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Okay SPNFamily, let’s briefly talk about the elephant in the room.

It’s been my long standing policy to not address celebrity scandals of one of our own in this site, but unfortunately the spiraling events of today have warranted some words.  I’m not going to give any details (the entertainment sites that have chosen a sensational news story over benefit of the doubt have that covered) but let’s just say that poor Jared had a really bad weekend.  I have already made myself sick reading all the details, the comments, and the multitude of tweets.  After stewing about it a while, I feel it's important to say something.  I think it’s important to remind some people that we are dealing with a very human situation.  

For those of us of legal drinking age and older (especially those of us who are much older), who hasn’t had a regrettable night of drunkenness?  There aren’t many people that haven’t.  The difference between us and someone like Jared is we have the benefit of videos our escapades not ending up all over social media and celebrity sites.  We all have the benefit of not having hordes of people speculate whether you have an alcohol problem, or a mental problem, or anger management issues, and debate about it at length.  It’s a right of passage for all adults to go out and let loose.  Just once in a while, it ends up being too much and embarrassing things happen.  That’s called life.  If you’re not convinced, just listen to every country music song ever written.  It’s just worse when you’re celebrity, and it’s hard to remember they are normal human beings just like us.  

I refuse to speculate about what happened or discuss it.  As a matter of fact, this will never get mentioned again on this site.  I know it’s a knee jerk reaction for those in this fandom to come to the defense of Jared, but trust me when I say he doesn’t need defending right now.  Many of the people making derogatory comments are trolls and trouble makers looking to get a rise out of loyal fans because they know it is so easy.  Responding back, whether with support or worry or personal analysis of the situation, is raising the profile of the incident and honestly, this man and his family need privacy and some dignity after this.  They don't need more chatter.  We owe them that much.  

I’m keeping the message simple. Four words that say it all and never need to be said about this again.  We support you Jared!  

Thank you all for your love and endearing support.  Let's just try to keep it practical this time.