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“Like the X-Men?” Exact like the X-Men Dean says. The guy they’re taking him too is even in a wheelchair. Oh Bobby! Yep, still sad for him. “You’ll be a hero. You’ll save lives, you’ll get the girl. Sound like fun, right?” Jesse is smiling, loving all this talk. So who here thought this was going to work? The two of you can put your hands down now. Dean goes flying against the wall. Julia walks in and then throws Sam there too. Oh come on, not the TK toss again. Forget the fact that it’s already been done to Dean too many times, Sam makes no sense. How can be immune to the bright ray of doom from Samhain and Lilith but can be tossed by a lower level demon? I’m okay if Sam’s powers are gone, but after Alastair couldn’t fling him last season, I figured we were done with that.

Julia tells “dreamboat” aka Sam, that she can’t hurt him, orders. As for Dean, it’s encouraged. She tosses him against the other wall in full force, and then back again. Jesse shouts out to leave him alone. Julia looks at him and tells him he’s beautiful (which he is) and he has his father’s eyes. She tells him she’s his mother. Jesse says she isn’t because he can tell there’s something inside her. “You’re half human, and you’re half one of us.” Dean speaks out she means demons and Julia pulls out her fist and forces Dean to shut up quick. Aw man, why can’t I have that power for my kids? Life isn’t fair.

She goes on telling Jesse that those people he calls his parent lied to him. He’s not theirs. Jesse says they love him but she asks is that why they leave him alone all day. She actually does have a point there. She gets mean though, pointing out he was lied to when they said the tooth fairy was real and his toys could hurt him. “They love you so much they made your whole life a lie. Look into your heart Jesse. You’ve always known you weren’t theirs, you’ve always known you were different.” Everyone has lied to him. Sam and Dean are not FBI agents and he’s not a superhero. Man, this is really harsh stuff for an 11 year old.

Jesse wants to know what he is. “You’re powerful. You can have anything you want, you can do anything you want.” Dean tells him not to listen to her, so Julia demon twists her fist more to get him to shut up. She goes on about how everyone has been treating him like a kid and not telling him the truth. She asks doesn’t that make him angry, so he clenches his fists, the lights flicker and flames start shooting out of the fireplace. Yep, not a kid to get mad. She promises him a world with no lies. He can come with her and start over.

Now it's Sam's turn to try and get through to Jesse by promising to tell him the truth, but Julia demon goes for the fist twist on him. Jesse actually wants to hear what Sam has to say and uses his power to get Sam off the wall. Julia demon is impressed, for the kid's more powerful than she thought. Sam apologizes for lying and tells Jesse who they are and that they hunt monsters. “Except when you are the monster, huh Sammy?” Boy, both angels and demons are never going to let him live that down, are they? Hunters too. And Dean. And every Sam hating fan out there (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Sam tells Jesse that is his mother, but the thing inside her is a demon. Julia tells Jesse that Sam has done nothing but lie to him. “Punish him!” You’re telling the Anti-Christ what to do? On that’s so going to backfire lady.

Jesse tells her to sit down and shut up, then with his mind throws her into a nearby chair and forces her mouth shut. Sam goes on, all tender and sympathetic. “There's kind of a war between angels and demons and you’re a part of it.” I’ll say! Sam tells him he can go with her if he wants, he can’t stop him, but if he does, millions of people will die. Jesse wants to know if he’s really half demon. “Yes. But you’re half human too. You can do the right thing. You’ve got choices Jesse, but if you make the wrong ones it’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.” Oh Sam, again with the personal experience appeal? Jesse wants to know why he’s telling him this. "Because I have to believe someone can make the right choice, even if I couldn’t." It's as if Jesse understands everything Sam's saying. I'm not sure if he trusts Sam instinctively because they both have demon power or because he fell for the puppy dog eyes, but Jesse expels the demon from Julia. Dean comes off the wall. Dean asks how he did that and Jesse says he just did. Dean calls him awesome.

The tough part of Sam and Dean's job is yet to come. They have to tell this boy the truth. Jesse asks if Julia is going to be alright. Eventually. Sorry kid, but she hasn’t been alright for a long time. This isn’t going to help. You see, I told you this gets dark fast. Dean picks up the Castiel doll off the floor. He tells Jesse he's a buddy of his and if there’s anyway he can turn him back. Jesse is still mad that Cas tried to kill him. Dean defends Cas. “Right. He’s a good guy. He was just confused. He realizes Jesse isn't budging for now and puts Cas on the mantle, resolving to talk about it later.

Jesse asks what now? Dean looks at Sam, who shrugs. Dean takes the lead. He wants to take him someplace safe, get him trained up. “You’d be handy in a fight kid.” Sam comes over, because he can see that Dean isn’t convincing him. “Jesse, you’re powerful. More powerful than pretty much anything we’ve ever seen. That makes you-” “A freak?” Jesse says. You see, he does get Sam! “To some people maybe, but not to us. We’re freaks ourselves.” Two really hot freaks.

Jesse asks if he can stay there. Dean says no. The demons know where he is and more will be coming. He doesn’t want to go without his mom and dad. Sam tells him family is important, and he’ll support him if he wants them to go, but it’ll be dangerous for them too. Jesse doesn’t understand. Dean handles this one and I’m adoring the Sam and Dean tag teaming on this one. “Our dad, he would takes us wherever he went.” Jesse asks where he is now. “Dead,” Sam says without hesitation. “A demon killed him.” Back to Dean. “Jesse, once you’re in this fight, you’re in it until the end. Win or lose.” Come on guys, he’s 11! This is just too much. Truth is good but laying it all out like this? I guess they have no choice.

