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You might have noticed a slight change with articles on The Winchester Family Business today.  We made the official cut over to the DISQUS commenting system!  This was a change that I warned about off and on for the last few months, and it's finally here! 

I have kept most of the features the same.  Guests can still post comments.  Just check the "I'd rather post as a guest" box when trying to post and give a name and email. 

If you want to login, create a DISQUS account. It's easy - the link is in the upper right hand corner of the commenting section that appears after each article. Chances are very good you already have a DISQUS account, though.  DISQUS is on 75% of the websites out there (and is the solution for Tumblr), so if you've created an account elsewhere, it will work here as well.  You can also login using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google logins.  It's that simple!  For those of you who post on both The Winchester Family Business and TV For The Rest of Us, you only need your one DISQUS login now to comment. 

Attachments are allowed, and now the comments will take GIFs! 

For those wondering about the Discussion Page, this change to DISQUS has no effect on that page.  Everything will remain the same there, including creating a profile and logging in.  It runs on a whole different system. 

I will keep comments from the old system up in the articles in read-only mode (login and editing for those older comments has been disabled).  They will show at the bottom, underneath DISQUS comments. 

If you have any problems or difficulties, just go to About Us/Contact Us and send me a message, or leave a reply in the "Having a Technical Problem on The Winchester Family Business" thread on the Discussion Page. 

Overall, I think you all will be very pleased with the changes.  Posting and logging in is much faster, it'll be less prone to "timeouts" which ends up wiping out entire posts (although always copy your comment before hitting that post button just to be sure), is far better to read on mobile devices, and has far less spam.  Once you've given it a test drive, feel free to let us know what you think!