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ABC TV announced that it was cancelling Galavant.

All is not lost, however. reports 'Galavant' scoop: ABC cancels beloved comedy, but there's hope for #MoreGalavant.

ABC's loss could be another network's gain. Fans continue to champion their cherished show by aiming the #MoreGalavant campaign towards Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. "Galavant" pulled off a miracle once before, so there's hope for yet another save. After all, it's not everyday that you come across a carefully crafted comedy with wickedly witty and cleverly catchy music created by Disney geniuses, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. If one of the above networks breathes new life into "Galavant," then show-runners Kat Likkel and John Hoberg (who thanked fans on Twitter and acknowledged the news with a simple reference to King Richard's teary Season One lullaby, "Goodnight My Friend") can certainly "Build a New Tomorrow" for our favorite characters. Right?!

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On the bright side, Menken assured fans that "Galavant" isn't done for good. Moments after the cancellation news broke, the Oscar winner sent out a tweet guaranteeing fans that "Galavant" will "live on in so many ways." Soon after, he answered @TheMatthewPaul's question and confirmed that a stage version of "Galavant" really is in the works. Huzzah!!! Perhaps the Tony Awards will finally give Team Galavant the credit they greatly deserve.
Tim tweeted

It would be great if Tim could continue his role as King Richard  on one of the On Demand streaming services. Good luck to the campaign.

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