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Supernatural around the Internet this week:


Jared's campaign for depression awareness was the big news of the week as he was interviewed by many sites. Stop The Stigma , an organization committed to depression awareness, noted Jared's campaign on their Twitter account. See our prior news articles for details on all of Jared's other interviews!

Jared's campaign was not the only news on the 'Net this week. The Examiner has an interview with Helena Mariewho will be guest starring in Wednesday's episode.  She discusses her role on Supernatural, with some mild spoilers, as well as her other work in movies and voice acting.

Osric Chau posted an editorial feature of a photo shoot of him as a "Masculine Cosmopolitan" in Vigore Magazine.

Bad news for our readers who are not in North America - the Kansas Documentary will only be shown in the USA and Canada! Kansas is  working to have it shown internationally. When we hear news that it is available elsewhere, we will post it. Thanks to Eileen Prince for following up.

Finally, the CW has announced that the season 10 finale will air on May 20. Mark your calendars!!