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Gary goes on because he’s really wasted now, asking if he’s ever felt like his future’s been decided for you. Uh, yeah, just about every day, right Dean? Dean confirms this, and I think some biting sarcasm would have been better in his answer. Gary rambles on about being unable to fight the plan, the stupid stupid plan and then he figures out Dean is very suspicious. So, he shuts up, claiming he’s drunk. Dean says it’s alright and raises his glass. “I’ll drink to that.” You see, I would have done what Dean did, which was let it go for now. After all, the few times we’ve seen Sam drunk and drugged, he is pretty loopy. So Dean stops again and realizes what’s happening. “Is it just me or are we drinking together?” Gary points out they don’t do it that often. “You can say that,” Dean says. So, this is where I figure Dean knows something isn’t right, but he’s having too good a time right now. Again, I don’t blame him.

Gary then says “You’re a good guy Dean.” “Oh, you are drunk,” Dean says. You see! Sam only says that stuff when he’s wasted. Their bacon cheeseburgers arrive and Gary gets all serious. “No, I mean it. You really are a good guy.” Dean doesn’t know what to say. Then Gary goes into a major orgasm over his bacon cheeseburger. The burger is good but the bread alone is giving him fits. Dean goes back to being disturbed. Later Dean is alone and sees “Sam” leaving with that blonde woman from the teaser. Gary turns around while he’s leaving and tells Dean like a goofy seventeen year old “We’re gonna do it.” Man, why or why couldn’t we have seen Jared do that!! There’s the gotcha! Dean knows that isn’t Sam.

Back to Gary in the mirror, Sam on the flip side, and he’s tied to a post in a tacky looking basement, complete with wood paneling and worn furniture. I really wish my basement looked that bad. There’s something about dated basements I adore. Mine is just unfinished concrete walls. Sam struggles, wondering what’s going on. Trevor, who we learn in this scene is a dick, yells loud he can’t hear him since his parents are out of town. Trevor calls Gary, who’s in bed with leopard skin sheets in some sort of sex lair. He’s shirtless. Now I just bust into tears. Why, oh why, for the love of God, is Jared not in that scene??? You’re killing me show!

Trevor asks Gary where’s Dean. Trevor tells him the motel, but Sam’s on the other side (still weeping) now alarmed at the mention of his brother. “You mean you haven’t killed him yet?” Trevor asks. Sam is freaking out, asking why they want to kill Dean. Gary on the other end says he was building up to it. It’s kind of sweet he hasn’t done it because he figured out Dean is a good guy. Plus he’s not a killer. Trevor points out the obvious problem, which is he’s looking at Gary with this other dude in it. Gary is actually surprised by this. Hello, you did a body switch, right? Gary then pulls the best logic ever. Whatever he says, no one is going to believe him. Your life does suck, doesn’t it Gary? Trevor orders him to just hurry up and kill the son-of-a-bitch already. Gary can’t do that right now, because Crystal comes out of the bathroom. In a dominatrix outfit. Okay, that does it. Now I’m bawling, kicking and screaming! Why oh why oh why???? Need hunky man there. Gary says the blatantly obvious, he is in way over his head.

Sam is still struggling with being tied up while Trevor is nervous that Gary won’t go through with it. Sam gets to the part we all want to know, how do they know who Dean is? Trevor, who is about the brattiest teenager I’ve ever seen, mentions that Dean is Hell’s most wanted. Sam is appalled. “Have you idiots been talking to demons?” If your teenager wants to mess with this stuff, just make them watch this show. They’ll learn quick. Sam tries talking sense into them, pointing out they’re just kids. They have no idea what they’re getting into. All Trevor sees is greed, since there’s a price on Dean’s head and he wants his reward.

Nora tells the story. About a month ago they were down there goofing around with the book…but moron here says “I wouldn’t exactly call praying to our dark overlord goofing around.” Oh boy, this kid is so this week’s red shirt. “Don’t be a loser Trev,” Nora says. “Yeah, Trev,” Sam says too. I do so love snarky Sam. Nora goes on. The lights flickered and Gary went into a trace. He drew a picture even though he can’t draw. It’s a downright perfect pencil drawing of Dean. Aw, how many fans want that??? Whoever the artist is, you can make a killing! Yes, this episode is all about missed opportunities.

