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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, after a fantastic chat with fellow WFB author Bookdal, we have come up with an extra-special Theory about the entirety of Season 8.  We think we've found a way to explain all manner of inconsistencies and strangeness that's been happening this season.  Not only that, but our theory even redeems Sam's early-season behavior!  Not possible, you say?  Read on and see what you think after you've heard what we have to say.

The Alternate Universe Theory

At the end of Season 7, killing Dick Roman created a sonic blast of sorts that was strong enough to send Dean and Castiel into Purgatory.  We saw Sam looking despondent, and then we saw Purgatory itself, Dean gets left alone, end of season 7.  Move to season 8, and Dean gets out of Purgatory.  Awesome!  Now here's where our theory kicks in: Dean didn't come out of Purgatory into the correct world.  The entire world of Season 8 is not "Dean's world."  He's in an alternate world (S8 world from now on) that is extremely similar to his but is off in minor and telling ways.  And how would he know that he wasn't in the correct world?  He wouldn't.  Things are so close that for him, it seems like he IS in the right place.  And Dean had just spent a year in Purgatory.  He was changed.  Any discomfort he felt was probably written off as PTSD from his time there.  First clue that this isn't the right world?  Sam didn't look for Dean.  Because this Sam isn't OUR Sam.  This Sam and HIS Dean made a pact that they wouldn't look for each other.  They made that promise and actually kept it.  So S8!Sam didn't do anything wrong.  S8!Sam acted exactly how he was supposed to.

The only other people who are from OUR "Supernatural" world and not this Season 8 world are Castiel and Benny.  Naomi is from S8 world.  She pulled Castiel out of Purgatory and into S8 world.  Benny came along with Dean.  Everyone else that we have seen this entire season has been from S8 world, which explains why so many characters seem slightly off or have slightly different powers.  Let's talk about a few of the things this theory explains, shall we?  I won't list every single thing that fits under here, but there are some interesting things to ponder.

1.  Sam's behavior and some of his memories.  S8!Sam wouldn't have looked for Dean, and that would have been perfectly normal to S8!Dean.  This Sam doesn't regret not looking for Dean because he WOULDN'T regret that, and S8!Dean wouldn't expect him to regret it.  That's why S8!Sam was so taken aback when Dean was angry at him.  Also, S8!Sam has been to the Grand Canyon.

2.  Crowley.  He's got all manner of powers and interesting things in S8 world that he never did before.  Red smoke?  An intense and powerful hatred of the Winchesters?  He didn't hate them this badly before.  He was more of a businessman, playing both sides depending on who benefitted him more.  This season, he's a straight-up ruthless villain.  In our world, he explains the rules of a demon deal to those who make them.  In S8 world, he doesn't.

3.  Bobby isn't in Hell in our world.  He is in S8 world.  And speaking of Hell, it's normal Hell again in S8 world.  In our world, it's people standing in line endlessly.

4.  Benny is OUR Benny, so of course he felt completely out of place in S8 World.  He didn't have a Sam to anchor him like Dean did, even if it's not quite the right Sam.  So S8!Andrea didn't want to leave her cushy life and go with Benny.  Our world Andrea would have.

5.  The Men of Letters exists in S8 world, but not in our world.  Henry Winchester didn't raise John in S8 world because he died.  He raised John in our world.  In S8 world, the Winchesters are scholars instead of hunters.

6.  The backwards exorcism, the bullets with a devil's trap on them, an angel blade that can kill anything, etc.  All manner of new tricks that we thought were neat are from S8 world.  Though, you can bet Dean is going to bring some of them back to our world if/when he gets back.

7.  Naomi and the CIAngels don't exist in our world, but they do in S8 world.  It explains why she thinks Castiel was born defective, too.  S8 world Castiel might have been destined to always question.  Our Castiel made his own choice.

8.  You know what else doesn't exist in our world?  The tablets.  And we're betting that if you close the gates of heaven or hell in one world, they would be open in another.  Close the gates in S8 world and they'd be open in our world.

9.  Our Meg is alive.  Our Sarah is alive.  (Until Show dispatches them again, but shh.)

Basically, you've got a season-long "The French Mistake" or the AU part of "My Heart Will Go On."  But the worlds are very, very close.  Close enough that Dean isn't questioning it, Castiel isn't questioning it.  In fact, we're thinking that there's only one person in S8 world who IS questioning what's going on.  And that person is Sam, OUR Sam.  Who, you may recall, we saw in the first episode of the season standing outside of a house watching S8!Sam drive away.

