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Back at the church bunker and everyone is getting their weapons training. Dean works with a guy that looks like a soldier and guess what? The way he handles a weapon shows he is. Dean's impressed and asks where he served. Fallujah, two tours. The guy surmises that Dean has seen some action himself and asks where he served. "Hell," Dean says. Soldier asks where he really served. "No, seriously. Hell." I guess Dean wins the "worst place to be stationed" contest.

Dean sees a very despondent Sam sitting alone, staring off into space with those lost puppy eyes and decides to talk to him. There you go Dean, be the supportive big brother. Sam is bothered that he killed two teenagers back there. He knows he had no choice but, "I just wish I could save people like I used to." Dean has a harsh answer. "What, do you mean when you were all hopped up on demon blood?" Yeah, I guess that moral support thing was short lived. That isn't what Sam meant, but he can't explain now. Ellen is going out to find Jo. Might I take time to point out here that this is a clue that Dean doesn't know that Sam didn't need to demon blood to be powerful. That's probably why he's thinking Sam's reaction is pure junkie. In a way it is, but not because of blood addiction. No, something else is not quite right with Sammy.

Oh boy, another brotherly conflict! Sam offers to go with Ellen. Dean doesn't like that idea and takes him aside. He questions Sam's decision to go out there again and says he'll go. Sam tells him he'll go, and Dean asks why does it have to be him? At least Dean is being more straight forward this time. Sam doesn't take Dean's new candor well. "Oh, that's right, I forgot. You think I'll take one look at a demon and fall off the wagon, as if after everything I haven't learned my lesson." Dean fires back, "Well have you?" Sam gets really pissed and shoves Dean against the wall. "If you actually think-" and he stops himself, even though Dean is staring him down with irritation. He gives Dean an angry growl and leaves with Ellen. Um, that probably could have gone better, huh Dean? It's good to see Sam standing up for himself though and not cowering all the time like last episode. It's also really clear these guys can't work together anymore. So sad.

SPN 0555

While walking through the streets of Fallujah, I mean River Pass, Ellen asks Sam what's up with him and Dean. It's hard not to notice. Oh, you don't know the half of it lady. She even asks if a girl came in between them. If you mean by girl a demon bitch whore, the answer is yes. Sam goes for the easier explanation, stresses of the job. Well, that one way of putting it. Sam switches focus and tells her it's kind of surprising that she and Jo are hunting together. Jo can't handle the life, but if she's going to do it anyway, Ellen might as well keep an eye on her. Aww, what a good mom. The personal conversation ends when Sam spots smoke coming from a chimney ahead.

He and Ellen investigate, and even though Sam sees the demon in the window, he wonders why demons would build a fire if they don't get cold. That won't be answered now, for they are ambushed. Jo is part of it and even pins Ellen against the wall. With black eyes she tells Ellen "Give me my Mom back you black-eyed bitch." Huh? Ellen punches Jo and Sam fights the other guy long enough to tell Ellen to run. She does but before Sam can shoot the guy, he's hit from behind. In his haze from the ground he sees Rufus with black eyes hovering over him. "Got you now you bastard." Sam passes out.

Oh boy! Here's something some of us more depraved individuals never get tired of seeing, Sam Winchester tied to a chair. Pausing the TiVo a minute…hmm. I'm sorry, what was that? A recap? Okay. Sam comes to and is promptly greeted by a black eyed Rufus and Jo who's holding one huge container of holy water. Sam struggles against the ropes and Rufus taunts he won't be getting out of those. Rufus stares Sam down with a cold, hard, black-eyed glare. "You're right where I want you, you evil son-of-a-bitch." Hey, I thought only Dean could say that! They punch him, toss water on him, and because Sera Gamble is sadistic, something even more punishing happens. They hold his head tight and shove tons of salt into his mouth while Rufus latinates. And Sera said there wasn't much more physical torture that could be done to the poor boy. Liar!


Meanwhile, back at the bunker, Dean is pacing while the reverend is praying. You know Dean wants to smack him. Wow, the restraint is amazing! There's a knock, he opens the door and only Ellen comes in. Dean is alarmed and asks where Sam is. Ellen just shakes her head. "They got him?" Pregnant woman #1 asks. Dean grabs the shotgun and tells everyone he'll be right back. Then he stops himself, has an intense inner conflict, then turns back grumbling. They need to get a plan together. Oh Dean, you're thinking of the townspeople first. You really are letting Sam go. That's a very grownup thing to do.

Back to Sam, who's still getting the salt treatment and begging them to stop. Rufus and Jo stop, confused by why this isn't working. Sam quickly figures out something isn't right and as he pleads with them Jo throws more water on him, which isn't so bad since it helps wash away most of the salt. Suddenly Sam spots dude in a suit from the basement is hiding in the doorway, smiling and twisting his ring. Ah ha! It's our MOTW. Sam then looks up and sees he's under a devil's trap, which we know is old footage from Bobby's ceiling in season one. If you look at the ceiling earlier, it's divided by white beams. No way a large devil's trap like that would work. Oh come on, how can I not nitpick such things? Given budget issues, they're forgiven. The camera shows Sam from Rufus and Jo's perspective. His eyes are black.

