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For those that didn't know, The People's Choice Awards has opened up it's nominations process.  So far, "Supernatural" is only in one category, THE SCI-FI/FANTASY SHOW OF 2018, but there are some unique ways to get it nominated for other categories. 
First, a bit of background information about the changes to the awards this year.  The ceremony will no longer be on CBS and will instead be on E!.  It has been moved up a few months to November 11.  
These are the rules, according to Deadline Hollywood: 

E! is engaging fans worldwide to select their choice from the 12 nominees along with a write-in option in each category to help determine the five finalists who will move forward to the next phase of voting. Nomination voting can be done at as well as Facebook where fans can post either publicly or privately and include: one category hashtag, one corresponding nominee hashtag, and #PCAs. On Twitter, fans can vote by sending a public tweet or retweet and include one category hashtag, one corresponding nominee hashtag, and #PCAs.

Voting ends at 11:59 PM ET on Sept. 14. After the voting window closes, the top five nominees based on fan votes in each category will become the official finalists. The finalist voting window will begin Sept. 24 and run through Oct. 19. 

Here is the People's Choice Awards on Twitter:

Here is the PCA Facebook Page:

I know lots of "Supernatural" fans have been mobilized, like they are every year, so join in on the fun if you haven't already.  There is still time!