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In celebration of the premiere of Jared's new show, "Walker," next week, Jared has made the cover!  It's a fine looking cover. 

Walker tv guide cover

Copies can be found in stores right now.  Unfortunately, a lot of subscribers, aka the hoards of SPN fans looking for this in their mailboxes, might have an extended wait.  The continue delivery delays at the US Postal Service have impacted timely magazine delivery too.  Here is the statement on the TV Guide Magazine website and Facebook page.  

TV Guide Magazine continues to print & provide copies to the US Postal Service on time, for delivery to our valued customers. Covid-19, however, is impacting the US Postal Service nationwide causing delivery delays. Please allow extra time for mailbox receipt of your new issue and thank you for your patience.

Previews keep cropping up too!  Here's one from YouTube:


"Walker" takes over the Thursday at 8pm time slot previously held by "Supernatural" on the CW on January 21st.

Want to know more about "Walker?"  Check out the past WFB articles about the show. 

ared also was featured in Men's Health magazine flexing some pretty serious muscles!  You can read all about this in our Weekly World News segment.  

Updated:  Here's a snippet from the Chicago Tribune, Parade Magazine, January 17, 2021 edition.  

IMG 4024