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Then: Sam and Dean fight. Dean calls Sam and they're back together.

Now: Oh boy, this must be a "Monster of The Week" episode. We're starting with two tools that have "about to die" written all over them. One very enthusiastic guy has something to show the other guy. He uncovers the sweet looking Porsche, but I don't "ooh and ah" over it like these guys because I'm not a big foreign car enthusiast. I would have been more impressed with a classic American convertible. You know, James Dean might still be alive if he was driving a longhorn Cadillac. Think about it.

Anyway, it's Little Bastard, or one damn good replica. The one guy is now a puddle of goo over it. The other guy admits he paid a lot for it, but the numbers match. He gets in the car and we so know he's about to become toast. Bloody toast. The other guy fetches the video camera and while he does he hears and engine revving and squealing of tires. He goes back in with camera rolling and his friend is dead like James Dean, head smashed in high impact into the corner of the broken windshield. Blood rolls down the logo "Little Bastard," which makes no sense to me since that's the back of the car and the dude was bleeding all over the windshield. Hmm, I smell a title card coming.

Sam and Dean are in the Impala and this is where I have to mention I'm really pissed at my local affiliate. Yes WWHO channel 53 in Chillicothe, Ohio, I'm talking to you. For three weeks now, we've had nothing but problems with the HD feed with both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. The Vampire Diaries has been so bad I've had to watch it online later because the sound is out for most of the episode. As for Supernatural, no HD, and this week an annoying "Flood Warning" that has obstructed my already squashed view of the Winchesters. No wonder these local stations are swimming in red ink. You're encouraging us to go online for our viewing! Which I totally did BTW. Screencaps today are courtesy of Amazon Video on Demand and their incredible HD streaming. I highly recommend going this route for all your Supernatural episode needs. When ordering, make sure to click the Amazon advertisement on this site so I get credit for the sale. Proceeds go toward my lunch money.

It's night, so it's time for one of those brotherly conversations. Sam doesn't get why they're taking this job. Dean is fascinated with the idea that the dude suffered a head on collision in a parked car. It's worth checking out. Okay, whatever floats your boat. Sam points out they've got bigger problems right now. Dean thinks the apocalypse can wait. They've been looking for the colt for three weeks and have "bupkis." Gotta love it when a normal white guy like Dean uses Yiddish terms. Sam thinks the plan is to "ice the devil." You only want that now Sam because Lucifer is ready to put you on like a priceless fur coat. Dean pulls rank and declares they're doing this, end of discussion. Sam scowls, but says nothing, kind of like what he always does.

Dean says this is their first real case back at it together. They need to ease into it, put the training wheels on. Sam of course is instantly offended, "So you think I need training wheels ." Dean is quick to say "We, we need training wheels, you and me as a team." Sam scowls some more. Or broods. I can't tell the difference half the time. Dean sees that Sam isn't happy about this, so he tries one more time. "I really want this to be a fresh start for both of us." Sam says okay and they move on.

Canton, Ohio! I guess I gotta love anything that takes place in Ohio, but Canton? Ooookay. I suppose if they were going to pick a place with a loser wax museum and bumbling cops, Canton would be ideal. So would have any single municipality in this state. We're all the same. Anyway, Sam and Dean are agents Bonham and Copeland. If you remember, Dean already used John Bonham in "Scarecrow," although Stewart Copeland of The Police? Is this supposed to be some sort of dream percussion duo? If so, I would have picked Bonham and Moon. Anyway, they're in suits, looking fine as usual, and they're doing the FBI thing.

The sheriff announces they already came a long for nothing since they caught the guy. It was the friend of the guy killed, the one with the camera. Oh, this isn't one of these incompetent local cops stories again, is it? It's getting so cliché. Yes, that's exactly what it is. The guy was at the scene of the crime, it had to be him. Sam points out they were best friends, but the clueless sheriff points out it's usually someone they know. I'm trying to remember if this thing called evidence was required. Maybe Canton is different. Dean doesn't believe the friend could have slammed his friend into the windshield at 80 mph. The cop says drugs. I give up.

Sam and Dean talk with innocent friend and get the straight story. He was in the house at the time but didn't see it. He heard it. Tires squealing, glass breaking, all that stuff. He heard about the curse but he didn't believe it. The curse? Little Bastard. That gets Dean's attention. "As in the Little Bastard." Sam doesn't understand, so Dean fills in the blanks. That's James Dean's car, the one he was killed in. His friend and him had been looking for it for years. "Oh, we are definitely checking this out," Dean tells Sam.

