The first thing we noticed about Jared was a change in the style of hat he always wears.  He’s normally doing the knit caps but today, it’s a Fedora!  It looked rather grand on him.  He explains how he got it (a cute story), and talks a bit about Sam in season ten, but only a bit.  Sadly, our interview was cut short after three minutes because we were very pressed for time (a common theme in all the press rooms this year).  Still, anytime with Jared is still valuable, right?  Below is the transcript in case you can’t view the video for various reasons.

Like your hat.

Thank you.  I love it.  Thomas has one very similar.  We bought it together.  There was a Breaking Bad hat release at a hat store in Vancouver and Tom runs in and grabs a hat and puts it on.  I said “Cool” so I grabbed the adult version.  I’ll have to put that on Twitter.  

So Sam’s been through a lot in the past few seasons.

Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.

How does having a demon for a brother compare to everything else?  Where is Sam at?

Well, at first, Sam obviously doesn’t know.  At first, Sam was in the dungeon trying to summon Crowley when Crowley was actually there was Dean.  So Sam got back to Dean’s room and Dean was gone.  Since Sam didn’t get to see the show (table laughs), he doesn’t know what happened so we start out and knows his brother is gone and he knows he’s looking for his brother but he doesn’t know exactly what happened.  He has his suspicions but when Sam finds out what happens to his brother he’s not pissed at Dean, he just wants to fix the situation.  He made a promise to Dean at the end of season nine that he wasn’t going to let him go.  And he’s going to do whatever it takes to make good on his promise.  

We talked to Jensen a bit about the challenges about changing characters and being a demon.  What were the challenges, or did you find it refreshing to…

To not have to do it, to let Dean do it? (laughs)

…to start playing Gadreel, that was a bit of a change for your character.

That was a big change.  It was nerve wracking man.  I’m not kidding, it was effin’ nerve wracking. I’ve had a few of those.  There’s been Soulless Sam and there’s been Gadreel and there’s been Lucifer.  They like doing that to me.  I was (like), “What’s wrong with Sam?” I laugh because inevitably I get the episodes during the summer so I’m in summer relaxing and having a beer or something and then I read it and I’m like, “I have to make up a character now, what’s going on?”  So it’s fun to see Jensen do it and give him a chance to flex his muscles.  But something like Ezekiel or Gadreel or Lucifer or Souless Sam that’s really challenging as an actor.  Because you don’t want to do just like “Do a different voice” (he speaks deeper) because it’s stupid.  So I really take it seriously.  Whenever Sam has to go through on of his iterations, I pretend I’m auditioning for a different show for that character. I pretend I’m auditioning for some  show where I play an angel.  It’s a lot of fun but it’s very challenging and it’s nerve wracking.  We had shot five or six episodes before it had aired and I was committed to it then.  I had the character and I was playing it and I was like “God, I hope they like it,” because it was too late to change it.  It’s nerve wracking and luckily the fans have always been so generous and kind and forgiving and supportive.  After that first episode aired and I saw the character at the very end I was like (sigh of relief) “Oh good,” and everyone’s been cool.  It was awesome.


# novi 2014-07-28 11:54
Thank you Alice for placing the transcript here, and hope for more to read. Wish the interview were longer, Jared is such a thoughtful and unusual person, I adore his interviews.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-07-29 11:01
Hmm.... Yes I do believe that is a true fedora. Kudos, Jensen.
# cheryl42 2014-07-29 14:56
Well now I have to see Thomas and Jared in their matching fedora's...:)
# Gwen 2014-07-31 08:09
That is a shame that the interview got cut short, I would have loved to hear more about Sam's s10 storyline. I have been loving what I've read so far about it around Twitter, especially that we seem to be getting Mystery Spot!Sam. Very excited for Sam's story next season. If I may paddle in the shallows for a moment, dear me, Jared is looking just gorgeous.That smile....*melts *
# njspnfan 2014-07-31 12:00
Just piecing this together from all of the interviews but it sounds as though Dean will be cured, or fixed enough, by episode 4 or 5, then they'll be doing flashbacks to the missing 4 months of what Dean was doing during his time as a demon, and the lengths that Sam went to track down Dean. I know a lot of the fans are hoping for Mystery Spot Sam but that would seem a bit OOC now; Mystery Spot Sam was scarier than soulless Sam because he was doing all the things he did, and had a soul.
# Teiou 2014-07-31 13:45
Thank you so much for posting! It's short but better than nothing. I'm glad for every second! :)
# Claire63 2014-07-31 17:46
Thanks for posting - I always enjoy Jared's enthusiasm and the obvious thought he puts into his answers. Shame they moved him along soon!
# SueB 2014-08-01 18:40
Short but sweet. I saw a picture of Thomas looking up juxtaposed with Jared looking up. MINI-ME! Holy moly, I can't unsee Thomas now when I look at Jared.

...sorry, off-tangent.

I really really hope we hear some of what Sam is thinking in the opener. First, someone had to get into the bunker to take Dean's body out. So either Dean came back to life, Cas showed up (which will be quickly de-bunked), or Crowley (because Sam summoned him in). It's possible it's a different thing altogether but I imagine Sam will be making a beeline for Crowley. It's where I'd start. Especially if Crowley stood Sam up and didn't show in the dungeon. He already knows Crowley can pop in when summoned because of the events of 9.23.

I'm just pumped about Sam this year. I think we are going to see an awesome storyline for him. His final line "You got him into this mess, you will get him out." was just perfect. If it continues in that vein (which it appears it is), then S10 seems like it'll be great for Sam.