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Supernatural and Kansas fans were in for a real treat this week thanks to Misha Collins and GISH! 

A highlight of GISH virtual summer camp activities was an online campfire sing-along of Supernatural's adopted theme song "Carry On Wayward Son" with the band Kansas! A special Zoom get together with the band members, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki warmed up everyone's vocal chords for the singing. 


They talked about about music, some of the history of the song, Jensen’s love of Kansas,

GISHSingWKansas 210

Supernatural fans who turn up to the Kansas shows,

GISHSingWKansas 256

and Jared’s hair... 

GISHSingWKansas 298

which led to some great humor!

GISHSingWKansas 302

GISHSingWKansas 304

Misha's text announcement of the event invited all #SPNFamily to participate, even if they weren't part of a GISH team, saying "I miss my SPNFamily fiercely, so I'm hosting a SPNFamily reunion!" Up to 250 people joined the Zoom virtual campfire, to create a little chaos for GISH and to see if they could break any Zoom records. Some delays in the audio sing-a-long added to the chaos – and ‘Dammit Misha’, GISH-ers broke Zoom! 

GISHSingWKansas 351

This was also part of the GISH scavenger hunt items (ITEM #2).

GISHSingWKansas 376

The full video can be found here.

GISHSingWKansas 150

Screencaps courtesy of Raloria@Livejournal