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Ah, Misha.  He was actually our first interview of the day.  We were told by the CW publicist before he took a seat to make sure we asked Misha a question about GISHWHES since registration closes tomorrow.  So that's exactly what we did!  How Misha finds time for all this is beyond me!  

Below is the full transcript and video for Misha's interview with us in the San Diego Comic Con Supernatural press room.  Both Nightsky and I got to ask questions.  Misha does share some interesting tidbits.  Could it be that my dream of the return of warrior Castiel come true?  Misha talks a bit about that in this interview too.  

You know what's coming...the disclaimer.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited for GISHWHES?  

I am excited for GISHWHES.  I’ve been working very hard on my spare minutes on the list of items for the hunt for this year.  The scavenger hunt registration closes tomorrow, finally, so any word you can get out would be great.  

(Alice) So Castiel has a pretty big role coming up in season 12.

Yes.  I can’t tell what’s going on for the whole season because nobody knows, but we have scripts, outlines anyway, through the first 8 episodes.  So I have a pretty good sense of what’s happening for the first halfish…first third of the season, and Cas comes out swinging in the beginning of the season.  He’s a man on a mission trying to hunt down Lucifer.  

What excites you about the season?  Are there any other moments that stand out other than the (season) premiere?  

No, I mean yes, but I can’t tell you what they are.  

You can say an episode number. 

We’ve got some time travel again that’s going to be good.  How about that?  

What’s Castiel’s relationship with the angels, cause they didn’t like him and he could say the same?

We are largely moving away from the Heaven storyline, so it’s going to be dealing more in the human realm then with the politics of Heaven.  So I think that storyline is taking a back seat this season.  

Are you going to have some scenes with Mary Winchester? 

Yes.  (Nods and moves on)

(Nightsky) Cas has been God, Human, good, bad, soldier, free will… What would you like to see Cas end up as?  

This is the first time that this has happened but at the end of last season people asked me that question and I said that I would like to see Cas get his mojo back.  For a long time on the show Cas has been in one way or another hobbled because the writers didn’t want him to be too powerful, didn’t want him to be able to solve Sam and Dean’s problems with the snap of his finger all the time.  So he was constantly dealing with one impediment or another.  I said at the end of last season I’d like to see him get his power back, his mojo back, and go back with playing him as Cas from season four a little bit.  Every time I’ve had an idea of what I’d like to see happen with the character it’s gone in the opposite direction, so I was fully expecting that not to come to pass but it has.  That’s where we are with him.

How do the themes with last season affect this season? 

Last season we were dealing with another very large mythological arc, The Darkness and resurrecting God, which are pretty epic mythological story lines.  This season is much more family based, much more human scale, which I think the show has actually done over the seasons.  It’s done a little bit of vacillation between the story lines that are truly biblical and the story lines that are a little bit smaller.  It’s funny though, on “Supernatural” we’re talking, oh that’s very small, very intimate, we are of course dealing with things like Lucifer across those small potatoes.  

(Misha was tapped on the shoulder, indicating it was time to go)

One last plug with GISHWHES, registration is closing tomorrow.  Anyone that wants to get in on it go sign up now.  

Misha proceeds to fist bump people around the table that are doing GISHWHES.  He turns to our side of the table and doesn’t see any takers.  I told him I’m not signed up for GISHWHES and he sends an offended, “No fist bump for you!”  Classic Misha.  It’s why we love him.  

It should be noted that in the Nerd HQ panel, Zachary Levi revealed he is doing GISHWHES and has a team!  He was very confident his team would kick butt.  That’s pretty exciting!  I’d love to follow what his team does.  

Here is the video.  Apologies again for the grainy quality, but it was very dark in the room.