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Even though you could call me a Supernatural happy camper fan, I do have a few things that I would have wanted the show to delve into more properly. Some of these I have mentioned but mostly I like to keep the things that bother me to myself. That doesn't mean those things are not there. Some are just small quibbles but some of them are huge for me - such as not understanding why some things were written the way they were.

The things I have chosen to talk about here I have saved to my "For your eyes only" file during these 15 years. The top one is the worst one of course. I know all of us fans have their own list for sure. Some have kept it secret like I have and some have been more vocal. So, I invite you to join me to this discussion with your list. Let's Discuss!

Top 10 Wasted Opportunities: My List

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Death Chart by lostboycas *as of 21st May ‘15*Check out the link for bigger pictures. As you can see, a lot happened after May 2015 and that is my number one missed opportunity.

1. All uselessly/needlessly killed allies/Frenemies

Where do I begin... I think I have been very vocal about this one. You know the examples for this one, Benny, Cain, Gadreel, Charlie, Eileen, Missouri, Crowley, Mary... You can create drama without killing everyone. I hate this trope with a passion. I hate it in other shows too even though some of them might have only killed one person that really matters to the show. I think Supernatural has made me more sensitive about this matter than I would normally be. The most recent example was Lee Webb, played by Christian Kane. First, they should have had him appear earlier, as a recurring hunter friend, but killing him immediately on the show was a bummer.

SPN 0873

2. Purgatory/AU

I really loved both of these places: the atmosphere, the closed and intimate feeling about them, the color effect, the danger and the story over all. They could have done much much more with them. I guess it is because I like post-apocalyptic movies/TV shows all together like The Terminator, Book of Eli, Defiance, Falling Skies, etc.

SPN 1426

3. Demon Dean

Alright, I need to say that I like how they portrayed the Mark of Cain story line and Demon Dean but ... I wanted something more about it - Dean to be more evil, the separation of the brothers be longer, more dramatic, etc.. If you know Angels' alter evil ego, Angelus, you know what I mean. And yes, I wanted him to be more evil, brutal.

SPN 1721

4. Gadreel (Helping TFW)

Gadreel was one of the characters I really enjoyed and had so much potential. That doesn't take away the fact that his story line was great and that it ended with a redemption sacrifice, but it was already predicted. They could have taken another route. It would have been new to get another angel that could have ALSO been a good angel. Pair him with Castiel on things, make him open a detective agency and he could have helped the brothers at one time and another... Tahmoh Penikett was great so it was a shame really.

SPN 1292

5. Gregoris

Alright, so they introduced really old, bad-ass evil angels with cool swords and we only got them for one episode? COOL, cool, cool, not wasted at all. -unhappy face-

SPN 1050

6. Missouri Moseley

She was first supposed to be on the show instead of Bobby but the actress' timetables prevented that. Still, she should have been in the episodes more and yes, I did not like that in her second and last episode they brought her back only to kill her. I mean really? Why?


7. Spin-off idea

For a Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Daughters was not my first choice, nor were the monster families of Chicago (ick). When the ideas were announced, I began to think of a few more that could work;

- Colt (Samuel Colt) Monsters in Western times.
- Eden P.I. (Gadreel hunting angels/artifacts) Supernatural crime solving.
- Men of Letters
- Women of Letters
- Supernatural - Ness Eliot Ness battling Capone and monsters.
- Wayward (different design) Jody and Donna protecting their town and they would have some help from a trusted male hunter like Asa Fox.
- Supernatural - Purgatory Group of people trapped in Purgatory, co-existing with monsters.
- Supernatural - Judah Initiative (Aaron, Golem and Thule stuff)

- Witched focusing on the hunter witch twins.
- Supernatural: Dark Paths (own story) Story about a half-monster woman, her brother and her group fighting evil monsters.
- Banchee Vale, episodic Supernatural mystery with five witches/warlocks by teachings of Sam.


8. Freeing Lucifer / Freeing Adam at the same time

Well, Adam has been freed now but did you see how well Jake Abel did his return? It is a shame he wasn't brought back earlier. They could have had chances story wise many, many times. Now my only hope is that Adam and Michael gets their happy ending - walking down the road hitchhiking and carrying a back bag, being free.

supernatural men of letters header

9. Men of Letters 

(And I do not mean the British Men of Letters atrocity)

Lore of Men of Letters had so much potential, even more than they utilized. The lost potential is really a shame. There were also some great possibilities on the British branch but in reality what they did, didn't work. I did not like that story line at all. Mick and Ketch were the best parts.  

wynonna earp melanie scrofano tim rozon

10. Wynonna Earp crossover

Talking about AUs, they could have made this crossover work. I mean Sam and Dean meeting Wynonna, her sister and even Doc Holliday, yes that Doc Holliday. You know Dean would fangirl him so badly! Also, both shows fight demons and monsters, It is a prefect fit.

Honorably mentions:

The Antichrist: huge loose end they never mentioned again.
She Impala episode: Baby as a live woman. Come on, you know you need it!
Sam, Dean and Castiel as female hunters.
Sam and Dean bodyswap episode.

So that's my list! Do you have the same regrets that I have? Something different? Let's Discuss!

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