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Wow, the summer flew right by, didn't it? (Dodges flying objects). Okay, fine, the wait was excruciating. It's all better now, right? So here we are, at the season five premiere. Thanks to Kripke and his ADHD with this script, I'll just get started with this freaking long ass recap for "Sympathy for the Devil."

In tradition with the past two season openers there must be a montage of the previous season set to a rocking AC/DC tune. This year its "Thunderstruck," which in my mind is the best possible tune they could have picked that hadn't been used yet. The opener is as great as expected and gives an adequate summary of what happened. Sam started the apocalypse. Everyone's screwed.

Back to where we left off, the boys look in horror at the white light emerging from the floor of the convent. They get their wits about them and head for the door but oops, those doors again slam right on them. Those demon controlled entrances seem to bite them in the ass every time. They're trapped and overcome by a deafening sound before being engulfed in white light. While I would normally worry that they would be obliterated by the light much like Alastair in "Heaven and Hell," I know the two leads of the show aren't going to bite it in the season opener. 

Scene fades to a TV on a wall showing a cartoon of the Devil talking to Yosemite Sam in Hell. Yeah, I remember seeing that one plenty of times on Saturday mornings growing up. Of course I'm not reminiscing, I'm too focused on where the hell Kripke is going with this. The camera pans right and it's a plane. Okay. Suddenly Sam and Dean are there, both still shielding themselves from white light, realizing something is different. Yeah, they're just as surprised as we are. How did they get there?


No time to figure that out (there's not much time for anything in this episode) for the pilot announces they're flying over Ilchester and coming up to Ellicott City before landing in Baltimore. I drive that way once or twice a year from Ohio to the s tate of Delaware so yes, they've got the geography exactly right for the path to the airport. Good research there guys.

Dean astutely observes that weren't they just in Ilchester? The pilot suddenly sees a white burst of light shooting out of the ground below and loses control of the plane, exclaiming "holy crap!" Oh, come on, he could have at least said "holy" and then the rest bleeped out. That would have been a more reaction. Everything starts shaking wildly and the oxygen masks come down. There's a shot of Dean with the oxygen mask on from the outside of the window freaking out by the white light outside and the plane going down. How sweet. It's Phantom Traveler all over again. This time though it likely did take an act of God to get him on that plane.

New title sequence! I like this one better than last year's, but that's because the birds got on my nerves quick. I hate birds. An explosion of red and black smoke swirling on top of a white background with the words "Supernatural" in a deep red. It's so...end of the world.


Next scene shows a nice modern car coming down the road with a rental tag, which I actually think is the brand new 2010 Ford Taurus (too dark to tell for sure though). If so, that is one sweet ride! I'm from a Ford family, so I know. I'm assuming the plane was able to land in Baltimore, considering the boys are now cruising in style. Sam turns on the spiffy digital radio where the display shows inside and outside temperatures in Celsius. So how warm is 16 (inside) and 24 (outside) degrees Celsius? Yes, I'm an ignorant American that forgot from school how to do the conversion. Anyone else notice the dual temperature control so the driver and passenger can have their own settings? Both brothers have theirs set the same. I guess that make s it convenient for the constant rooming together. No fights over the thermometer. Too bad, some our best family fights are over temperature.


Anyway, a news report on the radio mention s they doubt there would be a terrorist attack on an abandoned convent in Ilchester. No, things just explode randomly in white light all the time. Dean tells Sam to change the station. An unexpected hurricane hits Texas. Nuclear testing in North Korea. An earthquake and then swine flu. Oh, so that's a sign of the apocalypse. Doesn't surprise me at all since everyone i s treating it like the end of the world.

Sam turns off the radio in disgust and looks guilty while Dean looks pissed. Sam tries to apologize but Dean shuts him down, and that disturbs Sam a bit. Okay, a lot. Dean just wants to put their heads down and figure out what next. "First thing first, how did we end up on Soul Plane?" Hee, good one ! Sam speculates it's the angels. Dean dismisses it as the least of their worries. He has a better idea. They've got to find Cas.

Let's take a paragraph to follow the road map on this one. Quite a bit of territory is covered. They have to drive from Baltimore to Kripke's Hollow, Ohio, which is obviously fictional. So best case scenario Kripke's Hollow is in northeastern or eastern Ohio. That's a f ive to six hour drive. Trust me, I know. Then later they end up in Upstate New York near Buffalo, since the lockup is in Black Rock, NY, which is another 3 to 4 hours at least. Throw in Delaware, and there's some strange road covered in this story.

