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Misha Collins continues to try to make the world a better place. As we reported earlier,  GISHWHES has morphed into a new Scavenger Hunt GISH and you can now register for GISH! The chance to join this year's GISH, is running out.
GISH just extended its registration deadline!
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Last year, gishers around the globe came together to save 40,000 acres of rainforest, providing a home to hundreds of exotic and endangered species— including the elusive pangolin (which Misha Collins still isn’t entirely convinced is a real animal). Now, GISH is bringing the animal rescue closer to home to rescue animals many of us consider family: dogs and cats. 

GISH has partnered with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from kill shelters and the global meat trade. This year, a portion of every GISH registration, registration gifted, or Gisholarship you purchase will go toward helping to rescue these animals. Sign up and choose whether you want to help save a dog or a cat… Boom! You’ll have helped save a life. Our goal is to save at least 1,000 dogs and cats by the end of registration. For every 100 animals you rescue, we’ll release one animal from our “Virtual Kennel” and introduce them to you!

So go now! Register for the Hunt and save a dog— or a cat. Then, gift a registration to a friend or add a Gisholarship to rescue an additional cat (or a dog). No matter who you choose, you’ll be helping provide forever homes for these adorable little fuzz-faces. Thank you.

 Misha took part in an Ask Me Anything session to celebrate GISH.
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