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We are getting tweets from the cast, crew and others from the celebration of Supernatural hittiing 300 episodes. See below the cut for more!
Nov. 21 Updates on Page 3!
Anthony Letran, who made the exquist cake posted these pictures
Look at those incredible wings!
You can see what the top looked like, here.
Ruth Connell posted
From Genevieve Padalecki
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300 episodes! I’m so proud of what Jared, Jensen and the entire #SPN crew have accomplished. This is no small feat, and it doesn’t happen by accident. This team of amazing people don’t just work together, they love together. I was lucky enough to work on this show, which led me to meet my husband, my BFF @danneelackles512, and brought the blessing of 3 beautiful children into my life. This show is so much more meaningful than what’s on our TV screens. Thank you so much for watching, supporting, and following. Thank you to so so many (you too, Phil Sigricia, for casting me after Wildfire). This has been a wild ride and I cannot wait to see where else it takes us all. #SPNfamily

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Meredith Glynn shared her pictures
as did Davy Perez
 Meghan Fitzmartin took many picture, including a clip of Bob Singer, singing
Mary Manchin watched Eugenie Ross-Lemming watch her husband Bob as he performed
Bob Berens gave his contributions to the pictures
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Fans and others shared what they have.
Holly Otis from Warner Brothers posted these
Jared and Jensen at the milestone episode celebrations
We have a small clip of Jensen singing
 KSite TV has interviews from the party.
Warning, mild casting spoilers in this next one
New Videos 
Jensen posted this.
Congratulations came pouring in.
 Kevin Parks posted all the Supernatural pins from over the years.
Danneel Ackles posted in her Instagram
Update #2

 Update # 3
 More Videos from the Red Capet.
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 We will continue to provide updates to the story as we find them.