Editor's Note: This chilling verse gives us a glimpse into Sam's despair at the end of season 5, when he was in the cage. He reflects on the events of his life, and the warnings he chose to ignore along the way. His choices made him a hero but, nonetheless, left him alone and in despair. Sam desperately stokes the flames of hope, which are at the core of who he is as a person, but in the end, he sees no way out. 

Kim Poem skin to bone   

They said they would turn my skin to bone,

If I ever went after their throne.

They would ruin my only way home.

Condemn me to always be alone.


They said they would turn my skin to bone,

Take away the time when I could roam,

Take away the time when I was home,

Put all my loved ones in a tombstone.

As the smell of my brother’s cologne

Fades, no longer picking up his phone,

And recalling when I was disowned.

Tainted, am I turning skin to bone?


No, I am not turning skin to bone.

I am never turning skin to bone.

Could be, am I turning skin to bone?

Perhaps, I am turning skin to bone.


The Devil crumbled me, skin to bone.

Because he surpassed me to the throne.

And he compelled me to the unknown.

Condemning me to being alone.


Written by Kim.Z.
Illustrated by Nightsky.

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