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Zachariah did plant that vision in Chuck's head, but it was the truth. They did lose Michael's sword and had no idea where to find it, until now since they had delivered it to them. Dean tells him they don't have it, and Zachariah goes for the mind blowing plot twist. "It's you." Dean's confused look invites more explanation. Zachariah can't believe Dean thought he could kill Lucifer. "You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing?" H e's just a human. Dean , instead of going after Zack for his smug attitude, instead wants know how he's the sword. Why he's the vessel of course ! The one that Michael's going to inhabit so he can kill Lucifer, just like old times. Dean shrugs, says what the hell and surrenders himself for whatever duty is needed from him . Ha, right!

"Life as an angel condom. That's real fun." No, Dean instead does something really freaking awesome. He draws that line and nothing, nothing will sway him. Zachariah gets dirty. He lifts his finger and breaks Sam's legs. Then he starts barking orders. Michael will take his vessel and lead the charge. Dean's concerned about the millions of humans that will die in the crossfire. Zack contends with Lucifer unchecked they all will. That's not enough for Dean, who figures out Michael can 't take him over unless he gives him permission. Dean's convinced there's another way. Zachariah says there isn't, but the dude hasn't exactly been honest so no one believes him . "Michael must defeat the serpent. It's is written."

Dean shrugs. "Well, maybe. On the other hand, eat me." Oh Dean, such a way with words. He says the answer is no. Sam nervously watches from the ground, wondering how this is all going to play out. We're right there with you Sammy! Zack dangles Bobby's recovery next. Dean says no. He said he can heal Dean, and then gives him stage 4 stomach cancer. Dean falls to his knees , doubling over in pain, and after chok ing up blood says no. Zachariah goes for the gusto, Dean's greatest weakness. "Then let's get really creative, let's see how Sam does without his lungs." Sam suddenly starts gasping for air , floundering on the floor like a fish out of water. Zack holds Dean by the chin and tells him he's going to say yes. "Just kill us," Dean says. Nope, Zack is just getting started.


Now for the really freaking awesome part. There's a burst of white light and suddenly one of Zack's henchmen is dead with a neck wound. It's Castiel! He's pissed! Stunt angel #2 goes for him but Castiel pounds the crap out of him and then in spectacular fashion holds the dude's head down and plunges the angel killing dagger into the back of his neck. He zaps away in an explosion of light. Dean watches in disbelief. Zack watches in disbelief. Sam is too busy succumbing to lack of air to watch and yes, SAM DIES AGAIN.

Zack, very shocked by all this, asks Castiel how he's alive. "That's a good question. How did these two end up on that airplane? Another good question, as the angels didn't do it. I think we both know the answer, don't we?" Zack is now scared shitless. "Noooo. That's not possible." Take that you asshole, messing with Winchesters and all of humanity like that. Castiel lays down the law. "It scares you, well it should. Now put these boys back together and go. I won't ask twice." Whoo hoo! You tell him Cas!


There are the sounds of wings flapping and Dean is no longer doubled over in pain and Sam is no longer dead. That's a definite improvement to their situation. Castiel warns them they need to be careful. Duh! It takes an almighty angel to figure that out? Dean admits the angels are bigger dicks than he thought, but that's not what Cas is talking about. Lucifer is circling his vessel right now. Once that happens, the hex bags won't be enough to protect them. He touches Sam and Dean on their chests and they both wince in pain. Why do angels like doing that? Castiel tells him he's protected them with an Enochian sigil that will hide them from everyone in creation, including Lucifer. "You branded us?" Dean asks . "I carved it into your ribs." That works!

Sam has more pressing questions. "Hey Cas, were you really dead?" "Yes," he admits. Dean asks how is he back, but Cas gives him an unnerved look and flies away. I think we've figured out by now that in angel code, flying away means "I have no freaking idea."

Meanwhile, back in Delaware (that gets funnier each time I say it) , Nick is in bed. He opens his eyes and sees a woman there in a white nightgown. He's dreaming, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. Interesting how angels love talking through dreams. Does that mess with people's heads better?


"Sarah?" He asks. The woman admits she is not his wife. She's an angel. Her /his name is Lucifer. Nick doesn't fall for that so easily. "Sure. Naturally. Um, could you do me a favor there Satan and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed?" If I were seeing the devil in my dreams , drinking would not be my problem.

Sarah keeps the heavenly act going, telling him he's special. Aren't we all? Oh, but there's very few people like him. He's a vessel, a very powerful vessel. Tell me, what does it take to become a vessel. Is there some sort of training, or did it happen because my great grandparents got in a heap of trouble a while back and did some weird thing with crystals and an Ouija board to get out of it?

I know, back to Nick. Lucifer needs to take control of his mind and body. He/she even admits it won't be pleasant for him. You got to appreciate the honesty. Nick wants to wake up now, but this is real . This is where Lucifer really pours on the sweetness act. Watch the master in action. He/she tells him not to be afraid, this is his choice. He/she sits next to him on the bed, so gentle, so calm, so nailing this.


Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-09-16 00:23
Thanks, i got to see it thanks to itunes but it was great to skim through it here.
Sam dies again had my dying. Poor guy.
# elle 2009-09-16 00:28
I am so glad that recaps are back! Thanks for these Alice, I love them so.
BTW: the "cram it with walnuts, ugly!" is a line Homer Simpson has used. I love the way references sneak in. During my rewatch of Lucifer Rising, though, I have to wonder when Sam and Dean find the time to watch as much TV as they seem to I mean, how *does* Dean know about the Suite Life? (Still one of my top ten favourite Deanisms ever!)
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 00:56
I apologize deeply in advance, but I'm probably going to end up double posting again because I am too full of squee and I just wanna say a couple of things before I move on to the second page of the recap.

1. Red smoke? Hmm..I assumed it was blood, because it looks like swirling liquid to me. But I dunno.

2. Google-Fu tells me that 16 Celsius is equals 60.8 Fahrenheit, and 24 Celsius is 75.2 Fahrenheit. I was born and raised in a tropical country where the temperature averages around late 20s to early 30s in Celsius (30++ in cities). To me, 16 is COLD.
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 04:38
Hi..It's me again (sorry). I think I'll proceed in point form (again).

-Chuck is getting more awesome.
-Bobby is absolutely amazing. Bar none. Period.
-I don't get the Soul Plane reference (?)
-First a Cate Blanchett lookalike, and now Dean? Micheal has a thing for the pretties doesn't he?
-Cas finally kicks ass *woot, woot*
-Whatever divine detox plan Sam might be on, it seems to be amping his puppy-power. Puppy-eyes-of-d oom are really packing more of a punch now!
-Becky...yes, I think her character is gross. Do I mind? No. Kripke is having some harmless fun..he's the one who made us all batshit crazy anyway, so he's entitled to it. I can't figure why some people are so offended by the existence of Becky.
-Lucifer..I can't wait to see all the wonderful ways he'ss torture our boys.
-Dean walking away from Sam in the parking lot, and the little half-turn he did..I think a part of me died. Oh BOYS!!!
# Suze 2009-09-16 11:17
Don't fret, they will get it together again and sooner rather than later, I hope, as the Dean-stoney-gla re-of-unforgivi ngness and Sam's kicked puppy face could get tedious after a while ( say a year or two, anyway! )

I love Becky, just thinking about the hotel room scene cracks me up ... I reckon that Poor Old Chuck's shadow army of sleazy fangurrls are a fabulous idea, they're sort of like the anti-ghostfacer s ... who in turn are the anti-winchester s, and ... er ... well, you get my drift ... I'm so pleased they're back! :D
# Marleen 2009-09-16 11:30
Thanks for the recap, Alice. I really had trouble with some of the words in that episode. Meg’s comment about ‘icing’ Lucifer for instance. Even after I played it back a few times , I still could not understand her. :cry::

I have read all the comments posted about the show, and no one mentioned Dean's 'troubled' look at Sam just before the two of them ran for the door at the very beginning. Dean pulled Sam to go, and Sam didn’t move. Sam just stared at the light….the look was one of complete awe! I thought ‘OMG Sam is completely controlled by the demon. He wants Lucifer out’. They showed Dean’s reaction to Sam for more than a second, so I have to think it was supposed to indicate some point in the story. ….maybe some hint of future demon-Sam. Sam’s look changed though to one of complete fear when he realized Lucifer WAS coming. Then he was ready to go.

Look forward to tomorrow nights episode! The clips show Sam’s ‘puppy-dog’ eyes are in full force!
# BagginsDVM 2009-09-16 13:27
Awesome recap! I look forward to these so much! And the needlepoint idea? Inspired! Sam's puppy dog eyes & Dean's reaction to being mauled by Meg were highlights for me. I needed Kleenex too for Bobby's words to Sam (both times) & the end scene between the boys.
# Randal 2009-09-16 15:08
Great, great recap. I'm surprised myself that Sam hasn't had a trip to straitjacket land. And good catch on the 375 hours of driving in 8 minutes. Maybe there's a jet engine in the trunk. And I prefer my weepy moments to come later in the season. First episode? At least they didn't toss Beethoven's 7th over that last scene or I'd have been crying on the bus to work the following morning.
# Bethany 2009-09-16 18:19
great recap! so lets summerise - bobby is awesome, cas is awesome, chuck is awesome, a defiant dean is awesome, sam is breaking our hearts - and the boys finally get honest with each other. I keep saying it but i think it's a good thing, only once everything is out in the open can you work out the problem and then work to fix it. Although painful and awkward and brutal at times it's better than the lies and the denial of last season.

Also Lucifer is brilliant, hypnotic and persausive, creepy and cruel..... I can't wait for him to come into play!

oh and Dean's never going to get over that fear of flying is he?
Emily H.
# Emily H. 2012-01-01 15:19
I don't know about any other references, but "Cram it with walnuts, ugly" was a line from a Simpsons episode. One of the Itchy & Scratchy ones. Did Kripke ever work on the Simpsons as a writer?