That's right, we think the person outside of Sam's house was...Sam!  Our Sam has been looking for Dean and Cass.  He found them, but when he did, he didn't know how to get them back to our world again.  And that's what he's been working on all season long.  Our Sam is going to find a way to get Dean and Castiel out of this S8 world and back where they belong.

What do you think about our newest theory?  It explains a lot that happened this season, doesn't it?  We're really excited about it!  And I could have gone on and on with examples, so please feel free to add your own in the comments.


# mer 2013-05-10 15:23
Interesting...b ut if S8 Sam went to Grand Canyon and this is our Dean, why did Dean seem to remember having gone as well (note maybe I heard it wrong-only watched that ep once)
Thanks for this:-)
# Thisoldbag 2013-05-10 15:44
There is an answer to that too. He didn't remember in his own world because it didn't happen, but he is starting to have memories of this world because he is now living in it. This could get confusing. But it is fun.
# Virginia 2013-05-10 15:42
Oh yes that makes lot of sense. was questioning Sam saying
that he did not look for Dean and that he wanted to kill Benny just did not sit right with me. But I never thought of an AU
# jasdvs 2013-05-10 15:46
Hmmm ... definitely interesting, if it does seem a bit far-fetched, but I'll have to ponder about this one for a bit. I know this season is about "perception", but to have a season long 'French Mistake' and reveal it all as this and ta-da, everything is fake!/AU is kind of ... punch in the guts? "Everything you know is fake/wrong, back to real world, forget everything..." doesn't seem right to me

Point 5 was especially interesting though.

One thing is, what about Charlie then?
# artsydenise 2013-05-10 15:47
OMG, girls- this is a crazy and awesome theory. Pretty much fits every inconsistency, too. One question: if Sam was standing outside, watching Sam drive away- where has he been all these months? In AU S8 universe, or our universe?

I'm going to have to take a while to digest all of this. All in all, I think if this isn't the way the season ends, it SHOULD be. Great job! :)
# Gwen 2013-05-11 05:11
I was wondering this also. If the Sam we have now is S8!Sam then where has Our!Sam been all these months since he was outside Amelia's house in 8.01? the Sam we have now is S8! the Sir Galahad memories are not Our!Sam's memories? I wouldn't like that as I'd been waiting years to hear Sam say that sort of thing about his childhood.

It's a fascinating theory but I really hope it doesn't go this way as I am not a fan of alternate universe storylines. One off AU episodes are great but not for it to have been a season long, AU/it's all fake storyline. I think I'd feel really cheated if that happened. Not to mention hideously confused. :lol: I'm still pinning my hopes on a mental breakdown being the reason that Sam didn't look for Dean.
# njspnfan 2013-05-10 15:50
wow.... feel like I just took the brown acid :-) Hope this isn't the case; really don't care for those alternate world / it's all a dream scenarios.

I think Sam did have regrets not looking for Dean, at least I got that out of his conversation with Bobby in Purgatory. As far as Grand Canyon memories, I think this was a result of having their memories wiped/altered on multiple occasions, and the fact that Sam is seeing things with great clarity now; reminding Dean of the trip jogged Dean's memories. Regarding the tablets, they were initially discovered in S7, before Dick Roman exploded all over the place (at least the Leviathan and Demon tablet)

While I didn't agree with your theory, a big A+++ for creativity; this was a lot of fun, especially the theory about the real Sam being outside S8 Sam's house - that mystery person's been bugging me all season.
# KELLY 2013-05-11 00:22
njspnfan, I don't usually like the alternative reality ones either or where everything is a dream, exception to dreams is one-off's like WiWSNB, where you get so much info on a character from seeing his wants and see him choosing to sacrifice it. Which is why I don't typically like long term situations like that because any progress that is made with the real characters is basically lost or one-sided. BUT I would probably take that over OOC behavior and loss of continuity.