Back at Chuck's place and aside from the blood splattered everywhere it doesn't look all that different since it looked like a bomb exploded in there to begin with . Sam and Dean ar e in full investigation mode and hear a noise. Sam goes to check it out without a weapon or cover. Yeah Sam, it's not like something is waiting around the corner to strike you. So Chuck comes out from around the corner and hits Sam with a plunger. That's the best weapon he can find? Still, it's a pretty gnarly strike. Chuck is floored to see them. "You're okay!" Chuck exclaims. "Well, my head hurts," Sam replies, not forgetting about the plunger thing. You're lucky it was rubber object Sam.

Chuck recounts the scene of Sam killing Lilith in his vision. "You went like full-on Vader. Your temperature was 150, your heart rate was 200, your eyes were black." That gets Dean's attention, who asks Sam with accusation, "Your eyes were black?" Sam sheepishly replies he didn't know. I believe you Sam. Dean probably doesn't, but he has a right not to believe you about anything.

Dean moves on. "Where's Cas?" Chuck sadly reveals he's dead. The archangel smoked the crap out of him. Dean asks him if he's sure, and maybe Cas just vanished into thin air. So Chuck goes for graphic detail. " He exploded. Like a water balloon with chunky soup." Sam notices something with Chuck and does the whole game of pointing to his head instead of telling Chuck there's something in his hair. Chuck checks one side, Sam tells him it's the other. Chuck digs it out and gets a sour face for he's picked a bloody molar out of his hair . Chuck is pretty bothered. "Do I have a molar in my hair? This has been a really stressful day. " There is no description that does the comedy of this scene justice.


Dean calls Cas a stupid bastard and Sam actually defends his actions. Interesting which brother is still on board with the self sacrifice mentality. Then Chuck starts to freak. He can feel "them." Zachariah and henchmen appear in the kitchen, telling Dean it's time for him to come with them. Dean tells him to keep his distance "asshat." Dean and his pet names, I love them every time!


Zachariah is actually curious as to why Dean's upset. It's that whole jump starting judgment day thing Zack. Zachariah, being the evil bastard he is, points out he let it happen and didn't start anything. "Right Sammy?" Ooh, come on Dean, smack him up. Nobody disses Sammy like that! Zachariah then has the nerve to shift the blame on Dean for not stopping Sam and they shouldn't quibble over who started what. "Like it or not, its apocalypse now." Hmm, this doesn't look like a jungle in Vietnam. Oh, that's right; Kripke said this was the Wal-Mart Apocalypse.

Zachariah goes into the whole "back on the same team" thing. "And I'm supposed to trust you?" Dean replies. "Cram it with walnuts, ugly." I am going to have to research it that's a reference to something, because that's a really strange expression to throw out at random. It's funny though. It's time to find Lucifer, before he gets a vessel. When he touches down, it's "four horsemen, red oceans, fiery skies, the greatest hits." Bring it on, sounds like fun! My days have been getting kind of boring lately. Dean gets tough and yells he isn't doing jack squat for them. Zachariah yells back, fighting fire with fire, his patience done. It's battle of the stubborn assholes! I got my money on Winchester.

Oh, but he notices Dean is bleeding. Dean tells him it was an insurance policy in case "you dicks showed up." He slides out the pocket door, which has the angel banishing sigil already drawn out in blood, and slams his hand into it. Bursts of white light and the angels go Poof! "I learned that from my friend Cas you son of a bitch." Whoo hoo! Take that dicks with wings! The scene ends with words of wisdom from our holy prophet. "This sucks ass." I need to put that in needlepoint and hang it in my wall.


Sam comes down the stairs from some sort of overpass and judging by the promiscuous girl and a man standing there, I'd say they're at another seedy motel. I'll have to bring the family there. Dean is loading the weapons when Sam enters. Sam throws him a hex bag and tells him it'll work against angels and demons. Dean wants to know where he got it. Sam made it. Dean asks how. Oh come on Dean, don't make him say it. Sam, accepting that lying to Dean anymore would not be taken well uncomfortably tells him he lear ned it from Ruby.


Now that Dean feels awkward enough , he uses that to ask Sam how he's doing. "Are you jonesing for another bit of bitch blood?" Well that's one way to ask. Sam , still in pacifying mode (I miss the bitch face) tells him he's fine. Whoever put them on that plane cleaned him right up. "Supernatural methadone," Dean jokes, although he isn't laughing. I suppose if that's true, TPTB decided no more physical detox scenes since we got plenty in "When the Levee Breaks." I'm sure Jared appreciated that.


Dean takes a long pause, so Sam tries again with the apologizing thing. Dean doesn't want to hear it, but Sam tries a little harder this time. Sam accepts that there's nothing he can do or say that will make it up to him. "Then why do you keep bringing it up!" Dean yells. Yep, he's still pissed. Dean doesn't want to "put it under a microscope." They made a mess, and now they have to clean it up. They have to find The Devil. Oh, well if that's all...

