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Bobo finally made it!  After years of working through the ranks, he has earned the coveted title of "Executive Producer" and got to be part of the panel and press room in this final appearance of "Supernatural" at Comic-Con.  I really missed having him in the audience with us in Hall H, but at the same time it really does bring "Supernatural" justice to have someone who is such a fan of the show be so involved in creative matters.  Both these interviews show his enthusiasm and love for all things Winchester, more than any other producer.  In other words, I just love this guy. 

Spoiler alert!  Bob does share some things.  But it's not like he gives away the farm.  He just puts things in such a perspective where you might have a better understanding of the creative direction, especially moving from season 14 to season 15.  Any of those that might have hoped the Chuck thing is a trick, well, that gets addressed, as well as some other things.  

Here's Nightsky's interview with Bob:

Here's Alice's Interview with Bob:

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