My preference though is for something in between. Something where we are dealing with the real Sam and Dean but there reality is being played with and memories altered. BUT I still want a good reason like a mental breakdown that Sam didn't look or did look but doesn't remember or whatever. That way we keep any progress made in the characters and hopefully the batcave etc. But the lack of continuity is explained. Though I would still like Sarah not to be dead.
# E 2013-05-11 09:37
I have to agree with njspnfan. Although this is an intriguing theory and it does seem to cover a lot of the bases as to all the strangeness going on, I have a few issues with it:

1. If they've been in an alternate reality all this time, then we have essentially been through an entire season without Sam in it. I would absolutely HATE that. If season 8 Sam is not the real Sam, then I don't care about him and would only want to find out what happened to real Sam. I would be hugely resentful of the show for basically writing him out for an entire season to just re-set at the end of this season. I had this exact same problem with the Sam hallucination or Sam in a coma theories; I wouldn't want Dean to have been in purgatory this whole time and essentially not really on the show all this year any more than I would want that for Sam.

2. If this is Season 8 Sam's version of reality for everyone except Dean, then how come both Bobby and Meg have been questioning Sam about not looking for Dean? If this would have been normal behavior for Season 8 Sam then why would either Bobby OR Meg notice or even question it? Why wouldn't season 8 Sam defend himself more vigorously if his behavior wasn't out of the ordinary in his reality? Why wouldn't he question Dean as to why he had suddenly gone against their understood, and for him, normal decision? If it was normal behavior for Sam in an alternate reality to not look, he should be more pissed off at what he would interpret as a double standard from Dean. But instead, Sam has been acting guilty and hasn't answered or defended himself against anyone's questioning his not looking.

3. I would also hate to think that those little, teeny, tiny pearls of insight we've gotten into Sam recently aren't actually any insight at all; this would make me incredibly sad. We've barely managed to learn ANYTHING about Sam this year. I would be very unhappy to find out that we in fact have learned nothing at all.

This is a very interesting theory, but I don't think that the writers are going to go there. I also hope that they don't; to me it would feel like a cheat somehow unless they could tie it into the myth arc in some way that is epically brilliant in season 9. This isn't Sliders or Quantum Leap. I want the show to be dealing with only one, true Sam and Dean.
# lkeke35 2013-05-11 12:36
@E: I agree. it would be like spending an entire season without Sam. We would actually have learned nothing at all about him if this isn't the real Sam.

I think everyone's reaction to Sam not looking for Dean and Sam's rather guilty reaction in turn is the point. I don't think it goes any deeper than that. Also since we haven't seen the last episode yet all this fretting about it may end up moot anyway.
# Lynnlee 2013-05-10 15:53
But the tablets do exist. Remember Kevin and the leviathan tablet in season 7? Its an interesting theory, but I don't think its right.
# Thisoldbag 2013-05-10 16:30
No, one tablet exists, the other 2 don't. See, if you twist it enough you can make it fit, because you are the creator of your own little world story. Either that or (like me) you'll just go bonkers. :-)
# percysowner 2013-05-10 16:32
The Leviathan tablet certainly exists, but if this is an alternate universe, the angel tablet and the demon tablet may not exist, or they may exist but not have been found.
# fanotheboyz 2013-05-10 15:58
Wow, that's great! I'm not drinking the koolaid yet, though. It would be a lot to throw out in a season-ender and I don't think there's time for it. I'm excited for the finale, but I don't think there will be any surprises. They've given it all away. Abbadon will be the new Hell ruler, I think, and Crowley will be "cured" unless they leave closing the gates for the next season. I like Crowley as a demon, but it would be fun to see him as a person on Sam and Dean's side for a little while, just to change things up. We'll see. Thanks for throwing that theory out there. It's a lot to think about! Who knows?
# Ale 2013-05-10 16:24
Looks like more "Fringe" than "Supernatural". Great on Fringe, not so much in SPN.
# amiana 2013-05-10 16:32
Wowww amazing!

I have to say with sorrow that our fandom is more creative than writers:(

i hope we will see something amazing in season finale..

& I hope this "season 8 universe" was not Carver misunderstandin g & confusions universe :/
# percysowner 2013-05-10 16:37
I occasionally thought that Dean did not come out in his own universe. It would explain the inconsistencies in canon. I never thought that Sam might be watching Sam when he left Amelia, but that is an interesting idea. If this were true I wonder if the boys try to get back to their original universe or do they stay in the S8 universe.