Speaking of, a man is walking down a sidewalk in Pike Creek, Delaware. Cool, Delaware! The hubby is from that state, and we did notice in four seasons not one episode had a scene there. The Devil is in Delaware. That somehow doesn't surprise me at all. Many times when visiting my in-laws there, I feel like I'm in Hell. (I'm so glad the hubby doesn't read these recaps). It's dark, and this man notices the gate swinging back and forth on its own. Gusts of w ind like that are n't impossible since Delaware is a coastal state, but I'll assume it means something.

The man in Delaware is sleeping and wakes up noticing blood on his hands. He pulls the covers off and discovers tons more, a la The Godfather. I was waiting for him to find the horse head, but luckily Kripke didn't go that far. He jumps up and the blood isn't there anymore. He goes back to bed, but now he can't sleep. He rolls over and a woman spattered in blood is there. "It's you Nick. You're special. You're chosen." He covers his eyes, looks back and she's gone. Creepy!

Now its room loaded with Supernatural the book series posters and a woman is at the computer writing some very squeamish fanfic. As in slash. As in Sam caressing Dean's, ewww, I'm not going there. LALALALALA!!!! I'm not hearing this !!! I uncover my ears when a message comes in from Carver Edlund. She answers and Chuck appears on screen. Woman flips out. "You got my letters and my marzipan!" "Yeah, yeah," Chuck replies, "Yummy." When I was at the Chicago con last year, a volunteer for Creation got on the elevator with me hauling a luggage cart with tons of food and candy. He said that when people give gifts to Jared and Jensen, they keep the other stuff but aren't allowed to keep the food. Apparently that gets hauled upstairs into the volunteer's room. Next time I'll have to see how much marzipan is there.

She's Chuck's number one fan. "I'm Samlicker81. Webmistress at" Oh come on Kripke, gross! We aren't that bad, are we? Scratch that, we probably are. Chuck admits he's being watched and needs her help. Becky is thrilled. He tells her he needs to get a message to Sam and Dean. Becky looks at him gently offended, not appreciating being mocked. These are only books and she knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Suddenly I realize this is an exact recreation of one of my favorite scenes in Galaxy Quest. I know what's coming next! "Becky, it's all real." "I knew it!" she exclaims. Yep, the exact words and delivery. Awesome.


Sam and Dean are back at the hotel, and Dean is watching someone on TV ask an expert how he can explain an earthquake, a hurricane and multiple tornadoes all at the same time. He blames it on carbon emissions. "Yeah, right wavy gravy." Ooh, does Dean have a think against environmentalists. Not that is matters, because he knows the real truth . There's a knock on the door. Sam answers and it's Becky. Oh, this has got to be interesting. Yeah, she's a fan girl alright, a Sam fan girl. How funny! She melts at the site of him, but doesn't hesitate to feel up those pecs of steel. "You're so firm!" Oh man, how did Jared get through this? Plus you have to wonder how often he actually gets greeted like that. She dreamily says he's Sam Winchester, and you're (looking at Dean), "not what I pictured." Ooh, no he didn't! Kripke is dissing the Dean girls. And the Sam girls with this over the top fan mauling. Either way, I'm loving it. I'm willing to forgive this girl for being a sicko slash writer. No, I'm not.


She storms in without invitation and introduces herself as Becky. " I've read all about you and even written a few"¦ " she gets embarrassed. You should be! You have these two, oh I can't go there. She gets to the point; she's delivering a message from Mr. Edlund who's being watched. "Angels! Nice changeup to the mythology by the way. The demon stuff was getting kind of old." Oh, now Kripke is smacking down those that hate the angels. No one is safe. Next he's probably going to take a jab at bloggers that give up their entire livelihoods to write daily articles overanalyzing the show. (Please Kripke?)


Okay, back to story. Chuck's latest vision tells them to find Michael's sword and comes with the cryptic clue of " in a castle on a hill made with 42 dogs. " They ask if she got the message right and she said it didn't make sense, but that's what he said. Of course by this point she's gone back to Sam pec groping. A very uncomfortable Sam says, "Becky, uh, can you quit touching me?" With her eyes closed her quick reply is "no." She gasps some more. I wouldn't be gasping if that were me. I'd have already gone thud on the floor by now.

Outside the no tell motel and it's the Impala! Oh, how I missed her. I saw some others over the summer, but none compare to her beauty. It's Bobby! I missed him too. That's twice now he's gotten to drive the Impala.


