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So, we know that live ratings these days are not a major indicator of a show's success.  There's buzz on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there's online views, DVR ratings, yada yada.  But still, when a show you're hoping will succeed does such impressive live ratings right out of the gate, one has to take it as a really promising sign. 

Walker premiered last week to 2.43 million viewers, which incidentally was over 1 million viewers more than the "Supernatural" series finale.   Given their ratings these days, it's easily number one for The CW, by a lot. It was the largest audience for The CW in more than 3 years, the largest audience on Thursday in 4 years, and the best series premiere the network has had in 5 years.  That's quite something given how live ratings have dwindled so drastically.  

This week, as expected had a slight drop off, but it was still over 2 million.  2.11 million to be exact.  I know it's only 2 weeks in, but I think The CW can call this a hit.  If this keeps up, they can call this their new crown jewel.   

Ratings per Showbuzz Daily

Final Bcast 2021 Jan 21 THU

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