I would hate for the MOL bunker to disappear. If they get back to the original universe, I hope that there is a MOL bunker, but John's father wasn't one of them. Then Sam and Dean can go to the bunker and either ally with any remaining MOLs or use their key and enter and use the bunker in their universe.
# Cindy 2013-05-10 16:39
Think about the opening for this season. It reminds me of the matrix. I think that plays into things somehow.
# iwunajump2 2013-05-10 16:39
Ok this theory is really great. But there are still some very big loose ends. When you speak of inconsistencies , doesn't it make sense that the reason our Sam and Dean don't fit their usual selves, is because it isn't them on either dimension? I thought it odd to bring up the wyndigo as a blast from the past. Why not something like the anti-christ kid we assume disappeared to Australia, if we're to connect the dots to the poster on the kid's wall? Or, maybe this Sam and Dean aren't the same because the Sam and Dean we're seeing are inside the comatose mind of Bobby. Maybe Bobby isn't really dead at all. What we're seeing is the result of Dick Roman's bullet lodged in Bobby's brain. Remember how we watched him dodging Death? When Sam found him in Hell, it made me think of that part of the Dodging Death aspect. Just how Bobby was standing staring at a wall. Bobby said to Sam he was being tortured all day with who knows how many "Sams"? There is also the Castiel story line, along with Naomi erasing memories and pulling the hynotic suggestion stuff. I think the possibilities are limitless. Going by just some of these theories, this show could write at least 10 more years of episodes :) Oh....and last but not least, let us not forget the Djinn :)
# iwunajump2 2013-05-10 17:08
Wow. I am watching the last episode again, and why it didn't strike me before...Castie l was seriously wounded. Why couldn't this all be inside Castiel's mind...a trick of Naomi to find the tablets? Or even Crowley messing with his mind? And have we forgotten about Kevin? The fact we see Crowley using his Winchester clones to interact with Kevin.....anybo dy got any ideas?
# st50 2013-05-10 17:13
Well that's..... an interesting theory.
It explains a lot, especially early-season-8- Sam, who I just don't get. I like it in some respects, even though I generally dislike AUs as explanation of strange events.
I don't, however, believe that's where Carver is going with the story. But we'll see next week .... I've been mostly wrong all season long. :-)
# love2boys 2013-05-10 19:06

All season I have been writing little synopses of each ep from different viewpoints - like Dean being unconcious when he did or didn't pop out of Purgatory, and Sam being unconcious when the explosion knocked him out.

But it didn't even occur to me that it was an AU! Oh Chuck, I really hope it is! I know a lot of the fans would hate that, but it would make me very happy, due to every point you made.

I have been optimistic all year, waiting until the season reveals itself, just like I usually do. Last night, the night after ep22 aired, I got weepy for the first time ever about the way things were going. Your theory is a "dream come true" for me!

Sorry about the extreme use of quotey quotes, italey italcs and boldy bolds. I couldn't type with enough emphasis.

Thank you for cheering me up!
# CH 2013-05-10 20:09
I feel like the only one who thinks this theory is a bit far-fetched. It's an interesting theory, but I not only don't believe the writers will go down this route, I feel like that will somewhat negate how I feel about season eight. If this was really just an AU, then I would feel more cheated than if it wasn't AU.
# love2boys 2013-05-10 22:15
Of course it's far-fetched. I don't believe the writers will go down this route either. But I wish they would, because it is the way to cheer me up right now.

I understand how you feel. Just wanted you to know, CH. :P
# Bunyip 2013-05-10 21:47
I think you might be on to something!

Regardless, it's way more fun to speculate in a good natured fashion than whine endlessly about the season like some folk do :)
# KELLY 2013-05-10 23:27
I think you guys are a lot more creative than the writers this season! I could really go for this theory because I would love something to explain all the inconsistencies and this does explain most of them. I'm really impressed. The only big that doesn't quite work for me, is why our Sam wouldn't tell Dean. It's not like Dean wouldn't believe him if there were 2 Sams. I would hate to lose the batcave and Sam's joy at discovering the MOL's books and Dean's joy at having his own room. But I trade that for an explanation of Sam's behavior and besides in would mean Sarah wasn't dead. Yay!
# isobelstrong 2013-05-11 02:23
Does this theory supersede that other theory that made the round all last year, according to which season 7 was already a dream happening in Dean's or Sam's head?
# isleofskye 2013-05-11 02:53
I love the idea of an alternate universe interacting with our own, and if the writers do something like that, I will bow down to their creativity and revise all my past criticisms!
However, if it's not so, then it's sad that we viewers have to try and think up a reason for all the canon trashing and strange things that have happened this season, beginning with Sam not looking.
As Carver has been present practically from the start of the show, you would think he would understand these characters, so an AU scenario would explain his lack of sense and sensitivity, and also validate his nod to 'perception'.
I sincerely hope your theory is the right one.
Here's hoping, otherwise your list of 'inconsistencie s' remain as a testimony to the bad writing of this season.
# kaz1 2013-05-11 03:07
That’s right, we think the person outside of Sam’s house was...Sam! Our Sam has been looking for Dean and Cass. He found them, but when he did, he didn’t know how to get them back to our world again. And that’s what he’s been working on all season long. Our Sam is going to find a way to get Dean and Castiel out of this S8 world and back where they belong.
I actually got goosebumps when I read this. Please I am so hoping you are going to be right. This will make me so happy, as my only gripe with S8 is Sam not looking for Dean, so 'the one ring to rule them all' theory could work. TPTB might very well have alluded to it with demon Sam and Dean in Great Escapist walking from the boat through the 'reality' wall into another universe. Hope I am not repeating anything as I haven't read through any reviews so far. but I LOVE THIS because theoretically Bobby and Benny would still be around. and Meg of course. Also I have loved the way they portrayed the 'other seasons' Crowley, but am feeling a little squeamish with the level of his depravity this season, especially with the angel torture scene (I think it was in Torn and Frayed).

