him and his mom? I love him even more for that.

I would like to think that after this show comes to an end I could imagine Dean and Lisa and Ben happily together for ever after. With Sammy and Sara next door of course! They both so deserve it.

Even so, I NEVER want him to say yes to Michael! :sad: ;-)
# Sablegreen 2010-04-21 17:18
Great recap Alice. Loved the screencaps for the fight scene. Just can’t get that knife action without a video though. Never caught the 99 in the title for the 99th episode either! Whenever I hear the title though, I can’t stop thinking of that song “99 bottles of beer on the wall…..” Silly what things come to mind.

Loved the holy water fire hose, and Dean killing Leah. Good shots of the boys and the wedding too. Glad the ‘whore’ is down for the count!
# BagginsDVM 2010-04-21 20:22
Your recaps are always so much fun!
I always watch it live, but of course DVR it too to watch multiple times later, & those CW promos have gotten more & more annoying.

I noticed the shirt toss too, & wondered why that was shown. And yes, they really need some new shirts! Although if they are anything like the men in my family, they'll only wear what they want, no matter what recommendation we ladies make or might buy them.

I adore Michael Shanks & was hoping he'd have more to do this episode. His character rocked the intro scenes, but then just sort of wilted away by the end, only doing the bidding of his shrew of a wife & the Whore & then getting pummeled by Sam. I'm hoping he got his senses back & let those poor people out of the closet.

I do often wonder what becomes of some of the poor bystanders & bewildered "innocents" the guys saved (or the family members of those they couldn't save)who are left in limbo as the episode ends. Like Pastor Gideon, how did he deal with his daughter's death. And do the guys tell those who have survived demon possession how not to be possessed again?
(And I still want to know how Bobby ended up getting possessed?!)
# Ardeospina 2010-04-21 23:23
Great recap, as usual, Alice!

I like the screencap action sequence there. That was a really good way of showing it because you're right: how do you write up an action sequence, really? Just let the action speak for itself!

I loved the holy water fire truck. Man, that thing was cool! And useful. I'd love to see Rufus driving that thing around. Man, that would be badass.

And speaking of badass, loved your idea for the CW Thursday night promotion. Some intrepid video-maker out there has to be able to do something like that, right? Please?

Ans lastly, Jas, I know how to clone the Winchesters due to my amazing alchemy skills! But you know that already. I guess this means I'm invited to the crypt, huh? Sweet! It's going to be quite the party in there.
# Dianeuk 2010-04-22 03:37
Hope there is room for me in The Crypt! I would not mind a visit from a cloned Bobby....or John....or..OH! Back to reality!! Just save me a place! Diane (great review by the way!)
# Julie 2010-04-22 09:18
Once again , Thank You Alice -- yes we are like broken records!!
Really enjoyed this episode and your recap of it.
One of the best action sequences ever and the series of screencaps demonstrated this so well.
I too hated Jane! How dare she blame Dean for the kids death ,just what he needs a little more guilt piling on there.
I loved Drunk Cas and his ongoing battle with phones , I figure at the moment we need to cling to any funny moments like this as I have a feeling they are going to be few of these in the next couple of weeks ( heaven help us )
If there`s room in that crypt , I`ll bring chocolate! Ju
# Supernarttu 2010-04-22 10:37
Hi Alice.
Lovely recap, funny as hell. I snorted my way through it respectively :P

I especially like that you said Michael Shanks alot, hiya there Daniel Jackson! He looked so weird, not nerdy at all ;-) Weird. *snortysnort*

So, this is the only ep that I have watched only once. For some reason it just broke me, and I just can't rewatch it... for a while anyways... I guess when I get my S5 DVD's (next year prob.) then I'll give it a go (or multiple ones) but the way I felt after this one was just... bad. They broke the boys! They broke me! Stupid Kripke *mumbles*

But truly enjoyed your recap, it was hilarious but sad, and very pretty. Thanks! :D
# Randal 2010-04-22 10:55
A wedding with guns? In the south, those are called Saturdays. Thank you, thank you.

I wondered about the Blue Earth thing, too. One doesn't pick the same very small town twice without a continuity shout out. Of course, why Pastor Jim didn't have a devil's trap sitting at the entrance to his secret stash remains a writerly mystery to this very day.

African swallow or European?

Uncle Sam, heh heh. Man, I'm sick of those damn promos, too. Enough with the coy crap, everyone just sleep with everyone and be done with it. Fucking sheesh.

As for Jane blaming Dean, given the context of rampant lunacy, it's not all that shocking. Most folks don't think straight on a good day, let alone when the world's ending. Your kid gets ganked, odds are you might lose a bit of rationale.