He gives both boys a hug as he comes into the motel room and Dean asks if he was followed. "You mean by angels, demons, or Sam's new super fan ? " Sam gives him an embarrassed smile. Those three never hesitate at a chance at poking fun at one another, do they? Bobby has book in hand and t hey talk about how Michael is the toughest angel there is, which we pretty much know from other episodes. "The guy looks like Cate Blanchett," Dean jokes. Considering what we find out later, I wouldn't joke about Michael's looks Dean.

Michael, as most of us know from Sunday school, is the archangel that defeat ed Lucifer and had him imprisoned. They have plenty of books to go through to try a make sense of Chuck's message. Sam goes to get some books and stops, becoming somewhat emotional . Bobby asks if he's alright and Sam says no. Sam painfully admits what he did. Dean tries to stop him, but Sam is too overwhelmed by guilt to listen. He tells Bobby Lilith was the final seal, he killed her and he set Lucifer free. He didn't listen to them, and it's all his fault. Bobby does not take this well. Actually, he's really freaking harsh. He yells at Sam. He calls him reckless, selfish, and arrogant, and starting Armageddon is not forgivable. Yikes! Poor Sam pulls out his sad trademark puppy dog look , which now comes with 50% more puppy since he's not hopped up on demon blood. "If by some miracle we pull this off, I want you to lose my number, understand me?" After Bobby is done completely crushing Sam, he maintains his composure with broken voice and offers to research at a nearby church.


This exchange is interesting in so many ways! For one, this is so out of character for Bobby, which right away tells us something's not right. T here's also the distraction of Dean standing in the background watching this. He"˜s shocked but at the same time lets Bobby go on because he doesn't think he's wrong. Either that or he's still harboring too much resentment of his own. That's a switch for Dean, who's always stepping in the middle to protect Sam, like the times when Sam and John were fighting. Then poor Sam, who swallows it all for now because he has to fix his mistake , quietly crumbles inside as seen in the next shot of him leaving the motel. Bobby's words really stung. I don't see how Sam hasn't had a nervous breakdown by now. Who knows, maybe that's coming.


Back to Bobby and Dean, who are looking at the books. Bobby brings up the fact that John was right about saving Sam or killing him. Maybe they shouldn't have tried so hard to save him. Dean doesn't like that notion, but Bobby points out Sam ended the world and they weren't strong enough to stop him. Dean doesn't address this, for t he mention of John jogs Dean's memory . He pulls out the card for John's lockup in upstate New York, the one we first saw in "Bad Day at Black Rock." Castle storage, 42 Rover Hill. Could John have had Michael's sword all this time? Dean isn't sure, but what else would Chuck have meant? Bobby nods. "Good enough for me." Then he punches Dean, hard! Dean goes flying across the room, Bobby comes toward him and throws him into a closet next. Then his eyes go black. I knew that wasn't Bobby dissing Sam !

Okay, before I go on to the next part after the commercial break, I've read the debates. How did Bobby get possessed? He has the charms and possibly the same anti-possession tattoo . Remember though that John was possessed by Azazel, but that was one powerful demon. Nothing was going to stop him. I can only assume that either Bobby was caught with his guard down or the demons found a new trick. After all, they found a way to break a devil's trap. It could also be that now that Lucifer's out, all the rules have changed. Either way, it's driving the story. 

Demon!Bobby picks Dean up, and in walks a brunette with malevolent grin. She taunts Dean about being slow and dimwitted, but never dreamt he' d be so VIP. She picks up the demon killing knife, and can't believe that Dean is the one that will ice Lucifer. "If I had known that, I'd have ripped your pretty face off ages ago." Dean guesses its Ruby, but she tells him to go back farther. Meg. Yeah, those are the only two hellbitches to really get under his skin.


Now is her chance to monologue, rejoicing that "these are the days of glory and wonder." It's H eaven on earth, or H ell. Huh, imagine that, a demon with dry wit. "We really owe your brother a fruit basket." Oh, that's good. Could you see that happening, them arriving to their motel room and there be a giant fruit basket in there. "Sam, Thanks for ending the world. Love ya, L and family." Could you also see Sam wallowing in misery while Dean chows down on some primo nuts and lush fruit? No, I'm not writing a fanfic about that. 

Anyway, Meg points out that every single demon is dying for a piece of Dean. He challenges her to get in line, but as she cleverly points out, she's at the front of it. She does have two henchmen and the knife, so I'd say she's right . She kisses Dean real hard, who we know will have a great comeback for being mauled by a demonic whore. "What is that, peanut butter?"

