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We've already taken a look at the pretty in the first half of "Sacrifice," so now it's time to finish off the episode and ogle the pretty in the second half.  There will be falling angels and profiles.  Lots of both.


I really liked how they shot this scene, over their shoulders while sitting at the bar.  It makes it feel more intimate (not like that!) somehow, like we're eavesdropping on something we shouldn't be hearing.  Also, pretty profile shots.  Who doesn't love a good profile?


Now it's Dean's turn for a pretty profile shot.  I find the lighting and scenery behind these two very interesting, as well.  It's all blue and dark behind Cass, hinting that his plans aren't going to end as well as he thinks they are.  And behind Dean it's lighter, hinting that his plans won't end up as badly as he thinks they will.


Just look at this badass shot of this total badass demon.  I mean, when she walks into a room, there is no doubt that shit is going to happen and soon.  If Anna could call in a favor and get her vessel back, then they better do the same for Abaddon because this actress is aces in this role.


I really like how this shot is framed, with the cupid in profile and Dean and Cass just casually standing there in the background.


I was not joking about all the profile shots in this part of the review.  This one of Crowley is gorgeous.  He just looks so despondent, which is not something we usually see from him.


This church set, though.  Really, it's amazing.  Amazing during the day and amazing at night.


Ugh, just look at this crane shot down the door of the church.  It's stupidly good.  And I mean "ugh" in the best possible way, of course.


Take a look at this shot of human Cass.  I find it interesting for a number of reasons.  One, he's pretty, obviously.  Two, he's been sent back to Earth, a rock for all intents and purposes, and comes to holding a little rock in his hand.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but I like to think it's symbolic.  "This is your place now, Castiel, and we won't let you forget it."  Three, it reminds me a little bit of the opening of "LOST" when Jack woke up on his back in the jungle.  Let's just hope things don't devolve for Castiel like they did for Jack.


If you stop and actually look at where the lights are popping up on this map, you'll notice that the angels aren't falling in extremely cold climates.  At least not yet.  No Greenland, upper Canada, or most of Russia.  I just found that interesting and a bit curious.  And I may have flipped this around and zoomed in on the U.S. part of the map to see if two of those dots were South Dakota and Kansas, but alas, I don't think that's the case.  That would have been a nice touch.




I'm lumping these three images of the angels falling into one entry because I couldn't pick just one shot of this.  It was so unexpected an event, and the FX team just nailed the visuals so hard.  This image is going to be one of the lasting ones from any season, I think.  It's just so incredible.  Beautiful and heartbreaking.


This is the first time we've seen an angel's wings when they weren't a shadow or charred onto the ground.  I was beginning to think the angels had rules that made it so their wings couldn't physically manifest on earth.  Maybe they still only can in extreme duress, like getting cast out of heaven.


I know it's only a happy accident and probably isn't purposeful lighting, but it looks like Castiel has a halo in this shot.  Or at least, a ring of light around his head.  Which, halo.  You may be human right now, but you'll always be our angel.

And there we have it.  Wasn't that a stunning episode visually?  They really packed a lot of goodness into that episode.  Huge props to Phil Sgriccia and all the crew for making this episode so beautiful.  Now that you've seen my choices, what images are going to stick with you most during this long hiatus?


# Dot 2013-07-18 06:50
Phil Scriccia is possibly my favorite SPN director (after Kim Manners). This was a beautiful episode! Enjoyed both picspams.

Nice catch about the colors behind Dean and Cas in the bar and what it means. Also I'm remembering now that red tends to be associated with earth and Dean and humanity, and blue is a Castiel/heaven color. So maybe it's juxtaposing worry & hopefulness with Dean/earth & Castiel/heaven. It's also a rare quiet moment of communication for Dean and Cas, and these two characters from different worlds connecting against colors associated with their two different worlds/outlooks .
Leah unlogged
# Leah unlogged 2013-07-18 16:27
Ardeospina, loved this and pt.1. The angels falling (however one feels about the concept :-) ) are just some beautiful images. All the church shots as well, stunning.

Dot- Love your thoughts on the use of colors, and I completely agree about Phil S. and Kim M.!
# mick 2013-07-18 19:32
Another great thing about the angels falling was the music. Probably the best bit of score that the show has ever done.
# krystal 2013-07-18 22:33
These reviews make me appreciate the beauty that much more! Great job by all the crew!