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So, because security at this place is REALLY half-assed, somehow Sam and Dean casually go to the morgue and start examining the body. Don't they even have security cameras around? Sam finds a puncture wound in the neck. He sticks a Q-tip in there and it goes all the way into his skull. Eww. Notice how when Sam sticks that Q-tip in there it comes with squishy sound effects. Somehow, neither Winchester is squicked out by this. Sam sees a bone saw nearby and wants to prod more. So, Dean gets to keep watch. Cue to Dean who only has to hear the sound of the bone saw crunching and he gets queasy. Sam, who's FINALLY over his sickness of blood and gore with bodies, skillfully carves off a perfect cap of the skull. The brain is black and shriveled. Eww. 

Dean hears someone coming. He goes into warn Sam, who's holding a shriveled brain in his hand. While the nurse walks down the hall, Sam calmly puts the skull back on and they get the body back in the drawer. Sam dispenses of the bloody gloves with a nice toss in the trash can a split second before nurse perky walks in. Except she's not very perky. She's thinking they shouldn't be there. Good conclusion! Unable to come up with an excuse, Dean goes and does something that will NEVER EVER have fans think about a popular dessert the same way again. 

Dean drops his pants, showing off the bare legs but nothing else, and he holds his hands up in the air. "Pudding!" he shouts while shaking all around. Damn you CW! You know a full frontal would have gotten you ratings. FCC fines too, but hey, publicity is publicity. No such luck. He pulls his pants back up after the nurse laughs. She'll give them a pass and take them back to their rooms. He goes back to Sam and tells him crazy works, but Sam is way too bothered. I would be if my brother did that in front of me!

Next are drawing of creepy clowns on the wall. Dean jokes if they're original Gacy's. Again, for all you young folks, John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer of young boys in the 70's. His MO? He was a clown. He was known in prison for his eerie clown paintings. So, Martin says, "I painted those." Oops! Sam breaks the awkwardness and gets to the point. What sort of creature sucks brain's dry like that. Martin has a theory and it's scaring the crap out of him. It's a wraith! They crack open skulls and feed on brain juice. Eww. How do they kill it? Silver. Man, considering all these creatures can be killed by silver, I should be keeping some around all the time. However, the catch, which is true of other creatures as well, they can be disguised as humans and spotted in a mirror. It could be anyone. I'm betting that way too perky nurse.  

Sam, whose obviously not thinking, wonders why it's in a mental hospital. Duh, who's going to believe a nut claiming they saw a monster? It's the perfect hunting ground. I worked in a mental health office once. I can honestly tell you, most of the staff were just as nutty if not nuttier than the patients. I think because they live in a state of denial. There's no such thing as monsters my ass. I once asked a friend, deeply struggling with some personal issues, why he became a psychologist. He wanted to prove to himself he wasn't nuts. Psychology can justify anything! (Ignore this Jas, you're just fine!) 

Anyway, Dean is standing by the nurse's station watching people walk by in a mirror. Hot therapist shows up wanting to know what Dean's doing. Dean, in perfectly honest mode, says he's hunting a wraith. She theorizes she could be a monster, but Dean tells her she passes the mirror test. Oh yeah, that sounds so half baked. Therapist goes for more questions. Why does he have to hunt monsters? Why not let someone else do it? "Can't find anybody else that dumb." Sure you can. He's your brother. Dean goes on, pointing out someone has to save people. She asks how many people he has to save. Wow, she's not letting up, is she? Dean gives the answer that we aren't surprised over, but still we wonder how he hasn't gone howling by now.  "All of 'em." 

She's surprised by that and asks him how. Dean doesn't have an answer. She tries again so he tells her. "It's the end of the world, okay? It's a damned biblical apocalypse. And if I don't stop it and save everyone then no one will and we all die." Man, is he setting himself up for a huge failure. She mentions that's horrible. Apocalypse or no apocalypse, monsters or no monsters, that's a crushing weight to have on your shoulders. To feel like six billion lives depend on you? God, how do you get up in the morning?" Dean has no answer other than that's a good question.   The whole conversation is interrupted when that arrogant bastard, I mean the doctor, says hello to only Eddie (there's a clue!). Dean sees a wraith in his reflection. Ruh-ro!

Sam comes over to Dean and Martin in the hall with three silver plated letter openers. He had to raid three nurses stations. How did he get away with that?  He's so big and pretty, how was he not noticed? Plus, there's that not working security camera issue again.   Their fun is interrupted by Wendy, who shoves her tongue down Sam's throat. He seems to be a little less willing that Dean was. He doesn't kiss back. Oh come on Sammy, lighten up! "I want him now," she says lustfully. "He's larger." Okay, who's teasing the fan girls here! Stop it! Dean shrugs. "You've had worse." Ooh, banzai! Sam only has a bitch face in response and gets back to the case. 

