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On comes Santana! Have I mentioned how much I love that the classic rock is back this season? They’ve really picked some good ones too. “Oye Como Va” kicks off the last night on earth party at Bobby’s house. There are shots lined on the table and Dean’s slamming them, right? No, it’s Castiel! He’s having a drinking contest with Ellen while Jo watches. After downing about five shots in a row, he pulls the classic Lord of The Rings: Return of The King (extended version) line, “I think I’m starting to feel something.” Yeah, drinking against an angel. That’s an even contest.

SPN 0304

Sam and Dean are at Bobby’s desk and Sam’s asking if it’s a trap. Dean smiles. “Sam Winchester, having trust issues with a demon. Better late than never.” Sam gives him a sarcastic look back. “Thank you again for your continued support.” Then they clang beer bottles. You know, I love seeing the brothers like this again, but are things really that perfect now between them? I suppose they aren’t going to fight if this is their last night on earth, but still you have to wonder if there’s still some stress there.

“You know, trap or no trap, if we’ve got a snowball’s chance we’ve got to take it, right?” Sam supposes. Dean isn’t sure it is a trap. Carthage is “lit up like a Christmas tree with Revelation omens.” Six missing persons in town reported since Sunday. He thinks the Devil is there. Dean then gets to the uncomfortable part. “If you think about it, you can’t come with.” Sam naturally objects. Dean’s rationale is he gets it fine he’s just one missing piece but if Sam’s there they’re handing the Devil’s vessel right over to him. Wow Dean, you have a point about Sam but you’re so selling yourself short. Plus the angels will find you and resurrect you.

Dean says it’s not smart. “Since when have we done anything smart?” Sam asks. Dean’s serious but so is Sam. “Haven’t we learned a damned thing? If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it together.” He has a point Dean. Divided you two have had some really crappy results. Dean stares into those puppy dog eyes and reluctantly agrees. “Okay, but it’s a stupid freaking idea.” Yeah, so is the colt but we won’t get into that yet.

Both brothers see Jo in the other room and Sam says “talk about stupid ideas.” “True to that,” Dean says and then goes over to Jo anyway. He comes over all smooth, watching her ass as she fetches a beer out of the fridge and pulls the “dangerous mission tomorrow” line. Smooth Dean, smooth. Anyone think Jo would actually fall for that? “It’s time to eat, drink, and make merry.” Bad Dean, bad. Does that line work with other women? Jo pretends to fall for it. “Are you giving me the last night on earth speech?” At first Dean says no then, “but if I was, would that work?” Jo gets all sultry, moves in real close, strokes his ear goes to kiss him and then pulls away. “No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth I’m going to spend it with a little something I call self respect.” She leaves. “If you’re into that kind of thing,” Dean says. Aww, wittle feelings hurt?

Bobby calls everyone over. It’s time for the photo. You know, five seasons and there’s never been a last night on earth gathering shown, so I wonder if the picture is an old hunter’s tradition. We find out later why the picture is needed so it makes sense, but it’s just strange we’ve never seen it before. I know, there’s only so many things that can be done in episodes. Ellen protests but Bobby won’t listen. “Shut up, you’re drinking my beer.” That’s a winning argument in my book. “Anyway, I’m going to need something to remember your sorry asses by.” Yep, definitely an old hunters tradition.

They line up and Ellen jokes, “It’s always good to have an optimist around.” Castiel, who’s all serious, states the fear that’s on the back of everyone’s mind. “Bobby’s right. Tomorrow we hunt the Devil. This is our last night on earth.” While Castiel is rather stoic about that, everyone else reacts privately to that idea and those expressions show on everyone’s faces as the picture snaps. Whoa, that’s brilliant. So bittersweet, so sad. As the final staccato notes of the song plays, the developed picture in black and white is shown as though it’s in an album. We’ll that’s got me jumpy for the rest of the episode. Foreshadowing with a capital F.



# Jasminka 2009-11-30 02:35
Alice, I’ve already run out of tissues, couldn’t you wait with posting this until I replenished my stocks? But thank you anyway for this deeply moving recap, though I had to use a towel in lieu of Kleenex. ;-)

I really liked Crowley, too, I like his style, his weird combo of listening to easy music and watching the worst division of Nazi-soldiers. If I’m not mistaken those were SS-uniforms, the so-called death’s head squadron, infamous for their cruelty. Fitting for demon, I guess.

Please, keep speculating about Sam’s craving for demon power, I do it as well. He was very cold there, no more hesitating about killing humans ridden by demons. Desperate times, desperate measures. I miss the gentle Sammy, but I love this one, too. I guess, I just love Sam, period, in whatever mood he is in.

I second your remark about whether things are perfect between the brothers – I don’t think so. They probably put it away to not waste their potentially last night with fighting, but the issues are certainly still there and will undoubtedly surface again, soon.
But seeing them at that table, so grown up and supportive of each other (despite the undertones) made my heart leap with joy. For the last time while watching this episode. There was no room for that afterwards.

Cas showing in his conversation with Lucifer how hard he will fight for the Winchesters and this world, was great, and Castiel keeps growing on me (and, by the way, Misha never looked better).

