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The final day of Supernatural  is gaining worldwide attention, as the news that it was all over finally came this evening:

It was Alex Calvert who provided a tiny hint of hope after fandom's heart broke apart:

Let's see what people had been saying up to the point of the final scene wrap. 
 Current and Former Cast Members
From James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman)
Lauren Tom (Linda Tran)
Skyler Racdzion (Max from 'Lebanon' and 'Don't Go Into The Woods')
Madison McLaughlin (Krissy Chambers)
Sergio Osuna (Minio 'The Bad Seed'

Supernatural's Creative Team and Crew

Don Koch (Editor)
 Other Tributes to Supernatural
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#ThankYouSupernatural When Supernatural first aired, two major events happened in my life, I met my soon to be wife Michelle and I joined Louden Swain. A couple years after joining the band, we began writing and working on new material for our upcoming album “Eskimo”. During one of those writing sessions, Rob came in with the news that he’d been booked on a TV show. That show was (drum roll) Supernatural. Me being familiar with the show, I was pretty stoked for Rob. How rad, right? The band continued to work on the release of that album which lead to playing more & more shows. One day Rob was asked if the band would perform at one of the Supernatural conventions he was appearing at here in LA. When presented to the band, we were all pretty fired up. I mean after all, this was an opportunity to share our music with an amazing audience. Back home Michelle and I were starting a new family of our own, while simultaneously I was being introduced to the SPN Family. My life was expanding at an overwhelming rate. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to be where I am today because of this band, this show, this family. It’s had an everlasting impact on my life that is impossible for me to put into words. I’ve traveled to parts of the world I’ve never in a million years thought I’d see. I’ve been able to share the stage with so many amazing, talented people who have become life long friends. And most of all, I’ve met so many amazing people, who are not only fans of the show, but also amazing supporters of the band and our music. Today marks the last day of production for #Supernatural 15 seasons. Unreal. I am thankful. #ThankYouSupernatural #15Years #Amazing ? ❤️ #Grateful #SPNfamily

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Damain Holbrook from TV Insider said.
Check back as we will keep covering the reactions to the end of the Supernatural era.