Does anyone know if there is a twist at the end. I know there usually is, but I don't want to wait months like I had to last season to find out where Dean had disappeared to.
# suenash19 2013-05-11 07:06
I have enjoyed season 8 immensely and am looking forward to finding out how the writers will conclude the season. I do have questions though:

1. Who was that standing outside of Sam's house at the beginning of the season?

2. Why is anyone surprised about Crowley being nasty? (The only reason he wasn't trying to tear the Winchesters apart in s7 was that both sides wanted rid of the Leviathan.)
# nappi815 2013-05-11 08:17
i think this would be a fun theory and i'd take it, but i don't think it's the case. not to be a pooper in the pants, but in all honesty, i don't think the writers are capable of a story this intricate...wit h the exception of ben....

now if this were the writing team of the first few seasons, gamble, shiban, edlund, tucker, humphries, kripke...then i can see this happening..but now, not so's like telling a first grader to read and explain war and just can't happen :P

besides, if dean went into an au wouldn't it have been because someone deliberately sent him there...i mean if benny, cas and dean are the only ones that are real, then whoever gave benny the info about the portal deliberately sent them to an alternate universe. and if that's the case, where is the dean from that universe? were there two deans in purgatory? there has to be the au dean floating around somewhere...

also in regards to having sam be the one outside the window, which would be so cool, much of this world does sam get to see? when did sam learn that dean was in an au and not in purgatory? has he been watching this whole time?

i think what would make more sense is that dean never left purgatory, he was just made to believe he essence whoever gave benny that info wanted dean to believe he got out of purgtory but didn't, yet still created a world in which dean would find out everything about the demon tablet, which is what the real goal was in the first place.....all the characters would fit in dean's story and make it real for him and believable....b ut all the while he was still in purgatory, still separated from cas, as he was probably taken by naomi and used by benny, who may or may not have been real....

in sam's case, he may have been getting close, so let's say it's crowley for argument's sake, he scrubs sam's short term memory and sends in amelia... but sam's memories are too strong and they started to come back...hence your theory about sam seeing himself leaving amelia...coming back to his own reality....

therefore in this scenario, even though we don't see what the real sam is doing, he's been all along trying to figure a way to get dean out of purgatory, which he never actually truly left....

now how's that for a messed up theory....

sad, but i do agree that the fandom is way more creative than the actual writers....mayb e we just have too much time on our hands :lol:

i'm with all of you though.....

i do want the inconsistencies explained...the re are alot of them....the shadowy figure and the reverse exorcism being the big mama and daddy of them all....but i think i'd prefer the explanation to be a little less "sliders"...tho ugh that was a cool show.

i think my preference is more along the lines of crowley manipulating thoughts and scrubbing short term memories, and not only kevin's but sam's as well.

he seemed to be quite comfortable in his claim of being born to direct...i'd like to think that he's had his tentacles in everything all along...

in that way, inconsistencies could be explained, and it doesn't take away from everything new and awesome we've been experiencing this second half of the season. :lol:
# Amyh 2013-05-11 08:42
I wouldn't mind this theory except fo one thing: It means OUR Sam has not been on the show for an entire season. Any mending of Sam adn Deans relationship wasn't done between Sam and Dean but Dean and Alt Sam. Any insight we've gotten into Sam doesn't exis but yet we get insight into AltSam And it Doesn't say much for real Sam adn Deans bond as brothers (alt Sam and Dean didn't grow up together) if Dean accepts anyone as Sam as long as he looks like Sam. Maybe Dean has finally found that better brother he's been searching for.

