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Castiel goes onto explain his reasoning. The child is half human, half demon, but far more powerful than either. Other cultures have names for him (ones I couldn’t make out) but we all know him as the Anti-Christ. Oh yeah, I know him. Castiel sits down and really long farting noises go off. It’s obviously Dean’s whoopee cushion. Castiel shows no reaction. Dean’s surprised that the gag is going off without a reaction. Sam just has another bitchface going. Castiel pulls out the cushion and deadpans, “That wasn’t me.” Ah, nothing like a good long fart joke in the middle of a discussion about the Anti-Christ.

Sam moves on. He doesn’t get it, Jesse is the Devil’s son? “No, of course not. Your bible gets more wrong than it does right.” While I agree with Cas there, the only passage I found in the bible (but hey, I’m no theologian) is that the Anti-Christ is the “son of Perdition.” I took that to mean Hell, not the Devil. What Cas’ statement really means is the writers just gave themselves carte blanche to twist this story to their needs. I have zero objections with that. So, while the Anti-Christ is a demon spawn, he’s also one of Lucifer’s greatest weapons. Kind of like his demon blooded Sam meatsuit.

Dean asks the question I’m dying to know, why is the Anti-Christ in Nebraska? Geez Dean, you spend much time there? Where you are is the place that created Carhenge. That tells you right there something’s off. (Just kidding, I love Carhenge!). The boy’s power hides him from angels and demons. So he’s got that whole carved rib thing going too? Dean doesn’t see the problem since the kid has a force field around him. Apparently now that Lucifer has risen (no pointing fingers on blame), the child’s powers have kicked in.

Cas goes on with his doom and gloom story. This child will do more than bring toys to life. The demons will find him, Lucifer will twist him to his purpose, and will destroy that hosts of Heaven, aka the angels. You know Cas, to be fair, the angels might have this coming. Their destruction might not be a bad thing. Sam gets up and he’s ready to stand his ground. “We’re the good guys. We just don’t kill children.” Castiel has plenty of ammunition to respond to that. “A year ago you would have done whatever it took to win this war.” “Things change,” Sam counters. They have a stare down and Dean steps in with a cooler head but a firm position on the matter. “We are not going to kill children. But we can’t leave Jesse here either, we know that.” He wants to take Jesse to Bobby’s, let him be protected there.

Cas hates the idea that kidnapping the child is the answer. What’s happening in that town is what happens when he’s happy. In other words, don’t get him angry! We wouldn’t like him when he’s angry! Cas is about to find that out. Plus, holding the kid won’t be easy. With a thought he can be half way around the world. That would be a cool power to have. I could be in Cancun on my lunch hour. Ah, but those two margarita lunches are discouraged. I know from the Mexican cantina near my place of employment.

This conversation is now starting to get a bit too personal for Sam. The parallels are eerie or heavy-handed, take your pick. Sam uses the whole “he’s destined to go darkside but hasn’t yet” analogy. You know, like seasons two through four for him. Sam wants to tell the kid the truth, lay it all out for him. If he knows this, he might make the right choice. Sam and Castiel have another stare off and Castiel leans in all mean and gets in his final say. “You didn’t…and I can’t take that chance.” They stare down for a few more seconds while the score does this weird intense build-up music. Sam won’t back down, Cas won’t back down, Dean looks down feeling uncomfortable (as he should be) and then Cas is gone. Sam is alone to say what Dean says every time Castiel disappears. “Dammit!” I really wish he could have said “F***” and they bleep that out.

Julia is leaving her house at night and the mailman comes up. She is relieved and essentially tells him she’s having a rough day. “Talking with the Winchesters will do that to you.” Now stop complaining about how she knew what he was talking about. There is evidence is past episodes that sometimes the boys come clean about who they are and will leave a phone number for the person to call them if there’s any trouble. I’m not going to nitpick, I’m going to assume that’s what happened here off camera. It’s called benefit of the doubt. Now, what I will nitpick is if the demons were watching and saw Sam and Dean there, wouldn’t Lucifer have crashed that party pretty quick? I’m assuming they wanted to find the child first, but Lucifer could have been waiting for them in the motel room after following them. Anyway, the demon, which is the one that impregnated her, inhabits her body and they’re off to find Jesse.

Little Jesse is at home getting a glass of water when he hears something. Suddenly Cas is there and the boy drops his water. Castiel tells him not to be afraid and he won’t hurt him, even though he’s hiding a bright shiny knife behind his back. Oh Cas, you know you’re a terrible liar! Jesse cries out for his mom and dad, but Castiel tells him they're sound asleep and won't wake until morning. I'm presuming that means he did his angel mind trick on him. Castiel, with quite a pained expression, tells Jesse he's sorry and lifts up the knife. Jesse gasps and...the door is broken open.

