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So, the shoe has dropped.  Jensen, Jared, and Misha made the announcement on Instagram today, “Supernatural” season 15 will be the last.    

It’s not that news like this is unexpected.  It’s been looming for a few years and not uncommon for a long running show.  I heard rumblings that this might be a possibility at Comic Con last summer.  The primary concern was for the crew and them finding new work if it came to be, which proves just how tight knit a family the cast and crew has become over the years.   But anyone who works in television knows that this moment has to come someday and when it does, it’s bittersweet.  Everyone knows it’s time and they can celebrate a job well done, but the prospect of having to say goodbye is heartbreaking. 

When you look on the surface, it's no wonder why "Supernatural" has such appeal.   It's a story of two human beings fighting for all of humanity against the entire universe of angels, demons and monsters.  Often times, they fight their own demons as well as the bad guys and have suffered many tragic losses in their quest.  The odds are always crappy but they keep going and persevere, despite setbacks.  They keep fighting, take a beating, but keep getting back up and are ready for more.  But what has made "Supernatural" so extraordinary is its impact, not its themes.  “Supernatural” fans in real life have also begun to believe in the impossible, healing their broken lives and trying to make a difference in this world just like their favorite characters.  For many it's just removing obstacles that have always gotten in their way of living life to its fullest.  For others, it's overcoming tragedy and total collapse to be the person they were meant to be.  That is what makes "Supernatural" something far greater than a mere television show. 

I’ve always thought in the back of my mind, what would be my reaction when the day finally came?  Today, I’m feeling a ton of pride.  I’ve been very, very fortunate since I started blogging for “Supernatural” to see so many great things.   I have grown disgruntled with the show creatively, but I still haven’t given up on the SPN Family, which is the true legacy of this show.  I’ve had so many extraordinary experiences to share just because I decided to step out of my comfort zone back in 2007 after falling in love with a show I discovered while channel flipping.  I still get tickled when I read an inspirational fan story and how “Supernatural” has inspired them to overcome a big obstacle in their lives or given them the courage to do something they’ve always been afraid to do.  Those are the stories will never end.  There will also be years of continuing fan fiction, fan art,  cosplay, conventions, etc., all in celebration of this little show that avoided cancellation and went onto big things.  

“Supernatural” changing lives was a popular topic at last weekend’s “A Conversation With Eric Kripke” in Toledo.  Kripke himself confessed that the best thing to come out of “Supernatural” has been the community that has grown out of it.  Luckily, the entire SPN family has a little while to contemplate and reflect on this announcement. It will be another year before the end comes.  Season 15 will have 20 episodes, just like season 14.   But we in the SPN family know that it’s only end of the TV show, not the phenomena that has grown out of it.  The show will be leaving behind enough material and a dedicated fandom devoted to impacting lives for years to come. 

We are going to be spending some time reflecting in the next year on what "Supernatural" has done for us and what sort of legacy it leaves behind, but right now it's your turn.  Is there a story you’d like to share about how “Supernatural” has changed your life personally?  What are your feelings in general about today’s announcement?  We have a nice one week hiatus coming, so this is a great time to reflect back and share what “Supernatural” means to you and how it will live on forever.