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To boost the spirits of the Supernatural cast during filming, pass on some fun messages during the the final year of Supernatural, and as a gift to fans who were missing the show, a member of the SPNFamily, Kas (Capt_FrightNite on Twitter), reached out to cast members of Supernatural during COVID lockdown to request Cameo video messages for Team Free Will 2.0 - Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack.

S15 Crop
Some of the show's favorite characters sent along messages and they are a real treat!
COVID19 delayed many of the messages from getting out sooner, but this week, the filmed Cameo's are starting to appear. There are quite a few. The first is from Sully (Nate Torrence 11.08 'Just My Imagination') to Sam. 
Keep scrolling and enjoy!

Sully (Nate Torrence) to Sam


Gabriel/Trickster (Richard Speight Jr.)  to Sam, Dean, and Cas


 Amara (Emily Swallow) to Dean


Benny (Ty Olsson) to Dean


 Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) to Team Free Will 


 Frank (Kevin McNally) to Sam and Dean


Balthazar (Seb Roche) to Castiel



Cupid (Lex Medlin) to Sam, Dean, and Castiel

Capt FrightNite paid for the Cameo messages. We are grateful for the gift that has been given to the SPN Family from these cast members!
For those who follow Capt FrightNite on Twitter, the fan got a star named after the show in 2019 (Misha Collins gave the SPN Family a star in 2018), and just recently, a SPN sigil was created by this fan.


We'll add more Cameo videos to the list when they are released.

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