She orders demon!Bobby to kill Dean, just to be mean to Bobby who's still inside watching everything. Bitch. D emon !Bobby goes to do it, and Dean pleads for Bobby. Demon !Bobby hesitates, is ordered again, and pulls the knife back while Dean cowers over the impending blow. Really? I would have thought he'd be defiant. Suddenly the eyes go back to normal and Bobby takes control. Sure, it's a bit contrived, especially since John did that in "Devil's Trap," but it isn't hard to believe that Bobby is every bit as stubborn . Bobby wrestles for control and then plunges the knife into his midsection. Noooooo!!! Bobby! The thing inside him sparks away and Bobby collapses. 

 Dean punches Meg and other demon and fight ensues just when Sam walks in, stunned over the unexpected visitors. He goes to help, and gets clocked with a phone by Meg. She smiles as Sam gets his wits about him. "Hey ya Sammy. Did you miss me, because I sure missed you." "Meg," Sam says. See, he knows his demons! Must be th e fact that he is kind of one. He swings at her and misses so she takes him down. Other demon pounds the crap out of Dean. Meg punches Sam some more, having fun over the fact that Sam isn't so scary without his powers. Sure, we have no idea if this is temporary or permanent, but obviously icing Lilith drained him pretty good. I guess that's Kripke's way of saying "I want demons to kick the crap out of Sam. " It makes for good entertainment. Dean knocks other demon down, pulls the knife from Bobby and plunges it into him . Other demon sparks away. He looks at Meg next with a steely stare and knife clutched , who then abandons her meat suit in a cloud of black smoke.

Right here is where the pacing of everything suffers a bit. We just had that intense action scene, and then it goes back to the slow build up of Lucifer's vessel? The emergency room scene should have come next. I'll recap that scene first, and then get back to Lucifer. Dean and Sam charge into the emergency room with Bobby hanging off their shoulder s , his entire belly covered in blood. The EMTs grab a gurney and get Bobby off quick while Sam and Dean are stopped. They have to stay there and answer questions. Dean realizes that they have to leave now, for the demons know where the sword is. Sam doesn't want to leave Bobby, but chooses to follow Dean's lead. That's a good obedient brother . Of course they have a 3-4 hour drive. Demons can pop up anywhere quickly. Who do you think is getting there first?


Back to Lucifer's soon to be meat suit, who's putting away baby artifacts in a box. The dude is sad. Then he hears a baby crying. It comes from a monitor at the bottom of the box. He cautiously walks into the nursery to see the crib but no crying or baby. As he turns away, baby starts crying. Then blood slowly oozes from the crib. Oh, this is gross and freaking sad. Nick looks in the crib, sees something horrifying and crumples to his knees, crying profusely. We see an empty crib. Yeah, I'm sure the network sensors weren't going to allow mutilated baby.

Gotta keep the story moving! Sam and Dean pull up in front of Castle storage and get some weapons out of the trunk. Against demons? Angels? Ooooookay. They get in there and find a few bodies, plus the place is a little trashed. Zachariah comes out of the shadows. Man, do these guys get a break? Dean has the BEST deadpan reaction. "Oh thank God, the angels are here." Zachariah closes the door with his angel wave. H e said the demons could have grabbed the sword anytime they wanted. Sam wants clarification. Oh great Sam, open the door for more evil angel monologuing.


Zachariah did plant that vision in Chuck's head, but it was the truth. They did lose Michael's sword and had no idea where to find it, until now since they had delivered it to them. Dean tells him they don't have it, and Zachariah goes for the mind blowing plot twist. "It's you." Dean's confused look invites more explanation. Zachariah can't believe Dean thought he could kill Lucifer. "You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing?" H e's just a human. Dean , instead of going after Zack for his smug attitude, instead wants know how he's the sword. Why he's the vessel of course ! The one that Michael's going to inhabit so he can kill Lucifer, just like old times. Dean shrugs, says what the hell and surrenders himself for whatever duty is needed from him . Ha, right!

"Life as an angel condom. That's real fun." No, Dean instead does something really freaking awesome. He draws that line and nothing, nothing will sway him. Zachariah gets dirty. He lifts his finger and breaks Sam's legs. Then he starts barking orders. Michael will take his vessel and lead the charge. Dean's concerned about the millions of humans that will die in the crossfire. Zack contends with Lucifer unchecked they all will. That's not enough for Dean, who figures out Michael can 't take him over unless he gives him permission. Dean's convinced there's another way. Zachariah says there isn't, but the dude hasn't exactly been honest so no one believes him . "Michael must defeat the serpent. It's is written."