The voices in Gary’s head said there was a bounty out on this guy. The word had gone out to every witch and Satanist out there. Nora gets all dreamy over Gary being the one to spot them. So, one month later, Dean just happens to show up in his fast food restaurant??? Really??? That’s some awesome luck. Nah. Bazinga! “And the Freaky Friday crap?” Sam asks. I was wondering when a reference like that would make its way in. That was Gary’s idea too, he’d go in Trojan horse style. She’s saying all this praising Gary as a genius, which actually he’s just some kid who thought it would be cool to mess around in a gorgeous body. One we don’t see. I’m still simpering here over that. Trevor is still upset that Gary won’t go through with it. Sam decides to scare the crap out of Nora, and it so works. “You listen to me, you are making a terrible mistake. We’re talking about a demon deal, killing somebody. This isn’t a game. You’re crossing a line you won’t come back from. Believe me.”

Nora turns to Trevor all scared, but Trevor being a dickhead he is doesn’t buy it. He has a better idea. He opens the book. He doesn’t have to kill Dean. Why not summon a demon? “I’m calling up one of these bad boys, turning these punks over and getting paid dollar, dollar bills y’all!” Oh, this kid is toast. Nora hates the idea, ditto for Sam. Come on Nora, get some balls! Sam’s tied to a chair and can’t save this idiot. Nah, the kid needs to learn the hard way.

Back to the motel and Gary comes in from his tryst, sneaking in while Dean is sleeping. He grabs a gun nearby (I’m assuming that’s Dean’s, which is weird considering Dean always keeps it under his pillow. Maybe he went knife this time, or is trapping Gary. I’ll stop speculating now). Gary nervously holds up the gun, points it at Dean’s bed, cocks the gun and there’s a shadowy figure behind him shaped like Dean. Sure enough, he turns just in time to have Dean grab his arm and punch him hard in the face. “You’re not Sam. Who the Hell are you?” Duh!

Back to Sam, who’s in a much worse predicament. Still tied to the post, Trevor does his demon summoning thing. Sam begs him not to do this and Nora agrees, but she still stands in the back nervously not doing anything about it. Wimp. Trevor does it anyway because he’s got shit for brains, even though Sam rightfully points out he’s going to get them all killed. Trevor finishes and at first it seems nothing happens, but then Nora has collapsed. Trevor asks if she’s okay and what do you know, she has black eyes now. “Oh yeah, I’m peachy.” Yep, things just went from bad to worse. You know, it could be the spell, but isn’t some form of black smoke required? That’s usually how people get possessed right? Oh, what the hey. Bazinga!


Ellen D
# Ellen D 2010-02-06 19:24
Great review! I laughed as much here as I did when when Sam was telling Gary's dad to cram it (or whatever he said).

I too wish that we had seen Jared as Sam doing the scenes with Dean and the lady at the bar...that first scene was GREAT and it's sad we didn't see more of Jared's comedy acting! (no matter what Jared says, he is good at comedy!!)
# Rose 2010-02-06 22:51
I have to say, for me, this ep just pushed Bugs out of the number one spot for worst episode! Sooooo many holes in the plot I actually cringed in a couple of spots. And like you, I think they really missed the boat with not having Jared portray Gary in his body. Every time Dean or anybody for that matter looked DOWN at Sam it was just so wrong.

I watched it again this afternoon but it was actually worse because I kept picking out more holes in the plot. Seriously, enough with the sophomoric scripts!

I haven't seen The Song Remains The Same yet since we don't get it until Wed in Canada on Space but I hear it's miles better! Here's hoping...

# Tlieso 2010-02-06 23:56
Great recap. All the goofy face Sam pics are awesome. I did enjoy this episode. Honestly I don't really care about plot holes in this type of episode. If it was one of the big myth (or whatever you want to call it) like this weeks I would but this was just entertainment. I did wonder why Dean wasn't checking his phone but that was really the only one that jumped out at me besides Sam sounding like Sam on the phone. Maybe I was just missing Castiel too much to notice the others. lol I do agree that there wasn't nearly enough Sam as Gary in it. He was hilarious.
# Randal 2010-02-07 06:13
Oh, Alice, that's a load of rich, creamery butter. Randal hates when people talk in the third person.

When watching this, I noticed the holes (the worst for me: The Yes tied to body alone? Oh, Plato), but the funny parts, even if awkwardly done in spots, made me chuckle enough to suspend even more disbelief. Now that they're listed out, all I'm going to notice in the future are the plot holes. So yeah, thanks. 8-)

Re: black smoke. What's funny is that we didn't see any way back in Devil's Trap when the mailman (I think it was a mailman) got possessed in the crowd, then zapped a fireman. It's Kripke's fault!

