This interview is a complete rarity!  Usually in the press room, each table usually gets four to five minutes with each actor, six at best.  Nightsky completely lucked out.  She was at the last table Jared spoke to and their interview went an unheard of 17 minutes!  This is that interview in it's entirety.  After all, something this good must be shared!  I'll issue the usual spoiler alert, but for the most part the guys weren't giving away much [about the s15 plot]. 

Nightsky: The uniqueness of this year's interviews with Jared (and Jensen and Misha) was how reflective they were about their characters and the show coming to an end. Hearing their perspectives and where they are emotionally right now was very special. 

Listen to all of The WFB's SDCC 2019 interviews, featuring Jared, Jensen, Misha and Alex plus executive producers Andrew Dabb, Bob Singer, Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming and Robert Berens! 

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