Dean shrugs. "Well, maybe. On the other hand, eat me." Oh Dean, such a way with words. He says the answer is no. Sam nervously watches from the ground, wondering how this is all going to play out. We're right there with you Sammy! Zack dangles Bobby's recovery next. Dean says no. He said he can heal Dean, and then gives him stage 4 stomach cancer. Dean falls to his knees , doubling over in pain, and after chok ing up blood says no. Zachariah goes for the gusto, Dean's greatest weakness. "Then let's get really creative, let's see how Sam does without his lungs." Sam suddenly starts gasping for air , floundering on the floor like a fish out of water. Zack holds Dean by the chin and tells him he's going to say yes. "Just kill us," Dean says. Nope, Zack is just getting started.


Now for the really freaking awesome part. There's a burst of white light and suddenly one of Zack's henchmen is dead with a neck wound. It's Castiel! He's pissed! Stunt angel #2 goes for him but Castiel pounds the crap out of him and then in spectacular fashion holds the dude's head down and plunges the angel killing dagger into the back of his neck. He zaps away in an explosion of light. Dean watches in disbelief. Zack watches in disbelief. Sam is too busy succumbing to lack of air to watch and yes, SAM DIES AGAIN.

Zack, very shocked by all this, asks Castiel how he's alive. "That's a good question. How did these two end up on that airplane? Another good question, as the angels didn't do it. I think we both know the answer, don't we?" Zack is now scared shitless. "Noooo. That's not possible." Take that you asshole, messing with Winchesters and all of humanity like that. Castiel lays down the law. "It scares you, well it should. Now put these boys back together and go. I won't ask twice." Whoo hoo! You tell him Cas!


There are the sounds of wings flapping and Dean is no longer doubled over in pain and Sam is no longer dead. That's a definite improvement to their situation. Castiel warns them they need to be careful. Duh! It takes an almighty angel to figure that out? Dean admits the angels are bigger dicks than he thought, but that's not what Cas is talking about. Lucifer is circling his vessel right now. Once that happens, the hex bags won't be enough to protect them. He touches Sam and Dean on their chests and they both wince in pain. Why do angels like doing that? Castiel tells him he's protected them with an Enochian sigil that will hide them from everyone in creation, including Lucifer. "You branded us?" Dean asks . "I carved it into your ribs." That works!

Sam has more pressing questions. "Hey Cas, were you really dead?" "Yes," he admits. Dean asks how is he back, but Cas gives him an unnerved look and flies away. I think we've figured out by now that in angel code, flying away means "I have no freaking idea."

Meanwhile, back in Delaware (that gets funnier each time I say it) , Nick is in bed. He opens his eyes and sees a woman there in a white nightgown. He's dreaming, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. Interesting how angels love talking through dreams. Does that mess with people's heads better?


"Sarah?" He asks. The woman admits she is not his wife. She's an angel. Her /his name is Lucifer. Nick doesn't fall for that so easily. "Sure. Naturally. Um, could you do me a favor there Satan and remind me to quit drinking before I go to bed?" If I were seeing the devil in my dreams , drinking would not be my problem.

Sarah keeps the heavenly act going, telling him he's special. Aren't we all? Oh, but there's very few people like him. He's a vessel, a very powerful vessel. Tell me, what does it take to become a vessel. Is there some sort of training, or did it happen because my great grandparents got in a heap of trouble a while back and did some weird thing with crystals and an Ouija board to get out of it?

I know, back to Nick. Lucifer needs to take control of his mind and body. He/she even admits it won't be pleasant for him. You got to appreciate the honesty. Nick wants to wake up now, but this is real . This is where Lucifer really pours on the sweetness act. Watch the master in action. He/she tells him not to be afraid, this is his choice. He/she sits next to him on the bed, so gentle, so calm, so nailing this.

Nick needs to invite him/her in. He still doesn't believe this is real, and why the h ell would he do that? Time for the "sympathy for the devil" part. "You people misunderstand me. You call me Satan and Devil but do you know my crime? I loved God too much. For that he betrayed me. Punished me, just as he's punished you." Nick is eating this up by now. "After all how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds ? " Lucifer figures the answers are he's sadistic or doesn't care. Nick does not argue any of this. Yep, Lucifer has found the raw nerve.

He/she digs in further, appealing to Nick's anger. Lucifer is angry too. The plan is to find God and hold him accountable for his actions. "Just because he created us doesn't mean he can toy with us like playthings." Um, actually, it does. Damn, now Lucifer is winning me over! Nick asks if he helps, can Lucifer bring back his family . Lucifer admits no, but can give him the next best thing, justice and peace. Nick wants to know how Lucifer is telling the truth. Lucifer says he/she doesn't lie, because he/she doesn't need to. What he/she needs is him and goes for the final heartfelt appeal. "Nick, I need you to say yes." Nick flashes on all those horrible visions of his absent and murdered family. "Then yes." The camera moves to outside of the house and white light bursts through the windows. Bring on the end of days!