Teenage wasteland: to be an advocate in a devilish sort of way, the Winchesters were fighting monsters whereas Gary's dad looks like a CPA.
# Suze 2010-02-07 11:35
A couple of chuckles but basically crap. The brothers switching bodies would be funnier and involve fewer weedy spotties and their toast rack torsos clogging up the screen ... Enough of the fluff, now bring on the gloom, doom and buckets of blood. We're here for the Apocalypse, not Sam and Dean's Bogus Journeys! :roll::
# Jasminka 2010-02-07 17:38
Bazinga’? – you rock, woman! Loved this! The way you pointed out the holes (yeah, unfortunately there were some, but, hey what the hell?) made me die from laughter, so here’s a ghost talking to you (no, no, don’t send them after me… moment of thought…. Oh, do send them after me!)
Don’t mind me, I’m dead tired, that biz trip I had to take was exhausting. I’m not good at professional politics and small talk…

This episode was fun, nevertheless (and just like you I would have loved to see Jared in that scene with wannabe-domina) . I loved how Jared played with his handsome appearance here, making a nice fool of himself. Loved that.

Thanks for an ever fun-to-read recap and the screencaps!!!

Cheers, Jas

Randal… watched Kate & Leopold a bit much?

# AndreaW 2010-02-07 19:20
Alice, I agree that Sammy looks older than his 26, but in a positive way. I mean, he looks more manly than ever. Can you believe that the lanky and cute college boy from Season 1 turned into this "stunning looking man"? Dean was manly from the beginning, but it's as though "darling little Sammy" just grew up.

Here I am, being very shallow again. I apologize to the gentlemen on this board. ;-)
# Karen 2010-02-08 08:41
Hi Alice
Loved the recap…all the Bazinga’s had me laughing.
Although this episode could have been better, ok a lot better, it still had some good moments. I could be wrong,but I get the feeling you took great enjoyment in being able to use "Bazinga" as many times as you did.:lol:

I’m starting to think that maybe Julie Siege really doesn’t know or understand Sam and Dean’s characters as well as she should. I found both this and Fallen Idol had some real continuity issues.
# Sablegreen 2010-02-08 11:12
Funny Recap Alice. Thank you for not completely blowing this one away. I liked it, but I know many didn’t.

Yea...the episode has holes, but it was so funny they can be overlooked. And when people are looking to be uplifted from a show, ‘holes’ get pushed to the background. I much prefer this episode over the sad ones we've seen lately. The fans need some light stuff once in a while. Maybe they just wanted the fun stuff and really didn’t care much about continuity. Really I laughed so much at some of the Sam/Gary parts I was crying! I really LOVED Gary backing the impala in to the can. I laughed so hard!!! It would have been fun to see Jared in that scene instead of Gary…AND of course the bedroom scene

The sad part is that a lot of those 'holes' could have been addressed easily in the script and without much extra dialog. Yea…the throwing away of ALL cell phones was a story flaw…in fact Gary even through away John’s phone from the glove compartment. SO BAD!!! I guess we can hope the boys went back and recovered them. So much is done off screen in the series because of the low budget

As for Sam going to school as Gary, I didn't know others thought that weird. Gary was the only link he had so I can see why has would have to follow Gary's life. No other choice. And as for teenagers being that moronic…..I REALLY hope not.

As for Dean, I think at first he just let some things go because he is more into his own sympathy world right now. He is still reeling from the guilt of Jo and Ellen and feeling very sorry about everything. But when he did realize it, I agree with you, he REALLY needs his brother to play the little brother role right now. (No matter how old Sam is, and no matter that they both agree Dean needs to let Sam do his thing, to Dean, Sam will always be a ‘little’ brother, and I really wish Sam would play that role for Dean for a while, it would really help his brother cope, and that, in turn, would help Sam) So it was nice for him to have his brother like he wanted for a while and he just let it go...and that was disturbing to me. In their world, that kind of indulgence can be dangerous, and indeed it turned into that.

I also found it disturbing when Dean was being beaten by Nora!demon that he looked to Gary. He already knew it wasn't his brother, but, I think, that just brought back to Dean the reality, that the fun he had with this ‘Sam’ wasn’t real, and how much he missed.
# bevie 2010-02-08 13:21
Wow! I really agree with what Sablegreen said. Especially about Sam being Dean's little brother again for a while. It looked like Dean really enjoyed for a while having his little brother back even if it wasn't him. I thought Dean was really hoping that Sam was really Sam there for a bit.

I enjoyed the episode for what it was and the only thing I would have changed would have been for Jared to have played the part of Gary. I keep thinking how much fun that would have been to see.
# Supernarttu 2010-02-08 14:02
I am also one of those "It didn't suck" -people. Kinda for the same reasons that Sablegreen above pointed out. It was a really funny eppie and the plot holes didn't bother me, 'cause I was enjoying myself. Bugs is a perfect example of a eppie that doesn't work (for me atleast) in practically any level 'cause the whole package was ruined. This one had a few hiccups but that won't stop me watching it again :-)