I find it incredibly Sad and tragic that OUR Sam can be so easily replaced and no one cares.
# LEAH 2013-05-11 11:44
Hi Amyh. I agree with nappi815 (below) in saying that Sam could never be replaced and that many, many people care. The" better brother" comment always bothers me. One thing, said in anger, is continually used to take a swipe at Dean. He has more than shown his love for his brother throughout the series. This scenario would at least explain the OOC reaction by both brothers this early season.
love2boys unlogged
# love2boys unlogged 2013-05-11 12:23
Quote from Amy H:

"I find it incredibly Sad and tragic that OUR Sam can be so easily replaced and no one cares."

Amy, I believe what I was reading from most of our fandom all season was that we cared VERY MUCH about where was our Sam and why was he replaced with this other non-caring Sam! I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this one!
# nappi815 2013-05-11 09:11
no matter what scenario is thrown out there, sam is one of the two most beloved characters i've ever seen....dean being the other of course ;-) ...and no matter how this all plays out, the one thing i know based on the vast amount of posts on this site and others, is that sam winchester can never be replaced and he is cared about ....oh boy do people care.... :lol:
# LEAH 2013-05-11 13:56
Couldn't agree more nappi.
# prix68 2013-05-11 10:31
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Love this idea and that's all I have to say.
# janiebee64 2013-05-11 12:38
If we're dealing with memories being erased or swiped maybe Sam's memories of the time before he "hit the dog and stopped" have been tampered with. I would like to know what he went through during that block of time before he "hit the dog and stopped". I just want to know even if he didn't look for Dean(which I hope he did) because it's been addressed this season but we've been left in the dark. Maybe since Carver wrote the premiere and the finale he will give us some answers in the's hoping. And I would like to know who that dark figure was too when Sam left Amelia's. I hope Carver answers that question in the finale.

Great theory girls but I really prefer the memory swipe theory to this one. This is too confusing although it would be genius on Carver's part and would mean he put a lot of thought into the show and the next 3 seasons. Remember he said at the beginning he had a 3 year plan mapped out.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what that plan is. As for me, I'm looking forward to whatever he has in store for the finale and season 9..and maybe season 10?

Take care,
# lkeke35 2013-05-11 14:42
@janibee: I'm on board with the memory wiping thing too. there's been an awful lot of mind-tapping this season. Dean, Cas, Kevin, Charlie. Why not let Sam in on the fun too?

There's no need to come up with a Universal Theory to explain everything thought wrong this season. I'm pretty content with : Bad Writers. (That's my theory and I'm sticking with it.)
# love2boys 2013-05-11 15:07
Bad Writers.

That would explain what is wrong with my life, this season and all seasons. :-?
# saltwatergal 2013-05-11 16:46
Well as long as we seem to be "pie in the skying it" I will offer my own two cents. That pic of someone watching Sam's house has been nagging at me all season. I also was kind of confused by the first episode and its vague time line. It seems like Dean has been back a while. I also wondered what made Sam come back to the cabin when he did. Was it just coincidence? Was he really surprised when hw walked in and found Dean was there? Something just seemed wayoff. If Sam was really shocked...he didn't seem so. Why did he say he knew it was Dean and that he didn't need proof? He seemed too accepting. That aside, I keep looking at that screenshot of someone watching the house. Now either that's Dracula or someone who wears his collar up.. hum... Bingo! If Dean has been back awhile and has not been able to connect with Sam I would suspect that he would GO LOOKING! Hasn't he made a big enough deal over Sam's not looking for him? For a hunter with Dean's expertise it wouldn't be too hard to locate that Impala.. or Sam with or without a current phone. I think that was him outside the house. He could be doing to Sam just what Soul less Sam did after being brought back from hell by Cas in S6 ep 1 Just watching and seeing how it plays out. He made Sam pay for not searching for him, for what seemed like the whole first half of the season. Also the crack about smelling dog in the car. He would know that S and A had that dog. Knowing Dean I could buy his rubbing Sam's nose in his choices while not tipping his hand. Watch Ep 1 again and see if this could be a possibility. I would be interested in hearing other thoughts on this first episode and that first meeting and lame hug by Sam. I get that he may be feeling really torn my Dean's sudden appearance and the emotion it would dredge up with the possibility of being dragged back into the family business.
But geesh.. I was totally underwhelmed by their reunion. Any one else?
# nappi815 2013-05-11 18:40
i don't think it was dean. dean isn't that petty a person that he would seek revenge on sam for something he did when he was souless. dean knows full well that what souless sam did was not sam's fault. sam didn't even learn about what souless sam had done until he had his soul put in...and even then he just got bits and pieces of memory.