After that first encounter of Cas and Luci (yes, I know…) there is no time to admire the good looks of anyone here, as it is pure heartbreak that ensues. Dean carrying a lethally wounded Jo into the store, everyone realizing she won’t be going anywhere but they still tried to lie to themselves about that, because they can’t handle that notion, Dean’s breakdown, Bobby’s splitsecond-bre akdown before pulling Dean back, Ellen’s breakdown, silent good-byes, Ellen staying with her daughter, Jo’s heartbreak and relief about her mother not leaving her, ever missed Kim Manners.
I’m growing tired of every fiend rubbing Sam’s history with his brother into his face – come on, guys, he knows. No need to bring it up again and again. Running out of arguments, folks?

And then the ‘funeral scene’, burning that picture… the guys’ solemn and silent expressions are all we need to know what’s going on. It was a heroines’ burial. Sort of. But it captured the emotion…

Speaking of… I’m an emotional mess. I just watched this episode with a friend who wasn’t able to get it online yesterday. I couldn’t stop crying, it got even worse than watching it the first time. What’s going on with me?! I feel quite vulnerable these days, but this – oh my. This episode reminded me like no other of my losses, and it drowned me in those emotions. Great film making, be it movie or such an incredible tv-show does that. Kudos to everyone – I have rarely seen better acting on this show, and the composition of this episode was exceptional.

Thanks so much for doing this episode justice with this great review. I’m going to need another pot of hot chocolate and a lot of those candles that smell like Christmas cookies which I pile up every winter to recover from that episode. Whatever it takes.


Cheers, Jas
# Suze 2009-11-30 07:03
Bastards. It's just not fair.

I've been cheerfully imagining Jo dead ever since " No Exit " and she finally goes and it's awful! Be careful what you wish for ...

Love Crowley ( he reminds me of someone I know, which is slightly worrying ... ) Also loving the whole Doomladen Pit of Hopeless Despair thing they've got going ... Darkest hour before the dawn, surely ( or rather, knowing Mr. K, the darkest hour before the really dark bit where everyone dies horribly and evil triumphs forever, but we've got that to look forward to ... lucky old us ... )

Castiel channels Legolas, hurrah! Perfect profile, no people skills, it all fits ...
# Randal 2009-11-30 12:25
You all cried during that episode? Really? Saps.

That was one mofo of an hour (six hours if you include all the goddamn commercials). If that was Totenkopf, those psychopaths were originally mixed up with the early days of the political camps. Yeah, demony. Crowley simply must come back.

I, too, don't think things are 100% hunky dory between them, but even if issues are on the back burner, time can surreptitiously heal. Will they ever be perfect again? Who's to say, but they know (even Dean) that the other is still fueled by a humanity.

Cas is adapting to the dissipation of his powers, which is cool to see, and if he is channeling Legolas, he too will soon be fighting side by side, not with charges, but with friends.

Dammit, I'd love to type more, but this damn cat keeps on walking on the keyboard.
# Jasminka 2009-11-30 14:42
Randal, I’m going to have t-shirts printed, saying ‘I’m a happy sap’ – are you really trying to convince us that it was only something in your eye? 8-)

P.S.-do you actually say 'totenkopf'? One of those German words that entered the English language? So, there was no need to translate it, good to know.

# Sablegreen 2009-11-30 15:25
Alice, thanks so much again for such a great recap.

I was also surprised that the boys tried the devils-trap-und er-the-rug- trick. I thought that was just a ruse to lull Crowley into a false sense of security and they really had Cas or Ellen or Jo ready for the real attack. That was a let down. Also the boys were certainly over powered very easily. But they had too much to cover in this episode so, acquiring the colt couldn’t take much time. Yes, the interplay between the boys and Crowley was not as one would expect from the boys. Again it just seemed this part of the epi was rushed. I would have liked to see this as a stand alone epi myself. I know there are only 22 epi, they can do, but there are one or two so far this year I could have done without.

The connection with Cas and Crowley was a surprise. I wondered if it was more than just picking up on grapevine gossip. After all Cas is still an angel, and while he may not have ties to his angel brothers, I wouldn’t have thought he knew many demons either. My mind went back to Ruby. How she always found the right answer, how she always came up with info ‘through the grapevine’, how she saved the boys on many occasions, but we found out she had her own agenda, and all that was necessary for her goal. I was happy to see that Cas really seemed sincere in his vow of loyalty to Sam and Dean. So far this season, Cas has been developing into a good friend. Given Kripke’s twists and turns, I hope that is true.

I also liked Cas’s reaction to Lucifer. Cas really never once accepted or even considered Lucifer’s comments as true. He lies and Cas has not a doubt in his mind about that. Sam on the other hand, was not as solid. His weakness is he anger, and I really wish Kripke had put more effort in dealing with it this first half. And yes, that involves Sam’s powers…which are not gone. Not if you believe past episodes.

The boys toasting each other was a good sight too see. Yes, I think they are really back....deep down, I like to think they never left. I suspect Kripke will still tear at that concept, but that’s just what he does..