Sam and Dean rush in and for some reason, they found time to change out of their suits before coming to Jesse's rescue (thanks Huppy for pointing that out). Castiel is gone and Jesse is still in the same spot looking pretty spooked. Dean asks "Was there a guy here, in a trenchcoat?" Jesse looks down toward the ground and it's Castiel the miniature action figure! He's even holding a minature knife. There's a golden merchandising opportunity! Dean picks up the figure and he and Sam both are really stunned. For guys that have seen it all, their thrown expressions are surprising.

Oh, the sadness just keeps on coming! Dean really means well and I don’t fault him for this, but how long would he have been able to hide the truth from this kid with his superhero plan? Dean holds Castiel and put him on the mantle. “Was he your friend?” Jesse asks. Dean lies and says no. Think about it, wouldn’t it have been cute if all three of them were action figures there on the mantle? Anyway, Jesse knows he did that, but he wants to know how he did that. “You’re a superhero. I mean, who else can turn someone into a toy?” Dean tells Jesse he’s Superman, minus the cape and go-go boots. You mean he’s Tom Welling? We all know who that comment was really for. Dean claims he and Sam work for a secret government agency. It’s their job to find kids with special powers. They want to take him to a hidden base in South Dakota where he’ll be trained to fight evil. You know, that is the exact type of lie a young boy would believe.


# Supernarttu 2009-10-26 16:12
The kid playing Jesse was so cool. I usually am not that taken with the kid actors (Michael from something Wicked is still my fave, with weeSam and weeDean but that's about it) but Jesse was really interesting and my heart broke for him, truly. So sad to lose ones innocence at that age. It's not fair, but life never is. I liked the way this eppie was a light one at first and then turned dark (Mystery Spot came to mind after the first view because of that turn).
I loved Dean eating the ham. Sam had too many bitchfaces in this one (for me anyway) and the buzzer thing... I bugs me, and it don't so I'll leave it that.
I was a bit pissed with the whole adoption thing too, since the demons would (and should) have found Jesse in no time. At first I thought it might be because of his force field but after a bit of pondering, seemed too far fetched... Also with Julia leaving some info about herself when giving away a chils she's not sure is even human to the adopt agency. Just figured if you're gonna "run" then don't leave any trace behind.
And the whole "why wasn't Lucifer there the moment the demons saw Sam" -thing also bugged me. But maybe they'll be somekinda explanation later on. Maybe he doesn't need Sam that badly yet or... I got nohing, its late. *tirey smirk*
I loved the melting the rubber chicken -bit. Didn't see that coming, me and hubster laughed quite a bit. And the hairy palm. "gor bored, the nurse was hot" *double smirk* Dean, ah. I love you man.
Castiel was win(!!) for me. I like that tension between him and Sam. Since I'm spoiler-free this is just a speculation but I think (hope) that Anna will be the one to set Cassy straight on the whole guilt/blame thing...and possibly rat on his ass to SamnDean. :evil:
# elenaM 2009-10-26 17:48
This week's red shirt...hee...I take it that's a Star Trek reference.

I'm not saying trying to kill a kid is in any way ok, but I liked Cas having an edge, being just a little bit, well, scary... one of the things I loved about the angels in the first place, Reminds me he's not human, that he's still on that journey...I'm with Supernarttu, I like the tension between Cas & Sam too, I'd love to see more
# Sablegreen 2009-10-26 20:14
Love the review, Alice....keep them coming!!
I love Dean being back to normal...and teasing his brother again. Loved Sam's irritation too. I love to do that to my siblings...and I get it back so I don't always get away with it.

I really am not too pleased with the inconsistancies in the story this season...and there have been a number in each episode. You and other posters have mention them also. It just deoesn't make the show look put together, or well thought out, which is sad. This is a good show, and I like it to shne!
# Randal 2009-10-27 11:45
Another great review, but more bias next time, please. 8-)

I loved the buzzer gig and definitely side with elenaM on the Castiel As Jackass thing. It's certainly funny when they play around with his difficulties with human civilization, but he *is* an angel and he *is* powerful, and it's a good idea to remind everyone of that now and then. When you've been dealing with a black and white universe for, I don't know, millennia, and the apocalypse is extra nigh, you're going to revert to what you know, crutches and all that.

I know we'll get an explanation (I assume) of the whole Antichrist deal, I just hope it's internally consistent with their universe.
# Suze 2009-11-01 18:59
Angst, fart jokes, bad Casness and no blue-screen of doom spoiling my fun.

I'm happy.