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Here's some important news coming out of CW land.  Why don't I share the surprise announcement coming from the show's star?

Yes, long running DC Universe flagship "Arrow" is ending next season.  The show was recently renewed for its eighth season in January.  This is a cast and crew that are very close to "Supernatural." Both shows shoot at the same studios in Burnaby, BC and Jared, Jensen, and Stephen have quite brotherhood going at the Canadian Motion Picture Park and beyond.

If adding up the number of episodes, the show will end either on or very close to the annual Arrowverse crossover. Of course it sounds like the end of the show might not be the end of the Green Arrow partaking in the annual event. Stephen Amell had this to say on Facebook Live, “Something tells me even when I’m done, I won’t be gone. If you watch the Arrowverse, you should understand that… I think it’s been a good run. It’s no Supernatural, but it’s been a good run.” 

It may be no "Supernatural" but "Arrow" has done what SPN has failed to do, launch a series of spinoffs that have greatly expanded it's universe. "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow" will be continuing and the new DC show previewed in this year's crossover, "Batwoman," is practically a shoe-in for pickup next season. Perhaps that will end up picking up "Arrow's" timeslot when it leaves?

Of course, fans on Twitter are already calling for Stephen to guest star on "Supernatural."

I think he looks like a natural in Baby!

Updated:  Want to watch the entire Facebook Live chat?  It can be found here:

What do you think of this surprise announcement? Do you think it's time?  Who will Jared and Jensen harass once Stephen is gone? (Besides every new guest star and Misha).  Share your "Arrow" memories, or your favorite Jared, Jensen, and Stephen moment.