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Today in Millennium Park, Chicago, Misha Collins told a group of his fans that he was in town for hip replacement surgery. He said he had met with his doctor in the morning and joked about the titanium they'd be using to replace his hip. He confirmed that his wife, Vicki, was not yet in town, but would be joining him soon.

Misha was on set in Vancouver, Canada last week filming Supernatural. The series is now on their holiday hiatus break from filming until after the new year. 

The WFB's Nightsky was among the fans who met Misha in Chicago. Her report, "Misha Shares Unexpected News During Surprise Chicago Visit" documented his approximately 20 minute visit with his fans.

Hollywood North Buzz has more coverage.

Dr. Berger is a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon.
A pioneer of minimally invasive joint replacement surgery.
His advancements allow most of his patients to walk independently and leave the hospital the very same day of their surgery.