I do have to agree that Dean’s caution was valid. When Sam came on so strong, I really reminded me of the Sam of s4. Hell bent on revenge, letting anger guide the way. It was risking a lot to put Lucifer and Sam in the same space. Sure we know there are 12 more epi, but Dean doesn’t. With so much at stake, this was not a good tactical decision. This resulted in the death of Jo and Ellen, and flaring anger from Sam….just want Lucifer wants.

Bobby held Dean together which is what the boys counts on Bobby to do. Hope that connection is ever touched by Kripke. The hint of a relationship lost between Jo and Dean was pivotal to this episode. Too bad Kripke didn’t ever have this relationship develop in past seasons. But then, it probably would have ended just as Sam’s and Jessica’s did. The boys are NOT allow any ‘life’ outside of angels and demons.
# Sablegreen 2009-11-30 15:30
Oops, meant 'hope that connection is NEVER touched' Don't know what happened to the 'n'. :-)
# Bevie 2009-11-30 17:15
Thanks a bunch for making me cry AGAIN! LOL

Just kidding. A fine recap indeed, capturing all the emotional pitfalls from all the marvellous characters inhabiting this Supernatural universe.

I was never one of the Jo haters. I really liked her from her first appearance with the rifle in ELAC, and she just got better in all of her following episodes until excelling in this AAH. Whatever was unspoken between Dean and Jo will never be known now that she is gone. I really believe that Dean had a great affection for her (Maybe even a possible future love).
I'm really grieving for the loss of wonderful Ellen and Jo. I admired Ellen's no nonsense character from the first viewing as well. Rest in Peace you two exceptional women!

Loving Cas being the badass he can be, defending the boys and loving the way he walked over Meg to get out of the fire. Hope he is taking care of Dean's amulet
and NOT LOSING IT! Did he steal Dean's ring and bracelet also? Still wondering where they went to.

Love the way the boys are back together. Things must be a little better now if they can snark back and forth again. The losses of Ellen and Jo should drive home the need for them both to be adamant with not becoming mere meat suits for two warring angels. Let the very HUMAN Winchesters triumph in the end to defeat the smarmy Lucifer! And for God's sake, Kripke, keep Bobby alive for they really really need his backing, advice and loving encouragements to be able to persevere in the face of all this tragedy. Please, haven't they lost enough already?

Wondering just what Lucifer is wanting. Does he hope to put himself in God's place in heaven? If he rids the world of humans and demons alike, what else is there for him? Ruling over the heavenly hosts? What about all the humans through the years that also occupy a place there. Are they at risk from him?
# Randal 2009-11-30 18:57
Jasminka, those shirts would go well with the 'got salt?' ones. 8-)

No, that word hasn't 'entered' English, really, I'm just a history geek.

sablegreen, that's really my one big problem with the episode: almost too much for one hour. They did a good job (obviously, as it was f-ing great teevee), but I would have loved it over two hours, could have fleshed out/mercilessly teased stuff even further.
# anene 2009-11-30 19:22
Eh! This episode fell flat for me on account of the lack of a cliff-hanger and Sam and Dean moments that i watch the show for.

High points:
Ellen and Jo's death were really heartbreaking. I'm gonna miss Ellen. That was Alona's and Samantha's best work.

Cas is back to being the warrior he was back in season 4 that i liked with the bonus of being on team Winchester. I just hope he stays that way instead of the weepy sap he turned into since season 5 began.

Mark Pelligrino was wicked as Lucifer. Of all the angels, he is my favourite. I really want to see how he plans to get Sam to say yes to him.

There was a lot of pretty shots of Sam and Dean's lovely faces.

Misha is very pretty.

Crowley's smooching of the business man.

Low point:
The taking of the picture and burning it doesn't make any sense and seems too rushed and forced. Good riddance anyways.

It didn't do it for me. Dean shouldn't have been knocked out. He should have been awake to hear what Lucifer said to Sam. The scene would have been better.

Too much secondary character that i like but i seriously would rather have more Sam and Dean to bother about for a re-watch.
# Narcissus 2009-11-30 21:43
Another great recap in a line of great recaps :mrgreen:

I agree with you guys, the boys definitely still have some issues simmering away on the 'back burner' as Randal said. I think they're going to leave it that way, until the pot boils over and everything explodes, then they're going to have one angsty showdown, and then push everything to the back again. But the show being the show, things will never happen as predicted. Heh.

Ellen and Jo...what else can I say that hasn't been said? It was mind-blowing, amazing, spectacular, heart-shatterin g, sweet, scary, tragic....etc.. .

For me, I think Lucifer has become the guy I love to hate...he's such a slime-ball, and everyone who's played him did such a great job. him too. I'd love to see where the writers are going with him. Alice, I love your theory about Lilith in makes sense.

Castiel is raising the kick-ass quota, big time. He's making up for his lack of powers by learning some of the subtle nuances which makes humans, humans. Love the way he handled Lucifer and Meg too.

And I can't believe I'm finally saying this after five seasons: Sam needs a haircut!! Actually, his hair is looking pretty good this season, except that it's just getting a bit too...floppy.

To finally shut up, this episode is one of the best bits of TV of all time. Tune in world, and see how good story telling is done!