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Friday, July 23 marks the beginning of Comic-Con@Home, San Diego Comic-Con's (SDCC) 5-day virtual event that brings pop culture's largest convention into fans' homes!

When it was airing in prime-time, Supernatural had a huge presence at SDCC. Each year, from the moment they stepped foot near San Diego's convention center, Jared, Jensen and Misha were paraded through high profile guest appearances at all the right party boats to non-stop interviews for major media outlets! Autograph lines and the main stage Supernatural Hall H panel (plus the "behind the curtain" press rooms), were so popular with fans, Sunday was nicknamed "Supernatural Sunday" in honor of the massive throng of people who waited overnight for a coveted chance to hear the show's producers and actors talk about upcoming seasons.  The WFB brought these events to you for many years, including the emotional 2019 farewell Supernatural panel. This year, we're all watching our favorite panels on our tiny computer screens instead of the jumbo, surround-sound, AV systems at the convention center, but the show must go on, so I've scoured the massive 5 day schedule to find the line-up of past Supernatural producers and cast members plus Supernatural-adjacent panels at SDCC 2021!

All times are Pacific time zone!

Friday, July 23

"Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two"  3:00-4:00 PM

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, DC, and Warner Bros. Animation continue their traditional DC Universe Movies appearance at Comic-Con with a star-studded panel discussing the most anticipated animated Super Hero release of the year–Batman: the Long Halloween! {...}Watch the fun as panelists discuss the thrilling conclusion to this epic tale, including Jensen Ackles (Supernatural, Batman: Under the Red Hood) as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Katee Sackhoff (The Mandalorian, Battlestar Galactica, Batman: Year One) as Poison Ivy, Julie Nathanson (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay) as Gilda Dent, Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Knight) as The Joker and screenwriter Tim Sheridan (Reign of the Supermen, Superman: Man of Tomorrow). actress/host Tiffany Smith (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, DC Daily) moderates the festivities. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, the feature-length animated film–which will be accompanied by the latest DC Showcase animated short, Blue Beetle –arrives July 27, 2021, on Digital and August 10, 2021, on Blu-ray.

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Saturday, July 24

"Behind the Veil: The Winchester Mystery House Comic Book Series" 10:00 - 11:00AM

Writer Joshua Werner (Rampant, co-founder of Source Point Press) and artist Dustin Irvin (The Seance Room) discuss the behind-the-scenes creation of the upcoming Source Point Press comic book series The Winchester Mystery House. Introduced by Walter Magnuson, general manager of the Winchester Mystery House, this panel explores the thrills and struggles behind crafting a horror story based on one of the greatest architectural marvels in the world and the incredible life of its mysterious owner, Sarah Winchester.

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