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Kickstarter is helping fund many new projects. One is a revival of Mystery Science Theater.  Now Felicia Day is being considered for a major role in MST3K.
Comic Book Resources/Spinoff Online reports ‘MST3K’ Reboot Casts Felicia Day As New Villain.

As the Kickstarter campaign to #BringBackMST3K races towards funding a completely new season of the beloved cult series “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” series creator and campaign master Joel Hodgson has slowly released info about who will board the Satellite of Love for the new batch of episodes. Last Monday, he announced that comedian and “Nerdist” podcast host Jonah Ray will take on the lead role (a role originally filled by Hodgson). Now we know who will be tormenting Jonah and his robot friends with cheesy movies — Felicia Day.

IGN notes

Series creator Joel Hodgson was careful to point out they don't yet have a formal deal in place with the actress due to uncertainties regarding how the Kickstarter campaign would pan out; however, he said "it's probably going to happen."

TV Guide calls it

 a union made in geek heaven

Io9 is even more effusive In the Greatest Casting of All Time, Felicia Day May Be MST3K's Next Mad Scientist . They go  on to say

In news that literally has my heart racing, Joel Hodgson has announced his pick for the new “Mad” of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a.k.a. the insane scientist that forces the host to watch all those bad movies. That choice? Felicia freakin’ Day as Dr. Forrester’s daughter.

Joel Hodgson, the man behind the series, says this

First, I'm hoping that Felicia Day will join us as "Kinga Forrester," MST3K's next Mad… and Dr. Clayton Forrester's daughter!Since Felicia is kind of "nerd royalty," a lot of you might already know her: she was in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, she created a killer web series called The Guild, and launched the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry.Actually, you know, I'll come back to Felicia in a minute. First, I want to tell you a little bit about Kinga Forrester, who is also new to MST3K.


Anyway, here's what I gleaned from it: Felicia's secret power might be that she is fine being an outsider. And I also just think she can pull off being likable, intimidating and "crazy" all at the same time: a total wild card! As the next Mad, she's gonna need all that and more.

 This Kickstarter ended December 12. It was a tremendous success. 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' revival sets new Kickstarter record. We will be seeing Felicia in the 14 episode season.

How wonderful that Felicia is doing so well and is so in demand. She certainly deserves it!


# cheryl42 2015-12-23 20:47
OMG I can't wait! I loved MST3K. I watched it religiously. Those 50's science fiction movies were the best. Felicia Day is going to be perfect. I hope she has the same kind of hysterical sidekicks to help her along the way.