Dean and Ellen are talking. Ellen is now having the same revelation as Sam, something isn't right. Jo called her a black eyed bitch. Holy water and salt roll right off these demons and Jo wouldn't get possessed. "My daughter may be an idiot, but she ain't stupid." Hee! I've been using that same saying about my 16 year old cat for years. What do you know, it works for children too! I gotta try that. Anyway, Jo wears an anti-possession charm. Ellen thinks the whole thing sounds weird. Dean admits the whole thing is off. "What's your instinct?" She asks. "My instinct?" Dean replies. "My instinct is to call Bobby and ask for help. Or Sam." Ellen ain't taking that. "Well tough. All you got is me and all I got is you. Let's figure it out." Dean goes with that and asks what specific omen Rufus came there for. Something about water.

SPN 0746

Dean asks the reverend if he knows what she's talking about. The river ran polluted all of a sudden, the day before the demon thing started. Anything else? A big shooting star the same night. Dean takes those to be big signs and not random events. Good thing they're in a church basement, for that gives Dean easy access to a bible. Given what you're facing these days Dean, you might want to keep one of those on your person. It's a perfect reference manual. As he sorts through the bible, the solider asks if he thinks this is all coming from outer space. "This isn't X-Files pal." Yeah, I think Kripke has hit us over the head with that enough times. We know!

Dean finds what he's looking for in the bible. Guess what book? He reads the scripture and the reverend sooo knows it. Revelations 8:10. "You mean this is about the apocalypse?" The reverend exclaims in horror. "You could say," Dean responds. These specific omens, they're a prelude to the four horsemen. "Which one rides the red horse?" Dean asks. "War," the reverend answers. Remember that sweet cherry MUSTANG? That's a perfect modern day red horse. "It's the way I'd roll," Dean says. Yep, me too. Sorry, but I'll take that red mustang over the Impala anyday. Stop calling me heathen!

It all makes sense. If War's there, he's messing with their heads. Each side thinks they're fighting demons and there are no demons at all. They're just killing each other. That crafty bastard. The father is still trying to wrap his head around the fact that the apocalypse has begun, but at least Dean can get his plan together now.

SPN 0780

Oh boy, one of my favorite scenes. It's time for the game, "Let's get into Sam Winchester's head." Frightening stuff. Dude in a suit enters the room where Sam is alone and I think we've figured out who he is. For Sam's benefit though, we'll find out anyway. Keep in mind, Sam is still securely tied to that chair, he's wet, the cut on his forehead is trickling blood, he has salt all over his chin and jacket and his hair is all messed up. Somehow, he's looking totally hot like that.


# Randal 2009-09-23 15:49
Once again, stellar commentary, so I've got nothing to add, though my oldest finds it funny when dad cries like a Dean, but what the hell WAS with the Foreigner? Apocalypse, people. Really, CW, is snagging some, oh, I don't know, BLACK SABBATH *that* expensive?
# Julie 2009-09-23 19:56
Oh Alice that was fantastic! So much 'fun' just reading, let alone watching :D

Oh, um, happy to contribute to the therapy you take Aussie dollars??
# Seraphim 2009-09-23 23:02
*bawling on the floor, can't take it, want it to stop*

I was screaming at the TV when the last scene played out: "Go back! What's wrong with you! Go back and fix it!" Man, when a show gets under your skin ...

Loved the review. It's read-out-loud-a ble (that a word?) and you have such a clear voice. It's pitch perfect. And I always love your car love, especially the Mustang comments here. :D Can't wait to see the other horsemen.

And Castiel is tough. So glad he has a character arc this season. MC plays it so well (because angels could have been a really lame drag on this show, but In Kripke We Trust!).

Episode three ... Jess comes back. Anyone else notice in the promos that she was wearing white like in Season One?

# Tigershire 2009-09-23 23:16
To play devil's advocate on the rock salt - There's a river, people probably fish in it and perhaps they like to smoke their fish. To do that, most folks brine it first and so it could be that they use a lot of salt in this town.

Unlikely I know, I'm just sayin.
# Suze 2009-09-24 05:27
I was too wound up at the start to really register Foreigner, but you're right ... it was pants. Heaven and Hell would have been much better, Dio-era Sabbath are my favorite incarnation of the band. My personal top tune to end the world on would have to be Orgasmatron by Motorhead which fits the bill perfectly and would probably be pretty cheap as well as I suspect that Lemmy is far too fried nowdays to drive a hard bargain.

Loved the Mustang. I have happy memories of Mustangs ... Snigger ...

