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Some new photos have been posted for "Walker," Jared's new show, which premieres on The CW on January 21st.  First, there's the very delightful promo poster:

Walker S1 Promo

Then there's a few photos.  They seem to be coming out slowly, so stay tuned and I'll keep adding them here as more appear:

WLK101b 0013r

WLK101d 0125r

WLK101f 0200r

As we mentioned in our recent "Supernatural Weekly World News," the trailer has been released by Jared for "Walker" as well.  I'll issue a mild spoiler alert, but it's not really giving away any premise that's in the series description.  

Late on Wednesday, we all got to see a second, extended trailer for Walker! The mystery builds! 

We'll keep you updated as more teasers are released!