Eugenie Ross-Leming has been a producer on Supernatural since season 8. Together with her writing partner Brad Buckner, Eugenie has so far written 34 episodes of Supernatural. That's more than any other writer on the show, with the exception of the current show runner Andrew Dabb. In this interview with Nightsky at San Diego Comic-Con, Eugenie reveals how Sam, Dean and Castiel will struggle with the realization that God!Chuck has negated all the battles they've won with monsters for at least the past 14 years, maybe more.  There are mild season 15 spoilers, as she speaks in general terms about returning characters, resolving open issues from the series, and how the three heroes reconcile their new reality. Enjoy!  

Listen to all of The WFB's SDCC 2019 interviews, featuring Jared, Jensen, Misha and Alex plus executive producers Andrew Dabb, Bob Singer, Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming and Robert Berens! 

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