The ending was probably the most upsetting thing I've seen in the whole series and that's really saying something!
I spent the entire day mentally rocking in a corner clutching a wad of soaked hankies and sniffing loudly. Mr. K owes us a huge wedge of feelgoodiness to make up for all this the woe ... Hands up anyone who thinks we'll get it ... Anyone? ... Er, Hello?
# Suze 2009-09-24 05:33
Sorry, dunno where that extra "the" came from, I was having a conversation about raspberries and trying to keep a kitten off the keyboard at the same time so my multi tasking mojo seems to have overloaded ...
# Narcissus 2009-09-24 06:34
I successfully managed to lose my comment again :-? Suze, I'm with you, The Krip owes us big time. At the very least, he should pay for all he kleenexes we have to use up and the comfort foods that usually follow.

And I agree, the song for the opening sequence was way off, but they did use Spirit in the Sky beautifully. Generally I'm just glad that we seem to be getting more of the music back.

As for muscle cars, I am completely uneducated about them, but the Mustang certainly looked great. I wonder what the other three horsemen drive, I hope they won't all be Mustangs though..some variety would be nice.

As a whole, this ep was definitely more together than the last, except for the sudden reintroduction of so many characters - that was a teeensy bit too rocky for me. But hey, it's still great to see Rufus, Ellen, and Jo all back. Also, Ellen splashed, hugged, and whoop-assed Dean, but barely looked at Sam....I wonder why...

Oh and the scene in the hospital was pure awe. Cas is truly refining his badassery, and I approve 8-) . I'm still curious about the amulet though. Bobby gave it to Sam to give to John, but he didn't know what it was for? If he thought it was just any other old charm, why go through the trouble? What did he think it was?

Sam and all his man pain and all his Sam issues, Dean and his man pain and his trust issues, as well as that final scene...I can't say anything *sniff sniff*
# Dany 2009-09-24 10:37
Great recap, as usual, Alice!

I've spend the all weekend playing that final scene in my head and feeling miserably (letting a tv show to get that way under your skin?! Freud would love us all in his couch ;-) ), so the best way I found to stop that was become really shallow..... let's see... Sam tied up to a chair, Sam shirtless, Dean shirtless ...... major drooling on my keyboard now!
It works! Guaranteed :-), well at least until next episode when Kripke will most likely do it again!

It's episode tree for you there so hope you enjoy and I'll be back tomorrow night after I see it (nop! this year I'm not reading anything before I see it first!)

Oh, Alice those crying smiles are great! Can't you put those for us to use to on the comments?
# Sablegreen 2009-09-24 12:34
Great recap Alice. Your recap of the last scene was right on. I know the storyline needed to have the brothers split for effect, but I always hoped they would work it out together. That was also a very viable option.

Good point about Sam not having told Dean about Ruby's last comments. Had Dean known, he would have viewed the situation different. Sam was not addicted, at least not to the blood. And this 'lust for power' they are bringing in is not uncommon, just ask any politician, just much more of an issue for someone with Sam's abilities.

I am also wondering if, on camera, Dean ever told Sam he broke the first seal. Is that a secret Dean is keeping? Maybe I missed it.

I think one of your poll options of locking the boys in a room until they work things out, might have some merit.

Loved the comment about a pretty car deserving a pretty boy. It FITS! :D
# Sablegreen 2009-09-24 12:42
Ooops...I meant to put a :D behind 'politician'. Don't want to upset anyone. Sorry
# MCH 2009-09-24 14:19
Alice, the fact that you nailed every single microsecond of this episode is just amazing, but did more than JUST that, you made us realize how sexy and gorgeous :o those two guys are under any and/or every circumstance.

Tks for remind me why I love SPN so much, and to made almost pee in my pants with your :D so funny comments..

Loved, and gonna just read it again, so

That's that!!!!!!!!!!! !!
# Karen 2009-09-24 14:59
Thanks so much for your recap. It was uplifting to read your light humour comments,on such a very heavy episode. Kripke and Co. are really outdoing themselves so far (I wonder if they have shares in Kleenex). I don’t know if my heart is going to be able to take any more heart wrenching moments before totally disintegrating.
# Bevie 2009-09-24 15:30
Thanks for your great recap Alice.

My heart is sore and broken from the last scene even though I understand the why of it. Poor boys! I hope that Sam finds a way to make Dean trust him again. Poor Dean is so broken and hurt right now and he has lost the most precious thing he has ever loved.

Can't help hoping that before this series ends, I really really want to see a happy Dean again. A laughing Dean enjoying his life, his food and his flirting and teasing. And an indulgent Sam fondly smiling at his brother's antics again. Want to feel the love between them again before it is all finished.

Please Mr. Kripke! If you do this, I will be able to survive the angst and the sorrow. A huge mutual hug with tears sometime in the future is a must! I must have these things to heal my broken heart!