They'll have to get the doc after lights out. Martin protests. He can't do this anymore. I'm certain that's why he called Sam and Dean to begin with. Dean pleads the security will be tight (?????) and they could use the backup. Martin protests. So, how do they convince him? By mentioning Albuquerque?   Oh, good job guys. It doesn't work. He mentions he thought he was invincible once but he was wrong. "Why do you think I checked myself into the Hotel California?" He runs off crying like a little girl. 

Sam and Dean check the office, no arrogant bastard, I mean doctor there. So they separate. This isn't going to go well, I know it. Sam spots the doctor first and hides with the blade sticking straight out. This of course triggers a memory from a weapons discussion I had recent with my Taekwondo Master, so I'll take a few seconds to educate you all. If Sam was holding a regular knife with sharp edges and is a true trained expert, he wouldn't hold the blade like that. He would conceal it by holding it along the forearm pointing up. That way when he attacks he can go straight for the throat. However, this is a letter opener with only a sharp point. It's not an effective weapon for killing because he has to hold it pointing straight out like he does. That creates less opportunity for the blunt and swift strike. That's why when he does attack, he gets the forearm instead and only wounds. Interesting huh? 

The doctor leans backward and Sam takes another swipe in the air, missing. The two orderlies jump him right away and knock the silver letter opener out of his hands. They try to drag Sam away, but Sam punches those two, throws one through a window. Ruh-roh. What is of importance here is Sam is raging big time, exactly like he did when going off on those two hunters in "Free To Be You and Me." He looks freaking scary. After taking out the orderlies he picks up the letter opener, chases the doctor down the hall, tackles him and goes for the kill. As he brings his hand back Martin stops him, pointing out to an out of his head Sam that the arm isn't sizzling. It's not the wraith. Sam comes out of his rage mortified, totally distressed over the idea that he almost killed another innocent. Not good for an already majorly messed up psyche. 


# Ardeospina 2010-01-30 21:31
Great recap as usual, Alice.

The end of this episode made me really nervous, too. I don't know what else Dean really could have said to Sam since all he does is repress and repress, but it's certainly not what Sam needed or wanted to hear. This is definitely going to have some ramifications down the line.

When I rewatched the episode, I noticed a really cool shot they did when Dean is watching the mirror in the hallway to see who the wraith is. The female doctor comes up to talk to him, then the male doctor comes by, says hello to Dean, and when they pan back to show the mirror, only Dean is in it. The female doctor isn't there! But it's really quick, and I didn't notice the first time through, since I wasn't really watching for it. But nice subtlety there, Show!

Lastly, when Sam encounters Dean after his first conversation with his fake doctor, he says he was "thraped," like "therapy raped," I guess. I think I read somewhere that this was a reference from "Girl, Interrupted," but I don't know for sure.

Again, great recap! I, for one, don't care when you post them. I'll still read!
# elle 2010-01-31 00:45
Great recap, as usual, Alice! I love reading them because your comments always make me laugh. The end scene still makes me feel odd, even just reading about it, I'm not sure what to make of it.
# Bevie 2010-01-31 13:48
That was a fun review Alice. Was laughing all through it. Especially Arrogant Sadistic Bastard Doctor! LOL!

You want a fully frontal? Me, too (in a very very quiet voice down here in my gutter). Though I'm afraid if I did get it I'd immediately pass out and miss the rest of the show. Though it would be worth it as I tape them and could catch up later. Heehee!

About the final scene, just what does Sam want Dean to do about Sam's anger issues? A few episodes ago he was telling Dean he left with Ruby to get away from Dean and he wanted Dean to let him stand on his own two feet. When does he start doing that then? Dean has to support all Sam's insecurities and never get any support for himself? Remember the boohoos from both Sam and Bobby last season? I don't think Dean knows what to do about Sam and is dreadfully afraid he will lose him again, especially now when it is needed for them to be united at all costs.

I really liked when Sam all drugged up told Dean that he loved him and "booped" his nose. So cute! Oh, boys, you really get to me!
# Jasminka 2010-01-31 16:23
Alice, I have no problem reliving an episode a week later – I like watching them a few times, after a day or a week, so what? Thank you for this recap which is great, as always. You’re great at this – but I reckon you know that by now. Doesn’t hurt repeating it, does it?

Y’all must have had a great laugh at the Babar-joke, which unfortunately eluded me, as I was not familiar with that, sigh…
I wonder how many in-jokes I might have missed simply because I’m not American?

I’ve said so much earlier about this episode that I actually don’t really know what to say that wouldn’t be redundant.

There’s one point that did strike me, though, after re-watching it. That diagnosis they gave Dean… Either Dean played his role of being an arrogant a-hole so well or they just don’t know their DSM… The personality disorder is not so clear, and I doubt that the shrink in the beginning thoroughly explored their childhood (which would be necessary to even think of that diagnosis). If he did, the assigned ‘imagined’ shrink wouldn’t have to go there again, asking about Dean’s father (since Dean would know that he already answered those questions). It all sounds more schizotypal (but those are just my ears, sorry, I like to do my job right, as in not giving the wrong diagnosis).