Back at the hospital, the view is from the hallway and we hear Bobby yelling on the other end of the closed hallway door . "Unlikely to walk again! Why you snot nosed son of a bitch! Wait until I get out of this bed!" The doctor leaves in a fearful hurry while Bobby shouts more. Before I go on I failed to mention that I did notice that those annoying green CW popups which take up a big chunk of the bottom of the screen blocking our view of Winchesters are gone this year ? The smaller popup graphics in the bottom corner are far more visually pleasing. It only took three years of complaints to get it that way! I guess better now than never. Thank you CW for finally listening to your viewers. 
Dean and Sam stand by the window calmly watching the rant end . Dean smiles and tells Bobby "screw him you'll be fine." Sam looks way sadder. Sam asks the burning question, what do we do now? Bobby has a pretty wise answer. "Well, we save as many as we can for as long as we can I guess. It's bad. Whoever wins , Heaven or Hell , we're boned." Dean wants to know what if they win. "Screw the angels and the demons and their crap apocalypse. If they want to fight a war, they can find their own planet. This one's ours and I say they get the hell off it. We take them all on, we kill the Devil, hell we'll kill Michael if we have to but we do it our own damn selves."

Bobby has a good question. "And how are we supposed to do all this genius?" Dean has a better answer. "I got no idea. But what I do have is a G.E.D and a give "˜em Hell attitude and I'll figure it out." Bobby smiles and looks at Sam who manages a shrug and a small smile back. "You're nine kinds of crazy boy." "It's been said." Ah, gotta love it when Kripke is given his shining moments with dialogue. Dean tells him to stay on the mend, they'll see him in a bit. He and Sam go to leave, but Bobby has some unfinished business. It's so good, why don't I just transcribe it ?


"Sam, I was awake. I know what I said back there. I just want you to know that was the demon talking. I ain't cuttin' you out boy. Not ever." Sam looks weepy, I know I'm weepy, and Dean watches all this with mixed feelings. It seems like he understands Bobby's forgiveness of Sam, but Dean is also torn for reasons we'll see in a minute. Sam takes in a deep breath and thanks Bobby . "You're welcome. I deserve a damn medal for this, but you're welcome." Sam smiles and they leave. Aww Bobby is so cool. Too bad Sam's moment doesn't last.

Sam and Dean are in the hospital parking lot and Sam offers the suggestion that they find the colt to stop Lucifer. Dean quickly nixes the idea for what's the point. Sam says so they can use it on Lucifer, for what he said back there"¦Dean admits what he said was for Bobby's benefit. "I'll fight, I'll fight to the last man, but let's at least be honest, we don't stand a snowballs chance and you know that. Hell, you of all people know that."

Dean tries to walk away but Sam stops him. He can't take Dean's pointed comments anymore. He pauses, tries to find the right words and then asks candidly, "Is there something you want to say to me?" Dean accepts he's avoided the issue long enough. "I tried Sammy. Man, I really tried. But I just can't keep pretending that everything's alright. Because it's not, and it's never going to be. You chose a demon over your own brother and look what happened." A remorseful Sam tells him, "I would give anything, anything to take it all back."

"I know you would. And I know how sorry you are I do, but man, you were the one I depended on the most and you let me down in ways that I can't even-" Dean pauses, and so do I, for the tears blurring my vision are forcing me to stop the recap to fetch a Kleenex. Oh man, the hurt in Dean's voice, damn it Jensen you're ripping me apart here!

"I'm just, I'm having a hard time forgiving and forgetting here, you know?" Sam, whose heart has dropped into his stomach by this time, asks what he can do. "Honestly, nothing." Poor Sam is on the brink of tears , but Dean goes on. "I just don't"¦I don't think we can ever be what we were, you know. I just don't think I can trust you." Sam's eyes go wide, for that's the worst possible blow he could have gotten. Crud, now it's time for Jared to rip our hearts out of our chests just with those sad puppy eyes.

Dean goes toward the Impala and climbs in, all while a totally bewildered Sam stands in the middle of the parking lot, too devastated to move. The really sad music plays as the overhead shot shows those two apart, and fade to credits. Crap, he left us weeping. Damn you Kripke! (You had to know I would say that!).

That's a season opener folks! I need more, now.



Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-09-16 00:23
Thanks, i got to see it thanks to itunes but it was great to skim through it here.
Sam dies again had my dying. Poor guy.
# elle 2009-09-16 00:28
I am so glad that recaps are back! Thanks for these Alice, I love them so.
BTW: the "cram it with walnuts, ugly!" is a line Homer Simpson has used. I love the way references sneak in. During my rewatch of Lucifer Rising, though, I have to wonder when Sam and Dean find the time to watch as much TV as they seem to I mean, how *does* Dean know about the Suite Life? (Still one of my top ten favourite Deanisms ever!)
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 00:56
I apologize deeply in advance, but I'm probably going to end up double posting again because I am too full of squee and I just wanna say a couple of things before I move on to the second page of the recap.

