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We here at the Winchester Family Business got a very special message today from our SPN friend Jim Beaver, who is currently promoting his new project, Internity.

We've mentioned this project before, but when you get a personal shoutout like this, it's hard not to spread the word again!  Without your support, this series does not get made.  It isn't just Jim that would benefit from this.  Are you fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation?  Alums Michael Dorn (who directs the pilot) and Marina Sirtis are in this too!  It also stars Carla Jimenez, Richard Ruccolo, and Joey Adams.  

All the details are right here:

The project is so far 11% funded, so they need your support!  

Julie McNiven has just tweeted that she is part of the cast of Internity!

And Kim Rhodes seems to have been asked to guest star, if the series is made.

This will be a real Supernatural reunion if fans can make this happen.