I believe, Alice, what he said when Sam found him in the corridor was ‘I just got raped’, well that’s what I heard (any other word I came up with seemed weird) and – imagining whatever question the ‘doc’ might have asked him (especially perhaps in regard to dad) could have felt like violation to him… I don’t remember those lines from Girl,Interrupte d that Ardeospina mentioned, but ‘thraped’ sounds about logical…

We’re given some great moments in this episode. I’d also love to see more of Sam being happily drunk, yeah, that was a Sam-fan-fest… loved it just as much as I felt moved by the ending… it really hurt to see them drive away in the mindset they were in…

Thanks, by the way, for not including me in the nutty staff, Alice – I’m relieved.

Alice, love your recaps. I do, I do… Best always, Jas
# Jasminka 2010-01-31 16:25
P.S: I can't find this in any dictionary - what exactly is GED?
this might be a stupid question, but that's just one of my most lovable traits- asking such questions...
:lol: 8-) :lol:
# ElenaM 2010-01-31 16:47
:lol: The silver lining to an episode that stretches plausibility well beyond the breaking point? A really funny recap! Nicely done. Loved how you called Sam out, too--"the king of evasiveness and internalizing." Totally. 'Course, when he does finally try to open up a little he gets shut down, since Dean's barely hanging on as it is... poor guys.

Jas, GED basically stands for General Equivalency Diploma (other words have been assigned to the acronym too, e.g. General Education Development, so don't feel bad about any confusion!). A person who didn't graduate from an actual high school can take an exam to earn a GED, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma. Hope this helps!
# Jasminka 2010-01-31 17:04
wow, thanks ElenaM - that's interesting! That acronym has been used a few times, and now it makes sense to me - does that mean, Dean might have taken some exam along the road? He might ... Thank you, learned something new now. :-) Jas
# Sablegreen 2010-02-01 13:36
Good recap, Alice….You always pick up neat details….like the different ways the boys wore their robes. I saw that too, but I think that was an early effect of their subconscious surfacing. Like Dean said during Sam’s ‘drunken’ scene, he is a happy drunk. He’s not as serious as he lets on, and really should open up more. Certainly would help his relation with Dean. Maybe then we’d get some ‘pudding’ dances from Sam!

As far as Dean setting himself up as a failure, I hope not. We all die if they fail!

I caught the knife angle myself. You leave your ribs wide open if you strike with it straight, and are not in a good angle for a second strike. Someone should teach the boys Martial arts…or maybe not. They seem to do okay already.

We had two signs that Sam never told Dean about Ruby, one was in the initial interview. Dean and Sam were telling the truth, and Dean excused his brother‘s actions because he was ‘high’. I don’t know, maybe I was looking for something that wasn’t there, but the look on Sam’s face when Dean said that look sad to me. Maybe that was what pushed its second time appearance, when Sam hallucinated Dean repeating Ruby’s words. That also shows how afraid Sam is that Dean will find out. …not finding out that Sam still has powers, but that its proof, at least to Sam anyway, that he is a freak (which he isn’t). Ever heard the saying, “Oh what a web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”. Poor Sam…..he should just tell Dean ALL of it. Would help the two of them immensely.

After the Sam fought the imaginary patients, and they dragged him away, did he yell “Dean, help”? I couldn’t tell from the episode but sounded like that on the clip.

As for the final scene, I agree with Bevie. Both Dean and Sam have had piss-poor lives, which they have done nothing to deserve. Dean copes by denying (and it works), Sam by anger (and that doesn’t). Dean faced his subconscious by himself and got them both out, Sam faced his with anger, and he almost got himself killed (and that wasn’t the first time). I just don’t feel Sam’s directing part of his anger to Dean is really fair. And Sam has to realize that on his own. Dean can’t tell him. (And that is speaking from personal experience) What Dean did was give his brother the advice that helped Dean…and that was to bury it…….at least for now. And as for leaving Dean again, I don’t think so. He has left Dean three times now in the series, and none of them worked for Sam. And for the record, I don’t think Sam followed Ruby to get away from Dean…Fallen Idol was way out of character for both boys. He did it for the reason he stated in Heaven and Hell (at least I think it was Heaven and Hell)…...beca use Ruby acted like Dean would have to a big brother.

As for completely giving up…I don’t think Sam is that weak. He has a lot of Dad in him… and I don’t think it would sit well with Dean either.

Okay done rambling!
# Suze 2010-02-02 10:55
Pudding! :lol: Coffee snorting moment number 39852 ...

I thought Dean said " raped " but my speakers are shot and I had the sound turned way down so I could hear any nearby short people throwing up, so really it could have been anything ( secret of a happy life folks ... Have more buckets than family members ;-) )
# Maggie 2010-02-03 15:37
Wow Great review!! I really enjoy it!
Did you do 2 reviews cause I read another days before from blogcritics and says: from Alice Jester, too. but they are very different, I like more this one.

I really really like it.