Jesse wants to know what he should do. Sam admits they can’t tell him, it’s his choice. Oh, all three of these guys are killing me here! Wow, how sad that this boy has to go through this, and that Sam and Dean have to deliver the news. Jesse asks if he can see his parents, he needs to say goodbye. Dean says sure. The poor little kid, who right now is crushing my heart into wittle pieces, takes the long walk up the stairs, the melancholy score playing in the background. He stares at his sleeping parents, and then goes to his room. He drops down onto his bed, the weight of the world on his shoulders. Man this kid is a great actor. He stares at the bright blue poster of Australia on the wall.

Now Sam is playing with the Castiel doll. It's infectious! Dean realizes Jesse's been up there a long time and goes upstairs to check it out. They go in his room and he's gone. Hey, if I could do it, I'd zap myself to Australia in a heartbeat. Castiel, now in full sized live action hero, announces Jesse is gone and doesn’t know where he is. He put back the people hurt in the town back to normal, the ones alive anyway. Oh, so toothless gets his teeth back but will always have memories of that trauma to haunt him? I don't think his little girl is going to mention losing teeth anymore. Sam reads the goodbye note, yep, he's left so his parents can be safe. Great going guys. You lost the Anti-Christ! That's going to end well.

Sam and Dean are in the Impala and they're both pretty glum. Dean wonders if the kid is going to be okay, Sam hopes so. That’s Winchester speak for they’re both really scared for the kid. Dean states the obvious, by telling that kid the truth they've destroyed his life. “We didn’t have a choice Dean.” Yeah, Sam’s right there. It’s sad, but he’s right. “You know, I’m starting to get why parents lie to their kids. You want them believe the worst thing out there is mixing pop rocks and coke.” He wishes their dad lied to them. Sam, who's quietly brooding, can only say "me too." End credits. Wow, that was a downer.


# Supernarttu 2009-10-26 16:12
The kid playing Jesse was so cool. I usually am not that taken with the kid actors (Michael from something Wicked is still my fave, with weeSam and weeDean but that's about it) but Jesse was really interesting and my heart broke for him, truly. So sad to lose ones innocence at that age. It's not fair, but life never is. I liked the way this eppie was a light one at first and then turned dark (Mystery Spot came to mind after the first view because of that turn).
I loved Dean eating the ham. Sam had too many bitchfaces in this one (for me anyway) and the buzzer thing... I bugs me, and it don't so I'll leave it that.
I was a bit pissed with the whole adoption thing too, since the demons would (and should) have found Jesse in no time. At first I thought it might be because of his force field but after a bit of pondering, seemed too far fetched... Also with Julia leaving some info about herself when giving away a chils she's not sure is even human to the adopt agency. Just figured if you're gonna "run" then don't leave any trace behind.
And the whole "why wasn't Lucifer there the moment the demons saw Sam" -thing also bugged me. But maybe they'll be somekinda explanation later on. Maybe he doesn't need Sam that badly yet or... I got nohing, its late. *tirey smirk*
I loved the melting the rubber chicken -bit. Didn't see that coming, me and hubster laughed quite a bit. And the hairy palm. "gor bored, the nurse was hot" *double smirk* Dean, ah. I love you man.
Castiel was win(!!) for me. I like that tension between him and Sam. Since I'm spoiler-free this is just a speculation but I think (hope) that Anna will be the one to set Cassy straight on the whole guilt/blame thing...and possibly rat on his ass to SamnDean. :evil:
# elenaM 2009-10-26 17:48
This week's red shirt...hee...I take it that's a Star Trek reference.

I'm not saying trying to kill a kid is in any way ok, but I liked Cas having an edge, being just a little bit, well, scary... one of the things I loved about the angels in the first place, Reminds me he's not human, that he's still on that journey...I'm with Supernarttu, I like the tension between Cas & Sam too, I'd love to see more
# Sablegreen 2009-10-26 20:14
Love the review, Alice....keep them coming!!
I love Dean being back to normal...and teasing his brother again. Loved Sam's irritation too. I love to do that to my siblings...and I get it back so I don't always get away with it.

I really am not too pleased with the inconsistancies in the story this season...and there have been a number in each episode. You and other posters have mention them also. It just deoesn't make the show look put together, or well thought out, which is sad. This is a good show, and I like it to shne!
# Randal 2009-10-27 11:45
Another great review, but more bias next time, please. 8-)

I loved the buzzer gig and definitely side with elenaM on the Castiel As Jackass thing. It's certainly funny when they play around with his difficulties with human civilization, but he *is* an angel and he *is* powerful, and it's a good idea to remind everyone of that now and then. When you've been dealing with a black and white universe for, I don't know, millennia, and the apocalypse is extra nigh, you're going to revert to what you know, crutches and all that.

I know we'll get an explanation (I assume) of the whole Antichrist deal, I just hope it's internally consistent with their universe.
# Suze 2009-11-01 18:59
Angst, fart jokes, bad Casness and no blue-screen of doom spoiling my fun.

I'm happy.