They're in the garage looking at this car and Sam asks if this is Christine. "Christine is fiction. This is real." Oh, there we go blurring the lines of fact and fiction again. First The X-Files and now this. Sam wants to know the history. Dean explains after the accident James Dean's mechanic bought the wreckage and fixed it up and it repaid him by falling on him. Then there's something about Tony McHenry taking it on the racetrack and buying it, so the point is death follows this car everywhere. Nobody touches it and comes away in one piece. It vanished in 1970. Sounds like a nice urban legend that can be debunked on the internet. Dean's convinced if this is really the car, it killed the guy. Sam wonders how they find out. The VIN number matches, but not the engine number. That can only be found on the engine.

Sam and Dean, now with coats off stare at the car. Sam offers to do it, but Dean insists he will. He's pretty freaked out about it though. He talks sweet to the car and rolls under it while the creepy soundtrack of doom plays. He's clearly nervous. He hears creaking and freaks out, but the jacks hold. Sam suddenly appears asking if he needs a flashlight, but Dean just gives him an anxious "just go away." Sam says okay and is told to not even look at her, she might not like it. Oh Dean, you're being such a pussy.

Sam waits looking unimpressed, while Dean scratches off the engine number on a piece of paper, jumping over more creaking noises. He gets it and slides out quickly, as if he was running from danger within an inch of his life. I'll say it again. Pussy. Sam watches Dean blankly, not buying into the car's legend at all. Dean hands him the paper and tells him to find the owner, going all the way back to 1955. Sam, not believing what he's being instructed to do, mentions that's a lot of research. "Well, I guess I just made your afternoon."


# Maria 2009-10-13 15:27
I have to admit, Sam a la Horation Caine was dead-on. The expression, everything. It's like a young Horatio! :shock: Fantastic, Jared.

I'm wondering if Sam plays out McDreamy in a la Grey's Anatomy scene? Because of the girl slapping him.

For some - not really strange - reason, I always enjoy Dean rolling down on a car to examine it. Very macho, despite the fact he was scared in this (who wouldn't be!). Ah, I can see him after the Apocalypse, two-and-a-half kids (in Jared's words), and working as a mechanic. Makes sense after he was raised from Hell. Maybe Castiel will visit on advice for his Delorean (ha!).

All in all, I was entertained by this episode. Not every one has to be angsty and dark. If it entertains, it's done its job alright! I experienced a rush of glee at watching Paris Hilton beheaded. Dreams do come true!

I gotta say, I love Dean's reaction at Sam's 'Just the end of the world', and Sam's after being drilled 'where the sun is shining' (has Dean said something like it? I'm pretty sure he has - it gets me giggling!). I'm so looking forward to the next episodes. And yes, Castiel, you have been missed. It would have been funnier if he had mimicked Horatio, come to think of it. Priceless. Angels and jackpots.
# Maria 2009-10-13 16:51
And by the way, it doesn't look like Sam and Dean watching something burn in the warehouse - it's more like they have trapped someone with Castiel's 'vinaigrette' - ha! Some angelic spirit, perhaps?
# elenaM 2009-10-14 01:45
Ok, that was way funnier than the actual thing. Thanks again, Alice, and good luck with the ch53 HD woes. Cute as Sam is in scrubs, you really want your friendly neighborhood medical examiner around if you're looking for cause of hemorrhage. Maybe they just couldn't budget another guest. Sorry, I'm a physician, I tend to get OCD about that stuff. And yeah, Sam's lingering squeamishness doesn't make a lick of sense at this point (among other things in this ep) but it's so cute, I forgive them...

I remember that pause, waiting for the Sam Huff. Like thunder after lightning. Wait for it, wait for it, there it is! Also loved the "See Paris Die" in the background of the House of Wax premiere pic, LOL

As for Sam and Dean as doctors-- Grey's or Scrubs? or something else? I'm hoping for Grey's, Maria, just for a fun dig at the competition...
# Bethany 2009-10-14 05:36
ok so it wasn't the best episode they've done but i liked sam being the annoying little brother while dean was under the car "do you need a flashlight?" i liked that they finally have their own laptops and finally sam told dean to let him grow up - plus who didn't love the house of wax crack and seeing paris die, it was the reason i saw house of wax in the first place (yes i saw it - don't mock).

but the preview had me giggling, although it did give me a mild panic that there was going to be a break. jared's horatio was spot on, anyone else have the feeling he may have done that more than once? but then who hasn't, it's kinda a running joke in our house.
# Maria 2009-10-14 06:30
Haha, Bethany, and your running jokes. :lol: Jared is quite a funny guy, so yes, now that you mention it, it makes sense he puts on the shades and does Mr. Jackpot once in a while.

I'm hoping for Grey's too, Elena!

'Do you need a flashlight?' That was so priceless, I don't know exactly why, but it was. It's like, you expect something awful to happen, and there is lil' ol' Sammy, asking his ol' bro if he needs a flashlight. And Dean's 'Just go', yes, had me cracking up.