1. Red smoke? Hmm..I assumed it was blood, because it looks like swirling liquid to me. But I dunno.

2. Google-Fu tells me that 16 Celsius is equals 60.8 Fahrenheit, and 24 Celsius is 75.2 Fahrenheit. I was born and raised in a tropical country where the temperature averages around late 20s to early 30s in Celsius (30++ in cities). To me, 16 is COLD.
# Narcissus 2009-09-16 04:38
Hi..It's me again (sorry). I think I'll proceed in point form (again).

-Chuck is getting more awesome.
-Bobby is absolutely amazing. Bar none. Period.
-I don't get the Soul Plane reference (?)
-First a Cate Blanchett lookalike, and now Dean? Micheal has a thing for the pretties doesn't he?
-Cas finally kicks ass *woot, woot*
-Whatever divine detox plan Sam might be on, it seems to be amping his puppy-power. Puppy-eyes-of-d oom are really packing more of a punch now!
-Becky...yes, I think her character is gross. Do I mind? No. Kripke is having some harmless fun..he's the one who made us all batshit crazy anyway, so he's entitled to it. I can't figure why some people are so offended by the existence of Becky.
-Lucifer..I can't wait to see all the wonderful ways he'ss torture our boys.
-Dean walking away from Sam in the parking lot, and the little half-turn he did..I think a part of me died. Oh BOYS!!!
# Suze 2009-09-16 11:17
Don't fret, they will get it together again and sooner rather than later, I hope, as the Dean-stoney-gla re-of-unforgivi ngness and Sam's kicked puppy face could get tedious after a while ( say a year or two, anyway! )

I love Becky, just thinking about the hotel room scene cracks me up ... I reckon that Poor Old Chuck's shadow army of sleazy fangurrls are a fabulous idea, they're sort of like the anti-ghostfacer s ... who in turn are the anti-winchester s, and ... er ... well, you get my drift ... I'm so pleased they're back! :D
# Marleen 2009-09-16 11:30
Thanks for the recap, Alice. I really had trouble with some of the words in that episode. Meg’s comment about ‘icing’ Lucifer for instance. Even after I played it back a few times , I still could not understand her. :cry::

I have read all the comments posted about the show, and no one mentioned Dean's 'troubled' look at Sam just before the two of them ran for the door at the very beginning. Dean pulled Sam to go, and Sam didn’t move. Sam just stared at the light….the look was one of complete awe! I thought ‘OMG Sam is completely controlled by the demon. He wants Lucifer out’. They showed Dean’s reaction to Sam for more than a second, so I have to think it was supposed to indicate some point in the story. ….maybe some hint of future demon-Sam. Sam’s look changed though to one of complete fear when he realized Lucifer WAS coming. Then he was ready to go.

Look forward to tomorrow nights episode! The clips show Sam’s ‘puppy-dog’ eyes are in full force!
# BagginsDVM 2009-09-16 13:27
Awesome recap! I look forward to these so much! And the needlepoint idea? Inspired! Sam's puppy dog eyes & Dean's reaction to being mauled by Meg were highlights for me. I needed Kleenex too for Bobby's words to Sam (both times) & the end scene between the boys.
# Randal 2009-09-16 15:08
Great, great recap. I'm surprised myself that Sam hasn't had a trip to straitjacket land. And good catch on the 375 hours of driving in 8 minutes. Maybe there's a jet engine in the trunk. And I prefer my weepy moments to come later in the season. First episode? At least they didn't toss Beethoven's 7th over that last scene or I'd have been crying on the bus to work the following morning.
# Bethany 2009-09-16 18:19
great recap! so lets summerise - bobby is awesome, cas is awesome, chuck is awesome, a defiant dean is awesome, sam is breaking our hearts - and the boys finally get honest with each other. I keep saying it but i think it's a good thing, only once everything is out in the open can you work out the problem and then work to fix it. Although painful and awkward and brutal at times it's better than the lies and the denial of last season.

Also Lucifer is brilliant, hypnotic and persausive, creepy and cruel..... I can't wait for him to come into play!

oh and Dean's never going to get over that fear of flying is he?
Emily H.
# Emily H. 2012-01-01 15:19
I don't know about any other references, but "Cram it with walnuts, ugly" was a line from a Simpsons episode. One of the Itchy & Scratchy ones. Did Kripke ever work on the Simpsons as a writer?