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While our show was having its final panel at Comic Con, some of our former cast and BTS personnel were also part of the convention. See below the cut for more information.
 Robbie Thompson took part in the Marvel's Pull List panel to "share [his] top 5 comic book picks from Marvel Unlimited"
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Rachel Miner and Shoshanna Stern took part in "Supernatural, Accessibility, And An Open Conversation About Disability - SDCC"
 DJ Qualls (Garth) was promoting his new series Creepshow Shudder’s Creepshow TV series gets a first trailer
We will update this article if more interviews become available. Nightsky will also be writing detailed reports (with photos!) on Kripke's The Boys premiere, which she covered while at Comic-Con. In addition, she'll soon be publishing a multi-part interview with Robbie Thompson, which they finished at SDCC! Stay tuned! 

Congratulations to all of former cast and crew