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Misha Collins hosted a virtual conversation with Senator Cory Booker, senate candidate M J Hegar (TX), Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki on August 11, 2020.  This came just off the back of the StageIt panel last weekend with J2 , where they chatted to fans about quarantine and Supernatural. 

Misha Collins  Booker, Collins, Hegar and Ackles

Two huge fans of the show, Booker and Hegar, let their love of the show come through with Booker confessing he has watched the show twice through already, and had questions about the ending. (No spoilers)! 

Jensen was careful not to give away any spoilers but did confess that rewriting had to be done in the wake of COVID19, and the last two episodes would tie up the final season and the series nicely, a 'double wammy' so to speak. 

Booker, Collins, Hegar and Ackles

They chatted about what their families have been doing during lockdown, how they all were coping and Jensen's CoVid changes at The Family Business Beer Company. Misha confessed he was 'bluffing his way through long division' when helping his children with math.

Misha Collins

Booker was excited to talk to Jensen, Jared, and Misha! He was visibly thrilled to meet his TV heroes, talk about eating habits of Sam and Dean / Jared and Jensen,  and of course, the hair!   


Booker, Collins, Hegar, Ackels, Padalecki

Booker talked about his favorite episodes 'The French Mistake' and 'The Real Ghostbusters', and toying with the idea of turning up at a convention in cosplay as Rufus!  

Booker, Collins, Hegar, Ackles, Padalecki

After geeking out over Supernatural, the conversation moved towards voting, the upcoming elections in the USA, and how things have changed in the political landscape over the last few years. They all observed how having conversations with others who have different beliefs or ideas, and finding common ground is important.

This virtual conversation came after a week of GISH, where many GISH-ers were inspired to perform random acts of kindness, support worthy causes, and  help those less fortunate. The five on the call talked about these 'random acts of kindness' and how one small moment can become much bigger, a movement, with each person following the example of others - from Hegar's first hand experience of receiving a loaf of bread for her family, to Danneel Ackles watching someone help a disabled person at the DMV. 

Booker, Collins, Hegar, Ackles, Padalecki

The conversation came full circle with both Booker and Hegar talking about the values of Supernatural, the courage of the characters and their personal experiences watching and relating to story lines. Hegar was thrilled that Booker was a huge 'dork' over Supernatural, and both cannot wait to see what is in store for the rest of season 15.

Booker, Collins, Hegar, Ackles, Padalecki

It was great to see the love of the show and the guys from Sen Booker and senate candidate Hegar!

Booker, Collins, Hegar, Ackles, Padalecki

You can watch the full panel here or below.