besides dean doesn't wear jackets with the collar turned up like that, not since the leather jacket and we all know that was stolen by someone years ago.

it doesn't make sense that dean would let sam go on believing that dean was still far as we know at this point dean doesn't know sam thought him dead. from what we've been shown, the shadow figure was looking in the window on the night sam left, as if this figure knew that sam would be would dean know that?

sam's reaction doesn't make sense if it was dean looking through the window. that would mean sam would've seen whoever it was looking thru the window and if it was dean, then why would sam not come out the door right then and there?

no, i'm sorry but i respectfully have to disagree with this. i don't think it was dean at all....what would be the purpose, to punish sam for an entire half of a season, only for sam to eventually find out and get pissed at dean for allowing him to think he was still gone? how is this a mature relationship? that's something a ten yr old would do...ha ha i got you back....i just don't see this as the case...

i think it was either cas or crowley...both of whom wear collars that are turned up...especially crowley.

if crowley had arranged for sam to stay out of the hunt..which i'm kind of leaning towards....then it would stand to reason that he would keep tabs on sam... i still think sam may have started to look but crowley did something to sam, like scrub his short term memory....i mean after all, he's done it to kevin...which would explain sam's reaction....if deep deep down he never believed dean dead, then that would explain sam's reaction to dean when he first saw him. if crowley heard through his network that someone had gotten dean out of purgatory, and then dear dead don is suddenly resurrected, then i think it's safe to assume that crowley would check on sam....once he saw that sam left amelia, i have no doubt that crowley started rev up his efforts on finding the demon tablet.


it could've been cas...who i still think was not in purgatory but was working for naomi...only she keeps mindscrewing him so he has no idea,...i think if it was her that leaked info to benny to get dean out and i think she brought don back..i think she needed crowley preoccupied so she brought the winchesters back into the fold....i think she used cas to keep tabs on sam....cas may have been watching sam all along..

that's more along the lines that i think it went down...on the plus side we don't have too much longer to find out...
# AliciaL 2013-05-12 00:02
I'm really sorry to see this forum accepts articles from a person like Bookdal, who is bestest of buddies with some of the most vile Misha haters in the fandom, people like kelios, teamsamanddean, J2brothers, WinchestersJ2. These are people who hate on Misha on twitter endlessly, who tweet hate directly to him, who tweet the producers endlessly asking for Misha to be fired, and you let this person write for you? And then expect people to believe this site has no bias? Jeez.
# nappi815 2013-05-12 09:07
i watched the great escapist last night and for some reason i woke up with this thought in my head and i thought i'd lay it on you... :D

the theory above is all about an a/u, which i don't really think is the case. metatron kept going on about stories and that in creating one, we ourselves become gods of tiny intricate worlds that we created.

mind manipulation has been the current theme this season by both naomi and crowley, so in essence naomi and crowley have sort of been like gods in creating their world, their universe. crowley even said to cas regarding having ion on his payroll as it being a new universe. crowley also created a fake world for kevin one does when making a movie...he even went so far as to claim he was born to direct.

given all that, it leads me to believe that mind manipulation to create the world in which crowley and naomi desire is where i think we are essence though they are creating another universe, which ties into the theory above,'s just not an actual alternate universe that the boys fell into.

i also think sam was manipulated as well, as i've stated above. for reasons that i think we'll learn, sam was kept out of the game, as was dean, and then brought back in.

so here's what i'm wondering. it's obvious that the boys are yet again being used in a game that's being played by both angels and demons, much like in s4. actually , it started in s3. in s3 both the angels and demons needed for sam to hate lilith to a point where he'd do anything to kill her, thus having dean shreded by a hellhound right before his eyes and not dealing with sam so he can get dean out. dean of course was right where they wanted him and sam was in such a state that he was ripe for the picking.

