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On comes Santana! Have I mentioned how much I love that the classic rock is back this season? They’ve really picked some good ones too. “Oye Como Va” kicks off the last night on earth party at Bobby’s house. There are shots lined on the table and Dean’s slamming them, right? No, it’s Castiel! He’s having a drinking contest with Ellen while Jo watches. After downing about five shots in a row, he pulls the classic Lord of The Rings: Return of The King (extended version) line, “I think I’m starting to feel something.” Yeah, drinking against an angel. That’s an even contest.

SPN 0304

Sam and Dean are at Bobby’s desk and Sam’s asking if it’s a trap. Dean smiles. “Sam Winchester, having trust issues with a demon. Better late than never.” Sam gives him a sarcastic look back. “Thank you again for your continued support.” Then they clang beer bottles. You know, I love seeing the brothers like this again, but are things really that perfect now between them? I suppose they aren’t going to fight if this is their last night on earth, but still you have to wonder if there’s still some stress there.

“You know, trap or no trap, if we’ve got a snowball’s chance we’ve got to take it, right?” Sam supposes. Dean isn’t sure it is a trap. Carthage is “lit up like a Christmas tree with Revelation omens.” Six missing persons in town reported since Sunday. He thinks the Devil is there. Dean then gets to the uncomfortable part. “If you think about it, you can’t come with.” Sam naturally objects. Dean’s rationale is he gets it fine he’s just one missing piece but if Sam’s there they’re handing the Devil’s vessel right over to him. Wow Dean, you have a point about Sam but you’re so selling yourself short. Plus the angels will find you and resurrect you.

Dean says it’s not smart. “Since when have we done anything smart?” Sam asks. Dean’s serious but so is Sam. “Haven’t we learned a damned thing? If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it together.” He has a point Dean. Divided you two have had some really crappy results. Dean stares into those puppy dog eyes and reluctantly agrees. “Okay, but it’s a stupid freaking idea.” Yeah, so is the colt but we won’t get into that yet.

Both brothers see Jo in the other room and Sam says “talk about stupid ideas.” “True to that,” Dean says and then goes over to Jo anyway. He comes over all smooth, watching her ass as she fetches a beer out of the fridge and pulls the “dangerous mission tomorrow” line. Smooth Dean, smooth. Anyone think Jo would actually fall for that? “It’s time to eat, drink, and make merry.” Bad Dean, bad. Does that line work with other women? Jo pretends to fall for it. “Are you giving me the last night on earth speech?” At first Dean says no then, “but if I was, would that work?” Jo gets all sultry, moves in real close, strokes his ear goes to kiss him and then pulls away. “No. Sweetheart, if this is our last night on earth I’m going to spend it with a little something I call self respect.” She leaves. “If you’re into that kind of thing,” Dean says. Aww, wittle feelings hurt?

Bobby calls everyone over. It’s time for the photo. You know, five seasons and there’s never been a last night on earth gathering shown, so I wonder if the picture is an old hunter’s tradition. We find out later why the picture is needed so it makes sense, but it’s just strange we’ve never seen it before. I know, there’s only so many things that can be done in episodes. Ellen protests but Bobby won’t listen. “Shut up, you’re drinking my beer.” That’s a winning argument in my book. “Anyway, I’m going to need something to remember your sorry asses by.” Yep, definitely an old hunters tradition.

They line up and Ellen jokes, “It’s always good to have an optimist around.” Castiel, who’s all serious, states the fear that’s on the back of everyone’s mind. “Bobby’s right. Tomorrow we hunt the Devil. This is our last night on earth.” While Castiel is rather stoic about that, everyone else reacts privately to that idea and those expressions show on everyone’s faces as the picture snaps. Whoa, that’s brilliant. So bittersweet, so sad. As the final staccato notes of the song plays, the developed picture in black and white is shown as though it’s in an album. We’ll that’s got me jumpy for the rest of the episode. Foreshadowing with a capital F.



# Bevie 2014-10-02 16:24
I guess I'm weird as I liked Jo from the getgo. I hoped she would end up as the love of Dean when the series ended. I'm just mushy!

Sobbed like a baby through this episode, really really sobbed! Kudos to all of them for fantastic heart rending performances!! Emmy worthy much more than the stuff that wins them!

Top 3 moments? Top - Dean gently kisses Jo goodbye. Ellen and Jo at the end. Sam shooting Crowley with an empty gun.
# Rene4 2014-10-02 17:52
I agree with Bevie above about those three moments. I would also add Sam and Dean clinking glasses-nice together touch.
I still cry to this episode.