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As part of Warner Brothers promotion of Batman v. Superman, they filmed Jared and Milo debating who would win that fight.

The original story was published by UPI (United Press International) and picked up by many other sites. Most of the headlines focus on the Gilmore Girls revival. Many of the stories cover the same information. Here's a roundup of the reports, but first, the video

Bustle, where the sharp-eyed reporter picked up on a potential Gilmore Girl spoiler, This Potential 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Spoiler Might Tell Us A Lot About Dean's Future With Rory — VIDEO .

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Zimbio Damn, Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia Look Hot as Hell on the Set of 'Gilmore Girls'.

Perez Hilton Dean & Jess Are Back! Watch Jared Padalecki & Milo Ventimiglia Argue Batman V Superman — On The Set Of The Gilmore Girls Revival!! .

Cosmopolitan First look at Jess and Dean on the Gilmore Girls set.

ETOnline 'Gilmore Girls' Revival: Mae Whitman Cast, Sutton Foster Cries and Rory's Exes Debate 'Batman v Superman'.

Country Music News US 99.5 Jess And Dean Are Already At Odds On ‘Gilmore Girls’ Set!.

GILMORE GIRLS: Jared Padalecki & Milo Ventimiglia Share Their Batman v Superman Thoughts.

Which guy is right? Who would win the fight between Batman and Superman? Most importantly, doesn't Jared look great?  Let us know in the comments.