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Alexander Calvert was born on 15 July 1990 in Vancouver, Canada. He plays the lovable, quirky, sometimes naive Nephilim "Jack Cline" on Supernatural.
To celebrate his birthday this year, Alex has decided to hold a a virtual fundraiser! Our friends at Creation Entertainments Virtual Fan Experience helped arrange the charitable event, with tickets priced at $99. Proceeds will go to The Trevor Project , an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, and Black Lives Matter charities. Fans will have an exclusive 4-minute 1-on-1 virtual chat with Alex. There are fifty spaces available.

Enjoy chatting with Alex and raising money for charity but don't wait because spots are limited! Since Ruth Connell's meet and greet has already been SOLD OUT do not dilly dally! Tickets are available here.

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