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Editor's Note: @Dryzley posted this theory and all the associated questions about Supernatural's 14th season on Twitter recently. I thought they were intriguing and warranted more consideration than can be reasonably fit into 288 characters so I transferred it all here for you to ponder and discuss. October 11 isn't that far away!
So every season the [Supernatural writers] pick a theme. It might be about family, relationships, choices, destiny, or secrets.  Throughout the season, every episode has something that connects to that subject.  I have been pondering season 14 and I think it might be about "Identity". The season will start with a lot of characters in unknown territory.
13.23 Dean wings
1. Dean or Michael. How will Dean handle his time/exposure to being controlled by Michael? How will Dean be changed/influenced by it?
SN1323b 0098bc
2. Sam without Dean. Sam will be thrust into a new role he has seldom experienced - Leadership. Will he be able to make the "Big Decisions"? Will the new AU Hunters follow him? Will he try to be a Parent to Jack? A brother to Castiel? A protective son to Mary?
SPN 2064
3. Castiel without Dean. Castiel will be fulfilling the role Kelly wanted for him - a Father to Jack. Will he try to be like a brother to Sam? Will he try to help heaven?
SN1323b 0391b
4. Jack without Power.  Jack has no powers - He will be a human teenager/young adult. How will he cope? Will he seek out Castiel for support? Will he turn to Sam?
SN323a 0072b
5. AU Bobby. How will he adjust? Will he have feelings for Mary? Will he develop a friendship with Sam? Will he have some secrets that could cause problems?
13.23 0012
6. AU Hunters in New World. What will they do? Try hunting monsters? Try to live quietly? Will they have PTSD problems?
SPN 2039
7. AU Michael. How will he look at this world? Will he pick up any of Dean's personality traits? Will he need to find a source of power? Human souls? Will he feel a need to be "The Only Michael" & do something with Adam/Michael [still in the cage]?
So as the season develops, we may see the characters dealing with some of these issues. If so, this could be a very exciting storyline/plot.
What questions would you add to the list? What alternate theme do YOU think season 14 might pursue? Let's Discuss!