enter ruby who either knowingly or unknowingly was working with the angels. both sides convinced the boys that lilith had to die before she broke 66 seals...neither one knowing she was the seal...

what if it's a similar story now? what if it's not so much about crowley caring about closing the gates as much as it is ensuring that he be the third trial...which is to cure him..

crowley has been quite an enigma this year. he's able to do things this year that he hasn't done before. he can do things naomi can scrub memories and create worlds through illusion. i don't recall crowley ever doing anything like that i wrong about that? as much as crowley wants the demon tablet, he seemed over excited, actually beaming when he had his hands on the angel tablet.

crowley over the past couple of seasons seems to have developed abilities or maybe has just been using abilities he's always had for the first time. he has a history with naomi and crowley has stated he's been around for a very long time...that he is forever. we also know that half of him is witch...what we don't know is what the other half of him is.

what if curing him brings crowley back to whatever it is he started out as...or what if purifying him makes him stronger/more powerful, maybe unbeatable?

do you guys think it's possible that crowley has created this world we have now in order to manipulate both boys ensuring that they want him to be the demon that gets cured...especia lly given that crowley has pushed them to that point by killing people they saved...sarah especially....

perhaps because crowley wants it .....

i think that would be a cool kind of twist..
# eilf 2013-05-12 09:50
Or maybe Metatron is writing the story. Perhaps he has been manipulating everyone (including Crowley) since the beginning of the season - it might be him in the shadows. He wants to be the star of a story doesn't he? (I haven't rewatched the episode yet but someone said that in the comments?) well his 'story' is the tablets that God had him write. If the tablets aren't used Metatron doesn't get to see how the stories turn out and doesn't get HIS story. Its a bit like the angels starting the Apocalypse because they got bored waiting :-)

Here's a question. If someone gets cured of being a demon and are inherently a bad person, might they want to go back to being (posessed by) a demon (we have already seen that plotline) It seems like Crowley could be cured but it might not last long .... assuming he is a demon to start with. If Metatron thinks Crowley is a demon and has organised the whole story with the idea of using Crowley as the final trial then any resulting mayhem would be on him if it turns out Crowley isn't...
# LEAH 2013-05-12 13:49
Interesting eilf, might that explain who the shadowy guy is?

This whole cure thing is sketchy to me. The demon taint is removed but the demon (cured) is still in the drivers seat. If the demon's original human was evil, the vessel is still possessed by an evil being. Some cure. Unless the original evil is also cured. But the vessel is still possessed. Not good! Yeesh, murky and confusing. :-?
# nappi815 2013-05-12 10:13
i don't really know, very good question though and that's a cool theory and a very good possibllity as well.....

only three more days til we find out....

Happy Mother's Day Everyone.. :-)
# eilf 2013-05-12 10:25
Hi Nappi I love reading your theories, they are great in themselves and they always seem to make me come up with a 'but wait! what if....' thought that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise :D
# LEAH 2013-05-12 13:55
I love your theories too nappi, keep them coming. Especially this summer. We'll need you, I think. I hope you are not one of the posters who take the hiatus off. :-)
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2013-05-12 12:57
Hi Guys,

I love this creative take on all the things that don't quite add up this year.

My only wish would be that somehow they keep the Men of Letters bunker (which I think they will. It was an expensive set to build, and the suggestion is that it will be in action for awhile).

I also don't want to lose the insights or the growth and maturity we've seen over the season. Both brothers do seem more grown up. And it was so illuminating to hear how Sam sees himself and his lifelong demon blood affliction. That scene alone explains so many of his actions, and so much of his attitudes over the previous years.

I think at one point I wondered if the figure outside Sam's house was Sam - kind of a time-travelling Sam (like Hermione and her time-changer necklace) but now I'm not sure how that would work.

Whatever the case, it's fun trying to figure it all out!
# Sylvie 2013-05-15 12:11
You ladies managed to make my brain hurt even more than it already did! :lol: I'm not too keen on this whole alternate universe approach, but great speculation though, I'll give you both an A++ for that. ;-)
# Daisymae 2013-05-16 16:11
WOW. That would be great scifi, but would Jeremy do that? When do the writers inform us about this alt universe? You would have thought they would have given us a hint by now. I actually doubt they would go that way. It sounds more like Warehouse 13 or Eureka(who did something like that).Sometime a cigar is just a cigar and the writers just goofed, or did they?? I'd miss the MOL batcave.